18 thoughts on “Extremism in Politics – The Need for Critical Thinking”

  1. I firmly believe the liberal mainstream news media instigates all of this. The news media is destroying our country. Instigators and propaganda.

  2. When you say "the way we think tends to shut down any alternatives" I often have a problem getting passed this because with certain issues it's clear to me (and I'm sure the same is true for others that see things completely different than how I see them) that there's only one way to solve it. Even if I listen and think about other solutions, I come back to the solution I see as best. This is not because of bias, just because common sense tells me "x" "y" and "z" is the solution for problems "a" "b" and "c". I hope this makes sense and your input will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Talks about thinking critically…then proceeds to tell everyone that they have to get used to living under mob rule, because reasons.

  4. Chris, I really enjoy your videos. I watch them all religiously (hah), read your book, etc.
    I've been applying critical thinking (CT) methodology and it has improved my life (both personally and professionally).
    Can you give us a critical thinking reading list to help one cultivate CT mindset and methods?
    I know you've mentioned Carl Sagan, George Orwell, but what book(s) of theirs should we read for example?

    Actually, maybe this would be a great topic for your next book?

    Seems the whole country, the whole world, would be better of in some kind of critical thinking movement.
    Could be called a SANITY movement. If everyone were a critical thinker it could remove a lot of the influence that dangerous cults and religions have. For that matter people would better see through various media (the "news" and political commentary, etc.), scammers/conmen, and governmental propaganda/conditioning, etc.

    Another thing I'd like to see is a book called: "How to brainwash people for influence and success!". Where you would actually categorize and list brainwashing/conditioning/propaganda techniques in detail. But it wouldn't actually be for people to use over others (that's the danger), the idea is raise awareness of it all.

  5. Why is it so frowned upon to be on the middle in America? Here in Germany parties pride themselves with being middle. Some problems have a liberal and some a conservative solution. Most don't even have a solution which fits either category fully.

  6. This subject makes me want to share the following video of a routine by Chris Rock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkCgkf25Tus. He may not call it critical thinking, but he pretty much nails it on the head.

  7. I think the problem with this election is that it is turned into a competition or contest rather than a election for the person best suited represent and run the country.

  8. Political correctness, safe spaces, disastrous education system and hypocritical "social justice warriors" have lead to the rise of the right. And rightyfully so. Liberal media often says how our educational system is at full time low. They're telling us every man on campus is a potential rapist and should be under control at all cost. But hang on. Universities have been controlled by the left since 80s, who is there to blame then? Conservatives? It says in my name that I'm a vegan and vegans are usually put into the same leftist basket as modern feminism, LGBT movements, etc. I absolutely cannot stand it! I'm disgraced by my fellow peers when it comes to rational discussion. They all fail to keep up with painless discussion with, say, a Trump supporter without throwing a tantrum how 'bigoted' they are just because they do not agree with their opinion. That's why I drifted away from the left and I find myself in the middle these days, almost leaning to the right.

  9. You lost me the minute you used the term "social justice warriors" non-ironically. That is a right-wing propaganda term, designed to smear a broad range of left-of-center activists without having to rationally addressing any of their arguments.

    Let's not make the error of false equivalency. While any political group is theoretically capable of adopting sectarian, intolerant attitudes towards its opponents, they are NOT all equally guilty of doing this. In the US, at this particular historical moments, the hard right is FAR more sectarian, intolerant, and downright hateful than the hard left is. There is no comparison.

  10. The rub is, the current administration is totalitarian in its ideology ,and there are government agencies which are not under democratic control ,by legislative ,executive ,and judicial default .The consequences range from repressive to deadly.

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