Exploring Project Zorgo Mysterious Abandoned Building Game Master Clues Found!!

well again this is exactly what I was telling you yesterday this is what I'm you happened to me last time what if we were cleared like I was talking to my phone and also I'm here where were we we're just in the wait wait look in the cameras here again these guys are right here too just like last time what the heck is going on see now you just happen to you what just happened to me – this is what I was telling you about maybe everybody's still in the theater and let's go look they're gone Chad and V were here Carter and Lizzie were here Stephen and grace room here anyone where everybody go the only thing that I can think that we need to do is we need to kind of review and recap for a second there's like teleportation time travel like I don't even know how much time has passed let's recap what happened to me yesterday and how I even ended up here and we'll see if we can figure it out here's a quick recap of what's going on I'm noticing that there's a lot of people here who have had problems with the hacker and the game masters so Stephen oh dude what are you doing here what are you doing here there's a name on the fan you guys like I wonder if that's the name of this place what is that it's like something is breathing underneath the water out there they're like a meeting going on here I don't know about a secret meeting there's people hiding inside these secret doors or something look at this you're going to see whoa who is all in this room what are you guys doing here see I came in the room over here and everybody was sitting in here right like Rick and Rebecca was over there Carter was around here where was oh right now whoa what's going on this is projects or go this is your YouTube channel deleted read carefully pz 1 has betrayed us and encrypted the doomsday date password what is going I have no idea he scattered the encryptions across TV acts so it's all tied together through CVX we need you to figure out what knows equals No you mean whoa whoa turn your phone off right now I don't want you disappearing or like teleporting on me or anything like that again you guys my ginger if occurs been hacked now my cell phone has been hacked again I do not even want to touch that I'm leaving that there just turn it off and put it in your pocket I can hear people talking outside and we should go see who's outside you guys we're gonna get to the bottom of this because every day is a new day let's make it an awesome one there's like a whole structure of stop here back in the trees everybody's right here guys hey what does everybody do in here our Channel we got this really weird like emoji like yeah I got a club I got like a star symbol on mine yeah I got a flashlight for mine yeah I got a glasses you know just interesting yes why CVX and the mansion I don't know it like yeah this is like a huge place and there's lots of weird stuff and like secret doors and like all kinds of stuff around this huge property we've been noticing your guy in the back really there goes there goes he's flying over I think we should split up there's somebody close by that must be flying the drone we should split up and look for clues or see if we can see anybody yeah let's go find them I think I saw it fly up over this way do you see anything up there I don't know where it went I can't see the drone wait wait wait when I was here and I'm trying to figure out where we were the other day there was like a vehicle parked over there and somebody's sitting in the front and maybe we should go take a look and see there's a red vehicle there no that looks like a big off-road vehicle or something and look there's like this wagon wheels they are like a water wheel the van was right here well it's gone I don't know like an area out there that's kind of like a secluded little garden maybe we should you go see if there's anything out there where is this place ginger you said there's like a secret area back in here wait wait wait though look way back through the trees it's like an abandoned building back in there I wonder if the person flying the drone was hiding out back in that building we should go look back in here for sure though there's like a whole structure of stuff here back in the trees look look at this big metal like it's like a security gate and a stone wall it's like there's a secret garden or something back here I'm so glad we're doing this in the daytime and not in the dark okay Carl you go first I'm still nervous to go in yo this is creepy the door is just slam shot into our truck oh my gosh should I hop over the wall the walls no okay it's really pretty actually like look how beautiful they do that weird like abandoned house or whatever is right so we look for clues yeah tell us down in the comments below if you see anything out of place or anything that looks mysterious that you should check we'll look over here it's really hard to know like what's out of place oh girl look there's like a cup what that emoji was of the nose right yeah so maybe it has to do with our sense of smell Oh could that be a clue though does it smell weird smell it I just smells normal like somebody I'm not looking all the flowerpots I think and see if there's anything whoa I've been looking at all these pavers and looking to hear it this one was totally loose underneath this paver he's like this wooden placard thing and then these dots it reminds me of like Braille could that even be a clue though I mean it definitely doesn't belong in a garden we should definitely check these stones now I mean some of them are loose find any loose ones yet or anything I'm trying to keep an eye out I keep hearing like twigs snapping and stuff around this weird abandoned house another thing whoa wait wait wait what did it say how did that happen if your phone was turned off wait where was that where was that so underneath that one was the alphabet thing and then underneath this was a piece of paper what was that somebody's there's definitely somebody moving around over at that mysterious abandoned house over there right when we picked up that other clue gingers phone went off and something happen I missed the message but I kind of want to go over there really quick and see if we can catch anybody maybe there were the ones flying the drone and we can figure this out you see anybody let's go around so your phone turned on by itself yes and then something downloaded that was the message GM GM that was gamemaster did you catch all that it said something about my phone was from Project zorg oh and the second one was from the gamemaster are they the same people what if they're working together you guys what if they're right in there let's go look I'm gonna go check it out okay Carl I'm gonna hold back here because we have no idea who's inside there I don't know if there's anybody in there but you don't go check yes go see if there's anything in there oh my gosh this is so nerve-racking what is that do you see anybody in the window well what is that smell what smells like the same back at the house it totally does like that slime slime Oh Carl what is this look at this whoa whoa Fred pass it what is that Steve shut that door this one was like stuck into the rocks on the side of this little shack on the table wait wait wait and this was the first one that we found look there's numbers one two three one two three and there's like a window into that oh it's so so bad should we follow the smell yes what's doing the nose emoji right right maybe it means like follow your nose you know what I mean like I don't know like somewhere around here look at this place what is that creepy what is that place maybe they were here a second ago but this is where what's actually going on is right in there well that's like thorns that's not so bad it's so it's strong baby careful it's not like a sewer house or something like what is that sound inside you hear that it's like some kind of weird machinery inside is it locked go on the other side whoa whoa what is this this weird thing whoa it's like a motor or some device some mechanism inside this Shack tits that goes under the ground maybe there's like a tunnel or shaft into the ground there's like a pond or easy you see anything whoa oh whoa what is that no idea there's another piece of paper though what is that it's the nose emoji Carl that's the nose emoji look at that looks good wish she's just like he knows it totally is but we got speaking of that we got to get away from that smell definitely does not belong here that was deliberately put here by someone I'll tell you that much right whoa looks like a creek actually that goes around there's like a pond over here you hear that motor turning back in that building there's like stuff going underground here or something and the ground is kind of soft and weird that's no no not belong here and it's like fresh right it's really weird whoever was here that was flying that drone might have been hiding out there or we're over here we definitely found some clues back in this area by this weird pond I think we should get away from that smell my clothes are starting to stink and this looks like a nice spot up here we got to stop and slow down and figure out what all these clues means before we go too far and I haven't even seen where everybody else went we gotta go I don't even know where did they go let's just let go in here and check it out this looks like a really good spot what clues do you have what did you find okay so we have this Braille thing right and then we have these numbers and we have this that we found this one's like white has like kind of lines on it kind of go together but not that one the projects will go in there video talked about the nose emoji right so this might be connected or different we don't know let us know down in the comments below does this all combine there's just two different things going on here so the thing about this Carl that's weird is this is one two three we have dots and we have those dots but then there's also a rainbow there one on the back of these it's just on the number one there's no rainbow here and there's nothing on the back of this it's so weird I think this is probably separate that would be my guess because it's a different piece of paper what in the world is the nose these dots are in like a pattern right right look at this this matches 3.2 like the top and one at the bottom right it spells something is it okay this would be like an M then C does that mean does that mean three ends maybe this this stands for M then this what would this one be a a and then what's this one first two dots is at B no I don't know that would be crooked look it's an eye eye so it could be so eight so we have M an A and an eye I am ia missing in action well that's kind of what's been happening when our phones glitch right we're just like teleporting or appearing in different places but wait wait wait the numbers have to meet one two three so maybe that's maybe that's the order the number so one I am I am I am I am weird that was so great and the color too but wonder if the color has anything to do with the rainbow how ours is all red the writing is all red this definitely says I think it's like either m.i.a or I am I post my comments which you think it is because I'm not sure at all tell you this that looks like the nose emoji but look at that dark brown part in the middle when you turn it over it's like a letter T you see that is that connected or what might just be a coincidence you guys it's so hard to tell I'm really struggling to piece all this together you guys are going to have to tell us down the comments below what you think is going on is this connected or is it a separate clue what is with the smell and the nose emoji is that a T I don't know let us know what you think down in the comments below maybe the best way to piece it together is to go watch everybody else's videos and see where they explored around in the prop property and tell us what they figured out down in the comments below go watch everybody else's videos and find out I'll put links to them down in the description box you can go check them out and let us know what you think is going on until next time we have to go and find the kids and make sure everybody's okay and see wherever we need your help you guys we know you guys see so much more than us so tell us down in the comments everything that you see and what we've missed and so in the meantime if you need to catch up on the story and what's going on click any of these other videos that you see on the screen and don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications and we'll see you guys next time bye

45 thoughts on “Exploring Project Zorgo Mysterious Abandoned Building Game Master Clues Found!!”

  1. Wow, this is so crazy with everything going on. Great working on figuring out what the nose emoji equals Carl and Jinger!

  2. 👓🔑♣️⬅️✉️🔦♠️➡️👃🔨⏳⬆️⬇️💧😀👂🏻☂️💢🔥🌂🔷✂️🔋🎤

  3. Carl & Jinger, I decoded the Game Master's Message:

    Carl & Jinger Family — I am
    Chad Wild Clay — not
    Vy Qwaint — project
    Lizzy Sharer — game
    Matt and Rebecca — I am
    Rebecca Zamolo — zorgo
    Stephen Sharer — master
    Carter Sharer– the

    Game Master’s message: I am not Project Zorgo I am the Game Master

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