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  1. I want to become an English language teacher, but I don't know were to start. I live in Ukraine and I have intermediate level in English. I don't have any certificate. But really wanna be an English teacher! Please help me! Any advice?

  2. Dear Madam,

    Exploring the world through English is a very nice idea, but achieving it requires enthusiasm of both teachers and students in a classroom filled or almost controlled with an affluence of materials and technical gagdgets.

    Having spent some decades in teaching or instructing technical English for professionals, it is balanced enthusiasm that I needed but also missed along that road. .

    To my experiences, students seeking technical English, mostly professionals, felt it like adding one more language to their record mrather than learning the language to the standards required.

    I only hope that opening to the world, especially from central and Eastern part of Europe is one of the key factors that help both sides but mostly young people seeking jobs abroad or simply joining forieng companies already active in their home-countries.

    Well, providing motivation is an asset to both the teachers and their immediate students also raises the role of suppliers of materials and technical background for them. To theis aspect let me point out wo personal notions for them:

    Levels of hints for exercises should match the level of students asked to carry out them . A hint given at a higher level of language simply does not work, particularly for those doing homeworks or preparing them on their own.

    Use of excessive technical means, often requiring high tech background, forces the teacher more into the role an operator at a huge weaving machine rather than being a facilitator or at least mediator of the language and culture for the students present in the classroom.

    Dear Madam, let me assure you that my comments have been added with the best intents to make the process of teaching as seamless and efficient as possible for all the parties involved.

    Yours sincerely,

    Pavol Bajusz

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