Executive Education

In my opinion, there are several things that make the Executive Academy the institution it is. First of all, we bring passion and a wealth of know-how to the table when it comes to working on topics for our clients. Particularly important to us are our corporate clients with whom we collaborate for extended periods of time and collaborately develop and deliver training and executive education programs. Transferring the knowledge gained in our programs to real-world organizational settings is one of our top priorities in developing executive education programs. The WU Executive Academy provided us, In the process of jointly developing our program, with extremely valuable support and advice. They were highly responsive to our needs and requirements and, at the end of the day, the program also made it clear that we had hit the bull’s-eye. Together. The benefit of collaborating with the WU Executive Academy is, that it really brings together practice, theory and research, that there is a direct interaction with lecturers who have strong academic backgrounds, but also because the staff members of the Executive Academy have their fingers right on the pulse of what is going on in the real world. The custom program gives us as an organization the chance to first define our goals and roughly outline the program content and then team up with the WU Executive Academy’s specialists to really work on ideas and their implementation. Our goal in the field of executive education is not only to empower individuals but also to help organizations move forward, and to join forces with a view to developing programs for organizations and designing training that make businesses successful. It is only once we know the lines along which an organization is to transform, that we start looking at how it can achieve this transformation in the organization. In this context, many topics need to be considered like leadership, new organizational structures, entrepreneurial spirit, new ways of working, and so on. I think the WU Executive Academy is an ideal partner, seeking long-term cooperation with businesses, quite simply because the WU Executive Academy really has its finger right on the pulse of time, focuses on topics that are known to be of major interest to the big players or entire industries in Austria and really follows these trends and offers programs tailored around these.

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