Executive EdD in Higher Education Administration – Bama By Distance

The Executive EdD Program
at the University of Alabama is meant for working higher
education professionals who want to pursue a doctorate
in just three years, one weekend a month
commitments, and the opportunity to work alongside
premier faculty, all without interruption
to their careers or their personal obligations. For me, I was really
attracted to the University of Alabama Executive
Cohort Program because I know a
lot of people think about Alabama as big family
and we see it around that. A lot of it’s– there was
definitely around academics as well, so for me, working
at the Cohort Program, it was that idea of being able
to go through my academics and my core study with a
group of people who had become tight-knit. The support for the
Cohort system is great. I just like the format. And the other
thing I have to say is the organization of this
program I have been extremely impressed with
from the beginning, it’s very facilitating,
very organized. For an older
student like myself, coming back after awhile,
it was reassuring. During the summer semester
of the first year, Executive EdD students are
engaged in a comparative higher education course where
they study internationally. I think that the biggest
attraction about this program is that you don’t have to quit
your job or stop your life. You can work on your doctorate
and still grow in your career and maintain your family life. The favorite part of my
experience here in the program has been working with
my peers in the Cohort, and just the earnest opportunity
to continue to learn more about the field
that I practice in, so that’s been very
exciting to me. This program has caused me to
be a little more strategic when imposing sanctions,
when I am dealing with the students and
sometimes the parents who have the traditional process. This program teaches
you to step back and look at the issue,
whatever the issue is you’re dealing with. So again, for what
we always refer to is that view
from 40,000 feet. So not just how is this
going to impact my area, but what are the
waves that are going to impact all that other areas? And that more than anything
else has been so helpful to me as an administrator. I think that the format, the
class size, the professors, the opportunity to
travel overseas, all those make this
the ideal program. Examine faculty
portfolios– there is a richness here at
the University of Alabama that is unparalleled
to most institutions. And there’s a niche
for every person to pursue his or her
own research focus, and there are faculty who are
there to support that process. You need to know yourself
and be ready to make this kind of investment
of time, this commitment, and have the courage
and confidence to know that sometimes it’s
not going to be easy, but you have to continue
to push yourself forward, because the goal is so important
that it’s worth the sacrifice that you make along the way. To learn more about the
University of Alabama’s Executive EdD program,
go to our web site or contact me via email We look
forward to hearing from you, and application deadlines
are February 15th. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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