Fake Gurus and Fraud When Trading in the Stock Market

fake gurus on YouTube a lot of fake
gurus on YouTube rely upon fake professionalism this is part of their
manipulation when you understand that you should always look for substance and not
style and not give in to the glitz and the glamour then you will make
better decisions when it comes to how to earn extra money or who to trust as far
as being a teacher so that you can learn monetizable skills in many situations
people are going to dress up in suits they’re going to have pretty websites
they’re going to have fancy marketing oftentimes this is a way to trick you
into validating that fake guru and providing you with the perception that
that person is actually legitimate so you might be thinking well how can I
tell if this person is legitimate or not and the answer to that question is are
they trying too hard to impress you are they actually creating educational
content or is it all marketing now putting out videos and trying to market
materials that provide a monetizable skill is not a bad thing however a lot
of these fake gurus are not actually putting out any educational content
instead what they are doing is very simple they are telling you that they
have secret knowledge that they have three indicators work three chart
patterns that they have used to turn two thousand dollars into two million
dollars they are feeding into and tapping into your prime mortal reptilian
brain which is very greedy and seeks easy money in order to improve your life
the fact is that there is no easy money everything is going to require
patience and discipline and learning valuable skills the reason why a lot of
these fake gurus are able to tap in is because they make it seem really easy
they tell you that as long as you learn these three chart patterns that you two
will be able to turn two thousand dollars into two million and you want to
believe them because you put your trust in this person and you want to believe
that you can improve your life by you paying for their course you believe that
you deserve to turn two thousand dollars into two million but the fact is that
what have you done to deserve earning two million dollars what you need to do
is improve your habits you need to reduce the amount of greed that you have
in your system so that you are not easy victims and easy prey or as they call
them marks for these people who are able to tap into your lizard brain and have
you believe that they can turn two thousand dollars into two million so a
few really easy ways that you can distinguish between who’s legit and
who’s and who’s not the first is do they put out regular content that teaches you
something that’s really important the second thing is is the concept that
they’re teaching very easy to understand now I’m not saying it’s very easy to
implement because while my strategy to sell option premium is very easy to
understand it’s extremely easy or rather it’s extremely difficult to
actually implement because for example many people have the perception that in
order to make thirty to forty percent or forty-five percent in the market every
year that you need to sit behind eight computer screens you need to watch the
market eight hours a day and that you need to make sure that you jump in and
jump out but there’s that can’t be further than the truth
day traders do not make money the way that we make money in the stock market
is by selling insurance and just like an insurance company an insurance company
does not sell a policy to every single person that wants to buy one at the same
price instead what the insurance company will do is if someone is a really bad
fit they will deny that person a policy just like a bank you can’t walk into a
bank and if you have very bad credit score and you have a history of non
repayment on your non secured debt you are not going to get a loan if you try
to get an apartment and you have very bad credit your landlord is not going to
rent you the apartment what we do is we are extremely patient and extremely
diligent we act like snipers we do not take a shotgun approach and remember you
want to look for people who have a strategy which is extremely easy to
understand but which requires a substantial amount of skill for you to
perfect and become an expert in if someone tells you that they have three
chart patterns and you can’t easily understand why this chart pattern works
consistently then the reason you can’t understand that is because the chart
pattern does not work consistently you are the victim you are the product so
unless you feel like wasting thousands of dollars and wasting months of your
time only to be frustrated you should never give in to a fake guru that does
not educate you with material that makes sense and who does not provide you with
a strategy that is very simple on its surface to understand let me see
so do they provide any educational content that’s really important if they
only put out marketing then you can automatically label that person as a
fake group and you can use that as a heuristic and you should be able to be
accurate around ninety-five percent of the time does it
make sense or not do they rely upon indicators or technical analysis that’s
also a huge red flag what about your perception of whether that person is
authentic or not you always want to have people that you believe are authentic
remember that nobody is perfect no one so this isn’t a situation where I am
preaching to you and saying that I’m good or this person is bad no nobody’s
perfect nobody to even expect that someone has lived their life without
making mistakes without making dumb decisions is just completely unrealistic
but you have to ask yourself what is the intent of this person do they have good
intent and I can tell you that there are varying degrees of fake gurus on on
YouTube for example even though I am critical of tastytrade and Tom sazonov
and Tony I do believe that their intent is positive the only thing that I
disagree with is that my opinion on their trading strategy is that selling
selling often and trading often and having a system which is extremely
complicated while also keeping negative Delta is in my opinion going to lead the
average trader to lose money however do I believe that Tom sazonov and Tony
Batista from tastytrade and TC works has good intent yes I definitely do I
definitely believe that even if you follow something like tastytrade you’re
way better off than following some of these like penny stock fake gurus who
purchased time so that they can appear on talk shows and then they then take
some of the money from their students and then give it to charities and then
they market themselves as being legitimate or other day trading fake
gurus who use websites like Trustpilot com to show like a thousand positive
reviews where their statistical evidence that says that your chances of losing
money as a day trader are ninety-nine point eight percent and that the average
day trader loses fifteen percent a year so in my opinion
I even though I might be critical of tastytrade I believe that they have
really good intent and I definitely do not believe that tastytrade is a fake
guru this is just the difference of opinion where I believe that they’re
taking too much risk there’s too much volatility in their
portfolio returns and I don’t believe that it’s the proper strategy and I also
don’t believe that their strategy is simple but do they provide educational
content of course they provide a ton of amazing educational content which is why
you can label them as legitimate because they don’t fail all of the pillars do
they put out educational content yes is their system or is their their strategy
easy to understand well on one extreme it is like styling premium but on the
opposite end of the extreme I don’t believe that it is simple at all so
maybe if that’s borderline regarding tastytrade the other thing is their
intent do they have positive intent yes I believe so are they authentic yes I
believe that they are authentic and remember that like I said before and
nobody is perfect and you also always have to judge some of these fake gurus
by their intent do they try too hard to impress you are they Lambo boys or are
they go showing you ads in private jets and trying to tell you about you know
fancy vacations that they’ve taken or show you like really or like gorgeous
women in order to attract your attention remember you should understand or rather
you it’s really imperative for you to absorb a lot of these lessons because if
you don’t you are going to continue being a victim it’s very easy to blame
other people but it’s much harder to look inside yourself and make the
necessary changes so that you can take control over your life and with some of
these steps that I told you do they put out educational content are they only
marketing without putting out educational content is their strategy
and their system and what they’re trying to teach you very easy to understand
it might be hard to master but is it on its surface very easy to understand are
they authentic do you believe that they have positive intent those are four or
five things then you can look at every single guru and as a checkbox you can go
through the list and decide whether they put out educational content or whether
it’s only marketing whether they’re authentic whether it’s easy to
understand whether they have positive intent etc so these are the things these
are the filters then you can run every single fake guru through or rather every
single person on YouTube through to make an educated to make an educated decision
on whether they are worthy of your time and of your attention and whether they
deserve to have you be one of their followers David Jaffee with BestStockStrategy.com Please like comment share and subscribe let me know your thoughts of
whether you believe some of these fake gurus are leveraging fake social status
and fake social cues in order to give themselves legitimacy if you have any
questions let me know I read every single comment I respond to every
comment and I appreciate your attention

25 thoughts on “Fake Gurus and Fraud When Trading in the Stock Market”

  1. Well Patrick Wieland admitted he trades PAPER MONEY ! Even though he does provides educational videos he said at the end of the day YouTube makes him between 5-7k per month and it’s not subjected to capital gain taxes ! At least he admitted

  2. Desperation and greed will always be difficult human mechanisms to go up against.. People usually tend to ignore information that will make them sad, so when they are happy with the good news of their new wealthy life, one or two trust pilot reviews will do, no matter how many warnings they have to ignore.. The first thing I found when researching the financial investment world was small caps and day trading, even signed up for Warrior Trading to learn more about small caps and large caps, never traded it thought, it always seemed random lottery for me. Red shirt looks good 👍

  3. Listen to David J. This guy says the things that most don’t want to hear, but need to be told: Making money is difficult, don’t be prey to predators, use your gut to judge.

  4. David you're a good man I don't know how these fake gurus sleep at night knowing they are ripping off innocent hardworking people. Keep doing what your doing its bringing a lot of good as well as value into the world.

  5. Do you think some gurus do it for tax purpose? Does a trader who does that for an occupation only pay capitol gains? Or does the "edu. company" add another facet? Or is it that the scam business is boomin?

  6. There are two great day traders that i believe in
    Michael Edwards
    "True Trading Group"
    Sean Dekmar
    "Dekmar Tardes"

    Everyone else, the jury still out….
    Can't stand them!

    I love what you do, it's very bold

  7. I don't believe retail traders can be consistently profitable day trading in the long term. And these gurus are getting exposed one by one as times goes on, just look at Patrick Wieland ,he was basically pretending to trade live with a real account , got caught paper trading and pretty much admitted he was making his money from youtube so yea. Thanks to all those gurus a lot of people even forget that charts are a neat way to display what has happened in the past and help you plan entry and exit , not predict the future. Technical analysis is a small part of what traders need to do and yet some people sell 1000$ courses focused only on that. Some of those gurus should switch to selling marketing courses in my opinion lol

  8. What are your thoughts on Real Life Trading?? They are the only group who teaches and has successful performance with day trading that I know of.

  9. The very best traders are people who have built themselves up to the standard of having reasonable knowledge on when to go in for a trade, when I came into trading newly my fear was finding a reliable agent. I had already given up on trading until I heard of David, truly I can agree there are other traders in the system but the distinguishing trait between them and David is Honesty and Delivery. For any trade David makes for you, you are sure to receive reasonable profits. His trading standard is highly rewarding that’s why I and my colleagues are sticking with him. For those who are seeking to win with him can message him on Whatsapp +19284870044

  10. looks like the Fortis Brothers made warrior trading,,,hmmm. see article. look what else is out there now cameron is in court with them.

  11. Much respect for you taking on these scammers. and you're right. Do they provide valuable information? That's an important question.

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