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I am Rick Ness from Milwaukee Wisconsin I run a little bit of everything out here for Parker but I'm also an excavator it looks a lot more complicated than it is it looks like there's a lot going on but really most of the time it's just two joysticks that's all you need to get control of this if my dad was building a house and he just taught me to see of an excavator showed me what did what and said here dig a hole I got to go work on the house most kids had their little toy machines and I have is a real one I think I can have any anybody running this machine this excavator in five simple steps it's just like starting a car there's key turn it to the right ready to go just twisting up the throttle I'll rather the motor up this one right here is gonna pull your boom up boom down curl your bucket in curl your bucket out this your left side here so forward will stick forward back will stick back left will swing the Machine right left and right will swing machine right if you want to move it forward it back on its tracks that's what these are for you just put my feet on there that'll make you go forward that'll make you go back and to turn you just do one or the other

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  1. What a sweet grandpa,
    I loved when he was on
    the show… He was sharp
    as a pin..Parker you were so lucky to have
    him. I wish he was my
    grandpa…RIP xxxooo

  2. Hi I’m Rick Ness…. I’m gonna show you how to get half buckets all day, throw tracks once a week, dig over the side and generally just how to run a 70 ton hoe like a fuckin jerkoff.

  3. Hitachi left control are totally different from other models..You push in then your stick will be in and if you push it out your stick will be out..if you pull back it rotates to the left, but if you push to the front it will rotate to the right.. differs from other excavators..

  4. Are there secondary controls like on a Backhoe where the right stick controls the bucket and the second boom. Which the left sick controls the up and down boom as well as the swing of the cab?.

  5. ive been in excavtor for 46 years he is not a operator look at his cab dirty and no respect for machine what a blow hard

  6. I want to work for him and im 14- i have driven a 25t excavator and i want to learn to drive a dozer and wheel loader for him- my family has a tractor with a front loader mounted on and i drive that all the time

  7. Any moron can drive and dig a hole. learning what the controls do is easy. It is when you start to work with the machine in a fast but smooth way. Everything should go hand in hand. Beginning to see different heights in material and different falls when it not more than 1 cm/ meter sometimes down to 3 mm. To be able to keep a high that you have been given and organizing the job around you with the machine and see further ahead.  Not anyone can see this and some people drive their entire life not being able to see. they are not bad operators just because they can't see, They are god at other things. Some have it and some don't!

  8. kinda like I've been taught to drive 😀 This does this and that does that, do that and then we'll see what you'll do next 😀

  9. This just shows you the controls of the hoe, actually building something to be exactly perfect is harder then it looks

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