Exploring Doha Qatar – A Tour Of The City

So now we’re in the area of Doha called The Pearl. It’s a man-made island on an area that used to be a earll diving community.
That’s why it’s called The Pearl. It’s full of luxury apartments, restaurants there’s
a Ferrari garage and the Rolls Royce garage on opposite side of the road. I
don’y know which one to choose whether to go to the left for the rolls-royce or
for the right for the Ferrari. II’d better go for the Ferrari before I get
too old and I won’t be able to get in one. Are we in Venice or
are we in Qatar? Take a look. Thank you. What’s in the coffee ?Cardamom, it has nine different spices It’s not too bad. We wanted to create a culture of
excellence innovative, an open society, sustainable, you know, lifestyle
and everything. A golf buggy is the only way to travel I think. OK, we’re in the stables and they’ve
got the horses doing some exercise om a a little treadmill.
See it behind me. Now it’s gonna be swimming time for the the horses. These horses don’t really have a bad life. All videos need a part but everyone
goes Ahhhh! Well hello viewers we’re at the Qatar
football association. These are the people organizing in the world cup. I wonder if
Wales will be in it, in four years. You know in the UK there’s the term glamping, glamorous camping.
So here again, to make sure we cater to every one there’ll be glamping. So if you
want to come along you want to get a five-star Bedouin camping experience
where you get air conditioning, mini-fridge, amazing sheets five-star
service. That will be available to you, if you want to do like I did when I went to
the euros in 2002. Do you just want a plot of grass and you pitch your own tent.
There’ll be an option to do that as well. It’s footballing history from across the region and it’s
meant to signify what the tournament is for. That’s
the FIFA envelope, you can see the seal which had the result, the announcement
of the world cup that Qatar was getting it. So that was our stay in Doha. That’s the
Four Seasons at night. Look at that skyline. Anyway we’re gonna end our stay by
having dinner at Nobu. I know, it’s a tough life isn’t it but somebody has to do it.

20 thoughts on “Exploring Doha Qatar – A Tour Of The City”

  1. A horse treadmill! I don't know why, but I find that to be hilarious! They really take their horse training seriously. Can't wait for FIFA 2022 in Qatar!

  2. it really looks similar to Dubai… specially the souks… why are they letting the horse do the thredmill and swim? that's interesting 🙂

  3. I love the b-roll out of your car window. Doha looks like such a beautiful city – reminds me a lot of Dubai. I loved seeing the horses exercising. The water exercising looks so cool. Happy horses!

  4. I had a layover in Qatar once, but didn't get any time to explore – wish I did now! Haha it really did look a bit like Venice there! Interesting to see the Equestrian centre too. Wales might have a chance at getting to the World Cup with Giggsy in charge!

  5. Qatar is one of those places that I think is fascinating but I probably won't visit for awhile. I'll just see it through your lenses others for now 🙂

  6. When I was deployed to Iraq, we used to send Soldiers there for R&R. I never got to go. Wish I had. It looks like a great place to see.

  7. Doha looks so luxurious! It's interesting how they seem to have recreated some European style things within the city while also keeping their own cultural aesthetic. Were you guys able to just relax while you were there?

  8. That's a vicarious thrill. Loved seeing the treadmill and lap swim in the stables! I hope that FIFA will be indoors. It looks incredibly hot!

  9. Golf buggy. What happened to the Ferrari? Haha. This place is amazing. So futuristic looking. Love the Education City.

  10. Doha used to be very nice and relaxing and great for family raising, nowadays it's become so fake and even the people that were once generous and polite have become arrogant not to mention that everything has become so expensive.

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