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look at what I got a garbage truck toy Oh garbage truck are you ready to learn
about garbage trucks and recycling today yeah let’s go now let’s learn some of the parts of the
garbage truck come on first things first the cab oh look who
it is it’s Tony hey Tony oh that the cab is where the garbage
truck driver sits and steers the garbage truck oh it’s so high though how does it
get up there let me show you come on these are the steps that’s so fun
I love garbage trucks oh look at right here you know what this is it’s a fire
extinguisher just in case if there’s any fire here or on the garbage truck
garbage trucks are really safe you’ll soon learn that huh cuz let me teach you
here’s some more safety features of the garbage truck look you know what these
are they’re tire chains just in case if the road gets really icy and slippery
you wrap them around the tires so then the garbage truck can drive straight and
not slip and slide oh look reflective tape this is for
light to hit and bounce off and make the truck really bright at night garbage
trucks are so safe oh look a spill kit another safety feature this yellow bag
contains absorbent pads just in case if there’s any yueyin icky things on the
ground that you can’t scoop or broom up into the garbage truck so you use the
spill kit oh come back here add something really cool to show you
oh right there look huh airbags watch this whoa did you see that
the garbage truck just lowered because of those air bags and you use those air
bags right before you dump oh and look this is how you dump the recycled goods
out of the garbage truck this opens up because these hydraulic cylinders push
the back door really open and then it dumps all the compressed goods out of it
but first we need some stuff in it how do you get it in there
the coolest part let me show you come on watch this this is the grabber arm it
goes it’s like a claw it grabs the can pulls it in brings it up and dumps it
into the hopper oh look the hopper up there and then it gets pushed into the
compression body right here and it gets compressed really tight and then it gets
dumped that dumped out the back like I said wow I love garbage trucks now that we know the parts of a garbage
truck and how it works let’s learn about the differences between garbage and
recycling garbage you only can use once and then you throw it away stuff like
kitty litter bubblegum or even like a dirty diaper PU you only use that stuff
once and then you throw it away but recycling you can use it many times
because it might get melted down or just process back into the original product
or something similar made out of the same material and if it can it’s
recyclable let me show you some of the things that I brought from home to
recycle today oh look a milk jug that’s plastic you can recycle plastic then a
tin can hole in aluminum can whoa plastic bags Oh a spray bottle that’s
plastic a glass bottle and even a cardboard box all those things you can
recycle now that we know the difference between garbage and recyclables let’s
visit a recycling facility and sort out some recyclable goods we’re at the
recycling facility first we need our safety equipment on
before we go inside yes crying hard hat and safety glasses suspenders now that we have all the recyclable
materials out of the truck now we get assorted this is going to be fun all the
recycled materials come up the conveyor belt and then they need to be sorted
because there’s so many different kinds like paper plastic cardboard aluminum
tin there’s so many here let’s go sort some all of the recyclable goods travel down
these conveyor belts workers sort them out by the different types of materials
and once it gets sorted out to one type of material like this cardboard it then
gets crushed and compact into this tight log of one material then a forklift
comes up picks it up and transports it to a different part of the warehouse and
when the material is ready to be transported onto the back of the semi to
go somewhere else to be recycled a forklift loads it into the back of a
semi that was so much fun seeing inside a
real recycling facility now let me turn up those tunes so we can dance to answer
my garbage truck song our big trucks garbage trucks driving
through the town picking cans above the ground garbage trucks sometimes
in the morning I hear a monster sound window and there’s a garbage truck of the ground it empties the can
sit back down and drives away garbage dress
garbage trucks driving through the town making cares about the ground
our garbage trucks and drives up in the garbage truck then
picks that garbage up he dumps it in the back so that it can be crushed and he
drives off to the dump he backs up to all the trash from the town and dumps
the whole thing out garbage trucks garbage trucks through the town licking his trucks you the come in many colors
summer blue and
you know there are some that garbage trucks garbage trucks
driving through the town picking cans above garbage trucks garbage trucks
driving kickin Kansa pocket
garbage trucks jeez Louise this video had a lot of great information today we
learned about garbage trucks recycling trucks and recycling if you liked this
video and you want to watch more of my videos all you gotta do is search for my
name do you know my name yeah it’s blippi let’s spell it together
bli ppi blippi that’s my name good job alright see you soon bye so much to learn about it’ll make you
wanna shout with me Oh a helicopter toy look at what’s
behind me a real helicopter will you come riding with me let’s go look at where I’m at I’m inside the
helicopter and this is the instrument panel and look at all the really cool
gauges it has on it but I don’t want to teach you that I want to teach you how
to fly the helicopter before you fly it you gotta put on your seat belt so let’s
do that first just like in the car gotta buckle up okay and now this is the
cyclic this is what controls the helicopter go left right forward
backwards and then down here that is the collective this makes the helicopter go
down or up down or up so now you can go I’m flying a helicopter and then down
here you put your feet on pedals and this is what makes the helicopter spin
left and right now it’s time for you to see what it’s
like writing inside a real helicopter that’s captain Ron I’m wet whoa there we go
we have liftoff do you see me Hey okay now let’s go on an adventure and
see what we can find while riding inside the helicopter we
saw a blue and white train Wow look at it go and a harvester and a tractor
they’re harvesting corn Wow the wagon is almost full whoa it was so much fun flying in the
helicopter there I am then we went to a marina Wow look at all the boats whoa a
freeway this is what it looks like from really
high in the sky huh I was spinning just like how a helicopter spins oh let
me teach you the parts of the helicopter this is the main rotor that’s the thing
that spins to provide lift so the helicopter can fly and then this right
here that’s the mast it holds the main rotor there to the cab and the cab is
where the pilot and the copilot fly the helicopter from and how the helicopter
flies it gets its power from the engine compartment there’s so many things
inside there like the transmission the fuel and the exhaust just to name a few
but then this long thing back there that’s the tail boom which holds the
tail rotor back there which controls the spinning left and the spinning right Wow
there’s so many great things on a helicopter
oh you can’t forget one thing the landing skids that’s how the helicopter
can land on dirt rocks concrete gravel anything you want oh I love helicopters helicopters have some really funny
nicknames you want to hear some of them you can call them helos really bad
copters and shuffles helicopters can be used to lift heavy
items and some of those helicopters can lift up to eighty eight thousand pounds
that’s about forty thousand kilograms ha and to put that into perspective that’s
about four school buses whoa that’s heavy you that was so much fun learning about
helicopters with you thanks for watching hey parents grandparents brothers
sisters aunts uncles babysitter’s teachers whoever you are I want to ask
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and then ooh some fishies Oh me and a spaceship in whoo there’s plenty more
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whoa look at this fire truck toy huh it has a gigantic ladder there’s a real
fire truck behind me let’s put this fire truck toy away and check out some of the
gadgets on the real fire truck you fireman fireman can you hear me this is
fireman blippi hey we’re inside a real fire truck I got my seatbelt on to keep
me safe I even got my headset so I can communicate with all the other workers
oh look over this way that’s where the driver sits and stares the fire truck
with the steering wheel Oh check the back out with me yeah look at
all those seats that’s where the rest of the fire workers sit and there’s
anywhere from three to six firemen in the fire truck going to the fire let’s
check out some more of the fire truck we’re at the base of the ladder on the
fire truck and look way up there yeah there’s a real fireman let’s get them to
wave to us oh he’s so high up there he’s about 105
feet up in the air Wow you hey now it’s about time for me to show
you some of the tools and gadgets on a fire truck let’s go whoa look this right here yeah this is a
hydrant wrench you use this to open up the fire hydrant and then this is the
stores wrench whoa-ho you use the stores wrench on the inlets
of the fire truck so then you can connect the hose to the fire truck and
provide the fire truck with water but in order to do that you need hoses look up
here whoa that’s a lot of hose okay now let me show you some more cool gadgets
of the fire truck whoa
watch this whoa okay we got a pickaxe we got just a normal pick and then yep
you can’t forget the snippers whoo watch this trick whoa look at all these cool
tools on the fire truck there’s tools inside secret compartments that are
inside secret compartments hey hey come back here I forgot to show
you something look inside this little compartment whoa
it’s a giant air tank the firefighters use this to breathe air because you
can’t breathe in fire and smoke but in order to use this you need to wear a
harness let’s go try on a harness now we just got a fire call let’s go put on
our air pack oh right this is our air pack this is compressed air in this big
bottle and then this down here this is my mask so let me put it on tighten that
up and then you just buckle this in kind of like a seatbelt okay now you got a
turn on the air okay and then let’s put on the mask okay Wow oh you can’t forget about the
buttons this fire truck toy is so much fun thank you for learning about fire
trucks with me blippi BL I peepee I lit B good job
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knows all right well see you again thanks for watching
bye hey my name’s blippi and look at what I have in my hand a tractor toy and
look at what’s behind me a real tractor let me show you some of the parts of the
tractor those yeah the black and the yellow
those are wheels and tires and that right there is the cab Moo the engine
bay is where the power comes from oh and look that’s the exhaust it pushes the
hot air away from the tractor whoo in the windows protect the farmer from
debris hitting them oh look at where I’m at I’m on a real
hay farm and this is Timothy hey these tractors have Baylor’s behind them and
they bail the hay and then a Harrow bed comes along and stacks the hay well hello again this is where the
engine is the engine is what gives the tractor all of its power but before you
start any piece of machinery you have to check the engine oil and the coolant oh hey you open the engine compartment and
you find a dipstick for the oil oh here it is right here Oh pin it up and check
and make sure there’s oil and hmm yep looks like the engine is full of oil
so let’s put the dipstick back in the hole and then now we need to find the
engine coolant let’s see where is it huh it’s yellow do you see it oh yeah it’s
way back there and it looks full so now we’re ready to start the engine this is a hay bale haha
we’re inside the tractor let me show you some of the parts first things first
let’s buckle up whoo just like in the car buckle up
okay and then uh let’s move forward yep okay that’s good and let’s pull down
the steering column so it’s right in front of me
whoop perfect oh there’s so many gadgets on the
steering column let me show you some of them um let’s see this is the steering
wheel this is how you steer the tractor and then oh what does this do ha did you
hear that that must be the horn he that’s so much fun
okay um okay this is what gear you’re in there’s Park and then forward and
backward let’s keep it in the park cuz we’re not moving right now and then oh
look this is what allows the farmers and ranchers to work at night it’s the
lights whoo and then okay let me show you over here
this is the transmission area this lever makes the tractor go either slow or fast
see the turtle that’s slow in the rabbit that’s fast slow fast slow fast oh and
look at this right here yeah it’s a radio we can talk to other farmers
farmers farmers this is farmer blippi I’m gonna come help you guys farm copy
that over and out see you soon let’s go I’m driving a real tractor wait wait wait you’re really wait these
are tractor weights you put them on the front of the tractor so then the tractor
doesn’t get back heavy and you know tractor Wow look at how many tires this tractor
and wagon has let’s count them the tractor has one two three four on this
side of the tractor and on this side of the wagon there’s five six seven so that
means on the other side there’s seven so this tractor and wagon has 14 wheels and
tires yeah whoa look how big this tractor is some
tractors can weight up to about 25,000 pounds to put that into perspective
that’s about a hundred and fifty of me whoa that’s a lot of blip ease that was so much fun teaching you about
tractors I do have some good and bad news though now the bad news is this is
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buy hi i’m blippi and this is a backhoe toy it’s one of the most popular
machines on a jobsite and today we’re gonna explore a backhoe this is the front bucket that is the
back bucket these are the tires this is a stabilizer leg and there’s one on the
other side to that is the engine this is the tractor the inside is the cab this is the front bucket also known as
the loader bucket it can carry up to eight thousand seven hundred and sixty
pounds that’s three hippopotamuses look at how big this back tire is and
the front tire is just a little smaller and DC these things that’s the tread so
the tire doesn’t slip and slide these are the stabilizer legs they go
down and hold the ground so then the backhoe is really stable while it digs
you want to see him go down I do too whoa this is the back digging bucket and
it can dig 25.9 feet out away from it that’s 4.5 lippies laying down that’s a
lot of Blimpie’s it can dig 15 feet deep underground that’s almost as tall as an
adult draft whoa okay now we know all the parts of the
backhoe so now we can get to digging whoa whoa whoa
first things first safety is first I got my hard hat I got my safety glasses I
got my earplugs and I got my safety vest so before we get started though we need
to check the oil and the engine coolant before you start any piece of machinery
so let’s do that now this is the engine let’s check the engine coolant first it’s perfect
okay and this is the engine oil and looks full to me so with that being said
we’re ready to start the engine because we fiddle 6 sometimes these things don’t
go in mm-hmm all right well now that it’s in we can start the engine all right here we go let’s put this
tingling legs down now we’re ready whoa Oh
you Oh to hear that beep that means the backhoe
is backing up so if you’re ever near a piece of machinery and you hear that
beep beep beep get out of the way because the operator might not be able
to see you want to see something cool watch this Wow that’s cool you whoa a real monster truck are you ready
to learn about some monster trucks let’s go Hey whoa look at that
it’s a giant monster truck let’s check out some of the parts of the monster
truck whoa these yeah are the wheels and tires they’re so big all that in there
that’s the gears and the suspension there’s so much stuff going on there
whoa yeah the engine the engine is right here that’s where the monster truck gets
all of its power from Oh in this that big yellow thing that’s the body of the
monster truck monster wheels and tires you whoa check it out this green monster truck is
doing a wheelie let’s watch an instant replay and then watch a couple more
monster truck wheelies oh you’re inside a real monster truck
let me show you some of the parts first off you got in here because you went
from the bottom you get inside a monster truck from the bottom and here’s the
first part I’ll tell you about this is the steering wheel you steer the monster
truck with this okay and then let’s push the ignition button which then flips on
all of your gauges like your oil temperature transmission tap and your
tack which is your rotations per minute of the engine whoa and how you make that
engine go room is down here is the gas pedal room and then this is the brake
that’s how you stop the monster truck all right now let’s watch some monster
trucks Oh oh it crashed whoa look at how big this monster truck
is it stands about 12 feet tall that’s four meters in height to put it into
perspective that’s about two of me blippi phew that was close do you want to see what it’s like
writing inside a real monster truck that was really cool seeing inside a
real monster truck while it drives it was really bumpy you you meet my friend Peyton
he’s a crew chief and he’s gonna tell you a fact about his monster truck this
monster truck weighs 10,000 pounds Peyton is so cool he gets to work on
monster trucks all day long and he even gets to wash their tires
I’d like monster truck do you guys like grocery shucks that was so enjoyable learning about
monster trucks with you if you want to watch this video again or see more of my
fun videos ask your parents nicely to search my name
blippi BL i PP i oh now you can say and spell my name
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