Faculty Perspective: Mathematics Education

My name is uh, Michael Todd Edwards, and I’ve work here at Miami University for the past nine years. I’m actually a graduate of uhh the Mathematics Department here back class of 1990 and uhh, I just think this is a a wonderful place to be uhh, you’ll find some the finest teachers, some the finest teachers I’ve ever worked
with as a student, or as a colleague, have been here at Miami University. To me, teaching and writing are
inextricably linked. Uhh, when I write, when I write umm, articles, when I do research, uhh, I’m really helping teach the reader,
and unlike classroom teaching and writing
you can revise. Umm, so I look really learned a lot about
teaching through writing and I love to write about my teaching.
I was always a good match student and umm, so sort of by default, I I kept taking math classes uhh, as I get older people
would ask me for for help, somehow some people didn’t
understand the topic as well as I did and that always puzzled me a bit because math always made sense to me and I had opportunities to work with classmates as as long ago as high school, uhh, really
helping them with their homework and helping explain things in ways that made
sense. Many folks have a fear of math, or it’s been
taught in a way that doesn’t really make sense to them
and I’m I really think that’s a shame because math is
all about my reasoning in making sense and so being able to work with people and help them understand math and help them
connect it to things that they’re passionate about, uhh is very gratifying for me and I’m and umm I like to share techniques that
I’ve used to help people with uhh, pre-service teachers and its
my, my honest wish that that the pre-service
teachers I work with can go out and experience that same joy, and that same meaning that I derived
from from mathematics, and really teaching
mathematics. Really what sets uhh the Math Education
Program here at Miami University apart from some others are the the quality of he the students that are here and the cohort really working closely together, tightly
with umm with students that really have gifts uhh, definitely in mathematics and beyond
mathematics and umm, we get some of the best students here from
the state of Ohio and beyond and being able to share ideas with uhh these
folks and grow together and learn uhh, is really an amazing opportunity, and I know personally as the instructor I grow
every time, every class I have uhh, I learn from my students here, we’re so blessed to
have such good folks and umm, you know I’ve been to many
schools uhh, I’ve traveled high and low and really the the candidates that come here
to Miami are among the best I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with so umm, really that’s what sets us apart, I think, are the people, and it’s really people that make a
school, and people that make a university in and I’m I really invite you to come here
to Miami University and meet some of the fantastic people and seizing the
fantastic resources that that really make this a special place. College of Education, Health and Society. Department of Teacher Education. Miami University. Oxford, OH. Est. 1809.

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