Faculty Spotlight: Barbara Thayer-Bacon, Theory & Practice in Teacher Education

When I first came here, staff were struggling
with my last name, and I asked them if they were comfortable calling me Dr. Barb. I can’t get people to stop using it now! I would describe myself as a pragmatist from
a philosophical standpoint, as a feminist in terms of my theory and my pedagogy, and
as a cultural studies scholar. I’m working on ethical essays that a re unfortunately
being triggered by what the US is doing right now in terms of policy issues so. The paper that I’m presenting this spring
at a conference is on the border and on the issue of border security, the way we’re sort
of setting this up as this false dichotomy. People either are wanting a totally open border,
which i don’t think anybody wants, or how can we do this in a way that is not using
children as fodder to get people to vote for a wall that many people don’t think is really
needed. That’s part of what i’ve been doing is looking
at the history so people understand the context, and then trying to look at the philosophical
issues around it and how we can try to address it in a more nuanced, complicated way instead
of this sort of black and white mindset or based on fear.

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