Experiential Learning Trip to Japan – International Education @ Allegheny

I’ve been thinking to myself, you know,
like, if I never have an experience outside, like, my really isolated
community that is the East Coast, or the two states that I live within the East Coast like, I would just never forgive myself. It shows when this many people are acting in concert, and, like, coming from America a lot of times it’s just like I got to
walk past someone standing in the doorway, or, I don’t know where I’m going or
sometimes I walk in the wrong direction on campus and do an about-face and I’m
like, when I do something like that here, I feel different. Just how different even the customs,
the cultural beliefs, and everything, and just seeing like an alternate way of living, and that you don’t really have to accept what is normal in your country. There were so many experiences, because we were doing things from like 8 in the morning to 8 at night We saw a lot of, like, ancient shrines and
temples for both Buddhism and Shintoism and a lot of elaborate, like, botanical
gardens that are set up as just like a pastime place to relax in, and I found
all of these extremely beautiful, and it was super fascinating to just see how well done and how much effort is put into preserving and upkeeping them all
and just the, the respect for nature that they have there and for their history is
really inspiring

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