Expelled From Every Other School

Fade (Music) (Music) (Music) At least 24 people were shot and injured between late Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning. Police believe most shootings were either gang or drug related. 34 Chicago students killed and almost 300 wounded in the past year. Chicago is now the murder capital of this country. (hip hop music) Sah dude Get off this bus. I’m gay. Look at that nigger right there. Don’t he look like a monkey on crack. Ooohhh. Hey, Hey, Hey. Quit running. My name is Doctor Anthony Chalmers. I’m the principal here at Montefiore Therapeutic Day School. We are the only therapeutic school in the Chicago public school system. Hey! Cut it out. Hey! Come here. I told you about playing with me man. Come on back here. (Laughs) *off camera* *Off-Camera* What you mean? What you mean though, bro? What do you mean? *inaudible verbal comments* *inaudible verbal comments* Stop, stop, stop, stop stop, stop! Stop, I said stop. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. Stop! *voiceover* The main diagnosis is they are emotional behaviour disturbed You walk in my face I will beat the fuck out of you boy. *voiceover* and then a lot of it is just aggression. They’re just out of control you know, because I guess the homes is just wasted and we have no control over it. It takes some extra time to settle down. Stop running. *off camera* Slow down Damien. Get that fucking camera off my motherfucking face, pussies. take the coat off, take the coat off I am asking you to take the coat off one more time my dear you don’t get it,you don’t get it,no ,you don’t get it Help me fix this OMG You got to do it, just go! Come on you’ve got it! go! do it!

100 thoughts on “Expelled From Every Other School”

  1. Last Chance High takes viewers inside Montefiore's classrooms and into the homes of students who are one mistake away from being locked up or committed to a mental hospital.
    WATCH NEXT: Life Lessons From An Incarcerated Father – http://bit.ly/2EAywyn

  2. Humans seem to be evolving backwards now…There are so many other species that are far less animalistic than this…

  3. These kids needed discipline at home, and a father figure. Its very hard for a mother to work and raise kids.

  4. it's pretty messed up how crystals mom defended her, she said ''that's the only way for her to express herself to provocation'' like cmon i don't go stab someone everytime i'm angry

  5. I want to be a Social Worker or a Public Defender and get into politics. It’s crazy how the odds are stacked against them, Sociology class would be good for anyone to understand the world and even for them. A lot of kids like this they aren’t bad, they just are around bad things and have no good influences. Plus, then you have the police and poverty. You’re gonna act out when you are trying to prove your big and bad, so no one will pick on you. You’re gonna act out when you have nothing going for you and kids die at a young age or go to jail at a young age. You just can’t call the cops, you need to work with them.

  6. The youth and their parents delight in this culture. Can't blame anyone but the self. No discipline anymore. Maybe every school can be ROTC run to instill self control. And then they listen to their beloved drugged up rappers for reinforcement. baptist church and nation of islam isn't helping.

  7. don't try this in Africa! they'll beat the shit out of you!!!!!
    and guess what? kids are polite and respectful

  8. Is anyone gonna talk about how wholesome those moments in the gym with Spanky were. That Coach is a cool dude

  9. NYC Queens Brooklyn Chicago Bridgeport Los Angeles And Compton Is All The Places Of The United States 🇺🇸 Murder Capital

  10. 11:30 no wonder her daughter turned out like that. She’s trying to justify a child getting stabbed just cause he made dog noises. It’s not the kids faults it’s always bad parenting. Not everyone should have a kid

  11. I feel for spanky😭😭 and when those two boys were clapping for him after he jumped over that bar, I really felt that 🤧

  12. Where are their parents? YALL be mad but the entire family is fucked up if the kids act like this so early

  13. Just tell these ignorant fucks to gyro out of the school and give education to the children that want to learn it

  14. All you people who only have sympathy for the teachers and not students sicken me. Some of these kids are only 9 or 10 years old and aggressive asf. These kids are constantly being abused at home and see violence every day of their life. They act this way because they are hopeless. Nothing around them is positive. But most of you commenting would never understand as you were born with a silver spoon smh.

  15. I keep seeing “Imagine if a white kid went here…” which I don’t quite understand 🤔

    This is a behavioral school where kids with mental issues and bad behavior are placed until they get the help they need and are ready to re-enter regular schools. These students do not represent all students in black inner city neighborhoods. If a white kid went to this school, guess what, he would have to have similar behavioral issues and live in this neighborhood. And given how violent and problematic many of the students are in this school (owing to their life circumstances), isn’t condescending and prejudice to assume any black kid regardless of behavior would just fit right in this environment? The black people I know as well as myself would not have.

  16. All this kids deserve an ass whooping to show some respect to their elders.. this is what happens when laws don't allow for parents to give an ass whooping when the kids misbehave….

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