EXPECTATIONS vs REALITY of having a Sibling

>>Hey guys! This is Karina, It’s Ronald, and we are from>>SIS vs. BRO. And today, we are doing
Siblings Expectations vs. Reality So let’s get straight to the video.>>Hey Karina, whatcha doing?>>Just reading a book.>>Okay.>>Wait, can I tell you a secret?>>Okay.>>But promise not to tell anybody.>>Alrighty!>>Don’t tell anybody, okay?
>>Okay>>Promise?>>Mmhm.>>Okay. Come here.>>Cool.>>But you promise not to tell anybody.>>Yes.>>Okay.>>Hey Karina, whatcha doing?>>Just reading a book.>>Alright.>>Wait. Ronald, can I tell you a secret?>>Okay.>>But you promise not to tell anyone.>>Mmhm.>>You promise?>>Yes>>Pinky swear? Alright>>Cool.>>Alright, but you promise
not to tell anyone.>>Yes.>>Promise?!>>Yes!>>Okay>>Mom! Karina has a boyfriend! Karina!?>>Yes?>>Can you help me clean up my room?>>Of course, if we do it together,
it’s gonna be much faster.>>Yay! Thanks, you are
the best sister I can imagine.>>Yup I am the best sister
you can imagine.>>Karina? Karina?!>>What?>>Can you help me clean up my room?>>No, are you nuts?! Do it yourself!
I’m not your slave! Yes! I won!>>Aw, that was a good game! I like to playing with you.>>Thanks!>>Yes, I won! I won. I won like always!>>Argh! Biggest cheater on earth. I’m never playing with you ever again! I’m leaving!>>I didn’t cheat! I’m just really good at the game!>>Karina, can we change snacks?>>Of course, here.>>Karina, can we change snacks?>>No! You put your nasty,
oily fingers on those! I don’t wanna touch your popcorn.>>Give… …me… …the Cheetos!>>No!>>These are my Cheetos!>>My Cheetos!>>Give me the Cheetos, guys That’s it. No more snacks. That’s it.>>No!>>That’s your fault!
Now look what you’ve done.>>No, look what you’ve done!>>No, you started!>>Ahh…I don’t have anymore toothpaste. Karina, can I borrow your toothpaste?>>Oh, you want my toothpaste?>>Yeah.>>Okay, here.>>Thanks!>>You’re welcome.>>Karina, can I borrow your toothpaste?>>Oh, you want my toothpaste? Of course not, buy your own.>>Give me the toothpaste! Give me it.>>Buy your own toothpaste! Stop! Go get your own toothpaste!>>Give me the toothpaste.>>It’s my toothpaste! Go get your own!>>I want the–>>Kids! Are you fighting over toothpaste?>>No.>>Definitely not.>>Ronald wants to steal my toothpaste! You squirted it all out!>>Now, I’m gonna touch your face!>>No.>>Now give me the toothpaste!>>I’m just trying to brush my teeth! No, stop!
>Me too!>>Karina’s diary. I better not touch it. Aw, Karina’s diary… Mhmm. Oooh! And she will not know.>>Are we there yet? Eww! Don’t touch me! Get away from me! You have your cooties!>>I wanna sleep here.>>Yeah but boys have cooties! Get away from me. Give me some space, man!>>I need space too!>>But you have cooties. Get away from me!
Sleep on your side.>>I don’t have cooties!>>Yeah, you do!
You’re a boy and boys have cooties.>>Guys, guys, what’s going on over there? Come on, stop it.>>Ronald’s fighting with me!>>Karina started it!>>No, Ronald started it.>>I just wanted to sleep.>>Guys, guys, you have
3 seconds to be quiet.>>Ronald, you’ve played for a long time. Can I have a turn now?>>Okay.>>Thanks.>>Wow.>>Oh look, I found a volcano. This is cool.>>Ronald, you’ve played for a long time. Can I play now?>>No.>>Why not?>>Because…>>Ronald, it’s my turn!>>No, it’s my turn!>>No, you played for a while already! It’s my turn!>>I’m just about to get a treasure chest!>>But sorry, it’s now my turn!>>Mom, Karina hit me!>>No, I didn’t!>>A Liar>>Liar!>>Guys, are you fighting again?>>No.
>>No.>>He took my Nintendo Switch. It’s my turn to play.
>>It’s not yours.>>Whose turn is it now?>>Mine.>>Mine!>>Mine.>>Ronald played for a long time!>>Guys, you have 3 seconds,
it’s gonna be my turn.>>Karina, today I got 2,000 subs!>>Really?>>Yeah!>>That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you! We have to celebrate. We’re gonna have a huge party! We’re gonna invite everybody!>>Yeah!>>We’re gonna even invite
a magician for a magic show! Yeah, we’ll have popcorn!>>It’s gonna be like a birthday party!>>Yeah, but even better! It’s gonna be awesome!!>>Karina, today, I got 2,000 subs!>>Cool.>>Aren’t you happy for me?>>It’s just 2,000 subs. I get 2,000 every single day. It’s nothing.
That’s so normal.>>Oh…kay.>>Ronald, come! I wanna show you
a cool picture on Instagram! Come.
>>Okay.>>Look at this one>>Wow! That’s amazing!>>Should I like it?>>Yeah!
>>Okay. I liked it>>That’s a cool picture. Hey! Don’t spy on me. It’s my private Instagram. Get outta here!>>So this is how we are in real life! NOT A JOKE! And you guys let us know
in the comments section down below if you’re more like expectation!>>Or reality to your siblings! We hope you liked this video, if you did, smash that like button, and we’ll see you
all next time! Goodbye!

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