34 thoughts on “families flee from social services in the UK..avi”

  1. social services are way FUCKED UP !! in most ways taken advantage of vulnerable people with kids !! FACT !!!

  2. I was accused  of abuse to my little girl , back 5 years ago , & was ask to get out of are home ,!  it was not true , no police was used & I was not talked with the police ,, but am still not aloud to go home with my kids & wife !!!  she was 3,4 year old back then !! / cause my little girl say she had a sore bottom ,!! from her preschool !!! teachers there !!!

  3. The Social Services just don't care about anyone, all they want is to control as many as possible for their own gain

  4. How about a real investigation into the SS (social services). Howe can it be that SS are "routinely making wrong decisions". That´s a typical BBC cop out.

  5. When you register the birth, you are giving away your child to the stste. You are merely the guardian.

  6. Pedofiles with government violent backup. We are being ruled by vicious Big Brother state. Time to wake up, take back responsibility and control.

  7. Come here in Belgium, here we don't steal child from their parents, we help the parents to raise their child…

  8. The proper soution is to abolsh social services. Barring that they should have no power or immunity. The law must explicitly view them as biased and their testimony as inadmissible in court. No legal action based on their word. Their acts are routinely ruining families. Face it: these are bad people with axes to grind. We are better off without the profession.

  9. social workers is a waste ov space,they cause more harm than good,never ask then for help it will turn out to be your worst nightmare!!!

  10. British Social Services are forcibly taking children away because of future emotional abuse?? If that is true there is something seriously wrong with Social Services in this country. I would think leaving your children, all aged under 4, in an unlocked apartment, night after night while you went out to dinner is not only emotional abuse but criminally negligent. However Social Services took NO action against these parents.

  11. God bless you sir for helping these families you are a god-sent you are so beautiful talk about unconditional love my goodness again God bless you

  12. Im so pleased that people are organising themselves against this evil system. What an honourable rich man…

  13. Orwell warned the world about bureaucrats. Unfortunately too many are not listening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN8dvWXyK-s

  14. how do they target ppl..I was targeted n managed to hold onto my child..but why me?..lack of support?..opportunity or sinister profiling

  15. I seems everyone on here all agrees that our social service is corrupt like the BBC or all mainstream media or govenment police etc its like passing your child over to Jimmy saville Stuart hall as care workers how can you kidnap your own child its very different if they are getting abused they want your child so they can abuse and indoctinate the child so they all think the same crap that's told genda binary equality no God just evilution and bad white people are and don't question the teachers or professors because they learned what they got told they don't tell the law in schools for some reason you could go in an on its as corrupt as corrupt could be very sickening world we live in now band its going to get worse. LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU HE IS KING OF KINGS HOLY OF HOLYS GLORY GLORY GLORY TO HIM CRY OUT TO HIM AND WITH BELIEF IN YOUR HEART HE WILL SAVE YOU HE LOVES US ALL .

  16. I was in care for 14 years and also abused by a worker who is now dead but 25 years on im still having problems with district judges who work the southeast London courts.

  17. When you register your child at birth, you sign your child over to the state. You are giving them permission to steal your children. This world is run by paedophiles.

  18. They are kiddie snatches for immoral and unscrupulous reasons? Kids are facing abuse once they are in their corrupt hands.

  19. Why is this being shown in my feed in 2019 and nothing new is being exposed?! It has gotten worse, silenced by those in positions of power, the courts, police and mental wards are silencing the voices to ensure they can continue in their heinous actions. No care or concern for all involved especially the children they falsely claim of wanting to protect. The only thing they want to protect is the fact they are a greedy corporate entity that preys on the innocent children and has the support of all governing agencies that are ruled by the pedophiles and satanic worshippers who purposely and willfully disobey the laws of God and the rights of both parents and children. Parasites that feed off the suffering of others, for greed. Burn in hell!!

  20. Who will protect the children of the world FROM SOCIAL SERVICES, who steal them for profit and only to be abused and hung out to dry

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