Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippine’s fatherless kids of Angeles City Streetwalkers

In the Philippine city of Angeles, until 1991 it used to be a US air force base these days, though, many men who are mostly retired flocked to the city of fallen angeles to make peace and love. As a result, a whole generation of orphan children has growing up in the Philippines as through it was a post war country. Huge numbers of children are fathered by foreign sex tourists they have never, and in all probability, never will meet their dads. Sarah charged us $100 for the night. She’s 20, and this is the day that her daughter turns 2 month old she continues to work in the bar, so she can afford to feed her baby whose biological father has returned to Australia. Sarah, is it the first time that the TV crew films you or like takes you for a night? The first time we meet Sarah wasn’t in a hotel or a bar but at her home, with visited to film her aunt Nellie. Nellie has a daughter too, from a Scottish client. Nellie had to quit sex trade because the bars don’t want to hire her anymore. Youth is the only commodity that is in demand here. Is this George, father of Michelle? Wow, she’s so small! Sarah! From my first day in Angeles city it felt that with the arrive in the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, a city where vice is the norm. And that as seems, is the unavoidable future for the children here. Everywhere we went, we met kids who are clearly been fathered by tourists from all over the world. We wanted to record as many video letters as we could messages to all those fathers sitting in their nice homes and comfortable cars, and thinking about where to invest next. Jan Lester’s story is so surreal that it’s hard to believe. His German biological father left him before he was born and when he was just 2 month old the boy was abandoned by his prostitute mother. She left the tiny baby to her transgender neighbour and disappeared. For Jan Lester, Pia instantly became both mother and father. This is my son Jean-Jean. Mary-Ann is the Jean-Lester’s best friend in neighbor we soon learnt that she two were fathered by a German sex tourist. In our school it is frequent. Their fathers are foreigners, because their mothers are working in the fields, and some of them they don’t even know their fathers. Ok, very good. Her classmates they are teasing her because she smells bad
sometimes she forgets to wash. I asked her why she smelled like that and she said the place where they get water
is very far and their home, there is no source of water in their house. For every week she is absent, like for example in this month this is the first that she go back to school. – Mary Ann! When am working in the bar, I didn’t really speak English. when the guy asks me something like ‘What is your name?’ I just say ‘yes’. I only know say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. When I am getting 16,
so I decided to starting working at a bar, so when I make money, so I can help my family. But when I got pregnant to Mary-Ann. When I knew I was pregnant, so I stopped supporting them. Jenifer gave birth to Mary Ann after sleeping with a German customer. A year later, she met a local filipino guy, Aronold. They aren’t married,
but have now lived together for 9 years. I have a boyfriend, his name is Shawn. Oh I can’t remember, it was a long time ago. You can take the girl out of a bar,
but you can’t take the bar out of a girl. You know what I mean? Could you explain it? Well, you can take a girl out of the bar if you got money but you can’t take the bar out of a girl. Because they never change. They want the money. You understand? You can’t trust Filipino woman, you know? I saw Charlie playing in the street with some other kids. He wasn’t very talkative,
but his appearance gave him away. Charlie’s father’s name is Patrick,
an Austrian with Irish roots. His filipino mother didn’t just sell drinks at the local bar. I looked for Jane in the bar and then we talk and then go back
and come back and ta-da-da-da. And then we get married here in the Philippines. I just love her you know, just lover her smile and she’s very funny. Then she has very good face, you know. But for me… I’m happy to be loved again. Because I didn’t love for maybe 2 years or maybe 3 years. You know, because my wife when she left me, I just wanted to f**king kill her. But I shouldn’t say that but that was my feeling, that’s my feeling. -Hey, Charly! -Yes, dad. -Can you bring this girl a sweet? Bring. -Thank you very much. Thank you a lot. 2 years ago, Patrick had a stoke
and his young wife suffered the same fate. Jane is just 34 and for the moment,
she can neither speak nor walk. Despite everything though, she can still be seen
as one of the lucky ones. Her husband kept his promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. One of the legs is ok, but the other one is not. Really. It’s not good at the moment, but she will get better. This is the plan, we got married 14 years ago. At then, I was very fat. I was 120 kilos. I was f*****g big, really big. My f*****g face was it was f*****g like that. And here it was like that. – Patrick, how old Jen was then? -She was 18 years old. Many girls they have to go
to the bar, because they have to eat. What’s going on? You wanna eat? Ah? What should we do today? Apart from Charlie, Patrick and Jane
have 2 more children, they’re both grown-up. Jane had one of them she she was just 16 and working as a prostitute. It would be stretched to say that their lives resemble a hollywood story, but all local bar girls dream of a happy ending just like in the movie “Pretty Woman”. The nurse will come tomorrow, Jane. The nurse will come here tomorrow. Five o’clock.

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  1. I'm getting sick of how Filipino's use the excuse of being poor to lack of education. There are so many ways to be educated, for like example part time jobs , being sponsored and so on. Education is the answer for better careers, so we wont have to stood to low to foreign people.

  2. C j dickens real name cowardly j dickhead, he thinks he’s mr big shot, typical American black man. Don’t worry Mr dickens. When the truth comes home you’re going to be very sorry. Same as all those absent fathers.

  3. It’s the same everywhere there are military bases and sex… So sad these kids have to suffer and not know who their fathers are… Most of them were conceived through loveless sex. So these men hit it and gone.. The mothers act like these were men that truly loved them. Seems like there is some delusion and denial going on here to.. Smh!

  4. The KEY WORDS ‘SEX TOURISTS’ Which means they are visiting and leaving. They don’t love you. It’s just sex! Stop having sex getting pregnant and want pity from ppl.. You hold some accountability for bring these kids in the world.

  5. The dance at 21:05 melted my heart.No matter what situation they are in they still happy with the few they have..I am running little orphanage in Burundi for young kids..watching this kind of video make me cry so much..I wish when I will fininsh my university next year I will visit this city..I loved their people..May God Bless them for more information send me an e-mail at [email protected] or if donation for my kids kindly my account bank is:Florence Ndayinginga

  6. 16:50 this part breaks my heart, I suddenly I can feel what Pia feels, my God I was him instead being shy I'll introduce him as my mom proudly.. 31:33 wtf she has a loyal and good husband who accept her no matter her past, but she talks to other man, I feel bad for his husband, he does anything and works his ass off just to gives that women and her daughter's foods, i dont understand about Philippines women, why they're such slutty and cheap? no wonder foreigners says Asian womens are cheap, Pinays wil literally do anything for the sake of money I mean even in internet they scam foreigners, omg there are other options, tons of jobs than being a whore, if those women really wanna stop they could collect the money little by little from working as prostitute and make a small business, there are thousand ways if they wanna wake from the poverty, don't use your school degree as an excuse.. i come from underdeveloped country aswell (Indonesia) and lots of uneducated people here but people in my country prefer halal jobs even like selling stuffs, singing in public etc than working as a prostitutes, it's such a shame for us, we prefer selling our organs than spread our legs, youre the one who cause it and you have to be responsible for it aswell

  7. Omg the first girl has the same birthday as my brother! August 14 2004. Except shes adorable and my brothers…😬😬😬

  8. 39:00 "i can't blame anybody, this is my fault" yes that is correct. You had a baby with a terrible person- who now gives u $50 USD a month. In Canada, people say, "if u can't afford a baby don't have one". in the Philippines if a man and a woman can't afford 1 baby, they will have 3 or 4.

  9. The saddest thing is that these lovely children will end up in the same predicament as their mothers.

  10. Bilib ako dun sa step-dad di sakanya pero I alagaan.. C ate.. Hmm Sana isipin mo Kung ano Talaga ang gusto mo Kung ano and makakapag pasaya sau at sa mga anak mo

  11. I dont understand how men can have sex with a woman who they know does work like this and prefer to not use a condom!? Even in the states it's like that..

  12. I have a story to tell, but I'm not very proud of it. I was in the navy back in the mid 70's & we stopped over in PI a few times, & while I was there, I patronized a few "hostesses", I finally ended up with a black filipina girl named celly buenafuente, we were both the same age (19), & I cared for her very much & treated her with utmost respect. She was very pretty & she treated me like a king!! I really wish I could've married her but I was so young & didn't have much going for me. I left for good in '78 & have often thought of her over the yrs. the thing is, we had unprotected sex & I only pray that she didn't get pregnant. Anyway, all I can say is God Bless the Phillipine people, & I'm sorry for what I did.

  13. nakapunta nako dito maraming beses na.sa may walking street to sa angeles.dameng ganito sa pampanga.hiwahiwalay lang ng lugar.puro bar,strip club,club etc.kaya dami kang makikitang mixed race lage don

  14. This is just heart breaking these children begging their fathers to meet them who most likely won't care who they are…

  15. Pia, Arnold and Sarah's mom, they're all such beautiful and generous and wonderful souls. Dedicating their time and their love and support just to make life better for their children, and for the sacrifices and the work they do just to get them better lives and a hopeful future. And I love the way Pia referred to her son, such light in her eyes and happiness in her face, now that is what a true mom is. He's blessed to have Pia. I hope that things can be better for the people of the Philippines. They deserve better.

  16. Why is the assumed all wealthy? It's very surreal that many persons have either relief, (no other words) , but with the younger. They should learn some way to not indulge. Hang a no trespassing sign til they're older.

  17. In the sex business it should be Condoms always. Never without. But I understand rape happens. This is breaking my heart man. Crying tbh

  18. 19:44 I would love to send her a Barbie doll and Barbie house with windows. Is there a link to help direct families In this video?

  19. A strong perspective to my “stressful” American life: stop saying “FML”. My mom and I are extremely blessed. A little friendly Olongapo City vacation fling (not a prostitute) resulted in my being born nine months later. My biological father never gave up on child payments and my mom met and married another American. Mom and I immigrated and now are naturalized American citizens. Both those men are still wonderful fathers to me thirty-six years later. So in that note, there are some true, responsible gentlemen in this world.

    I am truly blessed.

    (Not that it is relevant to my post but based on some of the comments here, both these awesome fathers in my life are white.) There are other tourists of other races that look for companionship and have money. 😒

  20. 0 Fs' given! But now motivated to see the great country of the Philippines.
    Good news on the flipside. …shaboom use has been driven down!

  21. This is 2019. Women need to be more independent. When you choose to bring a kid into this world always be prepared to take care of them by yourself. What do you think the result of sexual intercourse is? Babies! And it takes money to properly care for children. The age of consent their is 12 years old. But no 12 year can work. It’s magical thinking to believe some of the fathers are even living. A lot of the men roaming around in the Philippines are older. These girls are really young. Their fathers are probably retired, living in nursing homes, or dead. To the children! Do not depend on other people like your mothers. Do not place your futures in the hands of others. Set big dreams and work towards them. Most of those foreign men have families and children. Having sex with a woman do not make them your father. Cherish your mother and move forward.

  22. the women,crying at 9:29.. she loves the father of her baby.. she is a kind hearted girl..
    I just don't know what to say

  23. i actually cried……… westerners and Europeans abuse the poverty in Philippines which is really sad, i hope great things happen to these girls out here selling their bodies to get some food for their children. by the way, shout out to pia, which is one of the most loving person i've ever discovered in youtube documentaries…… i'd actually go to the philippines one day to help these women.

  24. Ang sakit isipin na mismong kababayan mo, ganito lang ang kalidad ng buhay nila. at sa mga pinoy nakakabasa nito lalong masakit isipin na ang karamihan ng populasyon natin ay nakakabilang sa pangkat socio-economic na ito. Hinahahayaan at walang hangganan na siklo

  25. Pieces of shit literal shits those “men” are. Use protection you Idiots of tourist or own up to your CHILD!

  26. 👼👼 👼🧚 🧚🧚 🧚😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 on behalf of the motherfuking world I apologize for the b***** n*** be having to go through

  27. Anglic energy relams 😇😇😇😇😇 I'm soooo sorry y'all even have to go through this .I love youuuu.n I am tryn to fix everything as best as I can .it's tricky I am tryn .my angels will rise 🤧😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😘😘😘😘💐💐💐💐💐💐💐😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  28. I can't understand where the Philipinese law is?!
    It should be strict on fathers and at least should force them to give money to mothers to raise the poor children!!
    I wonder why they simply don't take condoms and contraceptions to prevent an innocent boy or girl from suffering 😔😔😔

  29. HOW can you just abandon your child??? My kids are grown and I feel awful when they need something and I can’t help. I can’t fathom just leaving my child in such grinding poverty and skipping along without a care in the world.

  30. This teacher is rude! She should learn how to speak with compassion and encouragement to her student.She should not point out about her mother trying to degrade and making herself as a better person.I don't see a bit of sincerity but only humiliation as she speak to her.Putting the girl into shame only shows that not all educated has manners!

  31. Its so hard to see all this and do nothing! Ashamed how some people just take life for granted and waste their money while it could help people living in poverty

  32. We are all entitled of a freewill to do what we want or what we don't want.It was just so heartbreaking to see how those children suffered the consequences of a one night pleasure. "Let it be a reminder to those who are guilty,,We will reap what we sow".Hopefully it won't be too late for that.

  33. Wow! I thought that it is only in my country but what I hear and see now no place is better than the other, some problem s shared equally but to those tries reverse our minds before let you know that keen though the watch. Thanks guys for such a beautiful clip. Mombasa my county

  34. So many women in western word kill their unborn children saying that "it's not the time", "i wan to study", " I want to enjoy my life"… Anx these poor women are so brave and devoted! They can stay Human living in hell, while another ones become satans living in almost heaven.

  35. 35:45 seems like the guy is running a baby farm. His goal seems to have as many babies as he can. In comparison to child support in America, he has it very good.

  36. The man the elite the pedophiles should go crawl under a rock be ashamed of their selves and I pray yahuwah hamashiach comes back to fulfill prophecy and lays his mighty wrath on the pedophiles that raped little girls

  37. I can see the heartache in their eyes and these people are so beautiful why why God where is God why does man get away with such ignorance

  38. yeah she's trying to survive and raise the child huh Shame Shame if I would have been that reporter I would have took the time out late my camera down and punch him right in the face

  39. DISGUSTING…I dont even know what to say…i had a mechanic who use to go to dominican the have sex for 2 weeks…i couldnt stand looking at him anymore…he finally left

  40. i always give old foriegn men a i hate you eye look. some are okay but you know if you know most give that vibe. and you'll see girls that look 20 but the foriegner look like 90

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