F Minus! Teachers Share Their Worst Classroom Disaster Stories

I was an ESL teacher at the time and my birthday was definitely when someone enrolled a wild deer in one of my early morning classes deer would come into my classroom motionlessly watched the entire lesson and then hopped right out the window at the end I can't stop thinking about it stayed for a whole year I believe the deer knows English now because I was teaching an English class at the time and I'm very concerned about what it might useful for was 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning when I finally axe down the door and got down to the dungeon I was so tired the hostages were all sitting in a circle humming but no matter how hard I tried they wouldn't open their eyes which honestly was very immature for a bunch of 34 year old men the witch doctor wasn't anywhere to be found so I had to handle all 250 of them on my own which is no easy task when you just fought your way through the jungle when I first decided I was going to be a teacher I never could have imagined it would be so frustrating I'm a teacher of my class because I challenge my teacher to a fight not be my teachers ass and I want my teacher sucks so much that kicking his ass was easy and I hated him and he never should have been my teacher he was a bitch he was old and lame and I'm young and cute he's my student now and the principal loves me now that I'm my teacher teacher I can fail him every day and I'll do it as much as I want did I have tenure I love school the first time I had to have a parent-teacher conference I had to tell kids parents that he had been acted out in class he simply had too much energy so I told them about a widely-used option where he could be placed into a medically induced coma until he was mature enough to participate with the rest of the class we went back and forth but ultimately they came around to the poem option it was a tough call but I'm proud to report that he is now 200 years old and incredibly quiet and frail it's an experience that reminded me exactly how beautiful teaching is and that's why I got into this job in the first place

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  1. I have an iPhone X. I zoomed into the video so I hide the click whole logo. I show these videos to my mom she never sees the logo and never asks about who uploads the videos.

  2. One of my high school biology teachers found a great solution to the age-old problem of what to do with the hapless student who just can't learn the material.

    Give him an F+.

  3. If after fifteen minutes the teacher still doesn't show up to class you are legally allowed to kick the teacher's ass and become the new teacher

  4. Why do most teachers perfectly fit a stereotype for what they should look like?!

    You look at you class sheet, and your first class is math, with Mrs. Myers. Then you walk into class, and she's exactly the way you pictured her.

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  6. Lol, I thought the last one was a Zelda Ocarina of Time reference. She should have said 116 years, to finish of the Zelda references.

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