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that was a person cried several times to
our live one to kill Christians I want to kill Jews I want to glorify your name
you know with my friends in the government in Iran we planned a lot of
things evil things for Christian both cruel things were Jewish world deceiving
um plans for black world but by the grace of God I am here speaking for the
glory of his name once once trying to destroy the church but now I am trying
to establish the Church of God strengthen it and cherish my love toward
all other nations including Muslims and Jews I've come from the country Iran I
have got some photos to show you how is that going to come there ah from this
country from the northern part of this country from this section was born in a
nominal Islamic family many Muslims are nominal and they do not know Islam but
simply they call themselves Muslim my parents picked me up from you know
amongst the 12 children of the house because I was quicker in learning and so
they nominated nominated me to be the religious boy in the family and they
invested in my life I learned very quickly the Arabic reading of it and
reciting the Quran reading the Quran in Arabic does not Iranian language at the
age of nine I became famous people even called me to their you know religious
ceremonies and I recited the Quran for them you imagine in nine years old boy
we learn from childhood that Christians and Jews are unclean that's
in the Koran we learned from the mosque and from the community don't touch them
if you see them don't shake hand with them because they are unclean and then
you become unclean you need to rush and wash yourself before washing yourself
don't touch any Muslim you make them unclean too now this is not unclean that
doesn't mean you haven't made you know taking shower that's unclean is
spiritually they are not human kind we also use this especially from the area
I'm coming from people use these two words words Christian and you have swear
words to Moslems fight with each other they call each other Christian or Jew
Iranian government with Saddam's government did that eight years the
Iranian government was calling Saddam a Jew in the war and Saddam was calling
Iranian government a Jew so that's the mindset of people you not
you're brainwashed from childhood that they are not human kind and they deserve
to die and you do not feel for them unfortunately I am coming from there and
I glorify his name that he changed my life and my family's life I have stories
with him that's not my work to come to him he has really brought me I have
stories with him from since I was a young lad from the year no7 I was 12
years old my first story started with Jesus one day in our sport hour we were
playing in the playground of their school seven boys got together you know
trying to play with each other trying to find also a game to play with each other
one of the boys said I know a game he took a paper from his notebook divided
in seven went in a corner wrote something inside each folded them rolled
them very well and came to us and mix them very well he said this is the game
each one was going to take one and open in turn
the things written inside each she said shows our future
so we've took one and then we were fighting with each other who should be
the first second third or the last one some of us were fighting to be the last
one but I succeeded I was the seventh one we were in year seven seven boys I
was the seventh one opened it the first one opened there was written you'll
become a teacher we tried to make her time fun with each other you know jumped
you know clubbed show the excitement the other one you'll become a mayor the
other one you'll become an engineer or army officer at the end I open mind
there was written you'll become a Christian no fun anymore I was
embarrassed I was more religious than them full of shame angry my face changed
and I said I have to go and kill this boy I attacked him he screamed I said
I'm going to kill you why did you write this for me he was crying he said to me
did I write that for you you didn't see I mix them very well I could have taken
that it's your problem it's your future you're blaming me he was right he did he
put in my hand he was right for that reason I didn't kill him
but I did not play with them anymore I went and found a corner you know satyr
cried and wept cry to Allah complain to him that you embarrass me improved on
this voice so that was my first story I finished my high school entered the
University in the university I became a radical Muslim followed Ayatollah
Khomeini Ayatollah in that time was in Iraq because he was Shiite and sat down
Sunni they didn't like each other Saddam forced him out and he went to
France unfortunately France welcomed him very warmly and Western countries are my
goodness you need to wake up really because they were going to use him as a
shield in front of the Russia and communism but they didn't know that
Islam doesn't let anyone to become a sincere friend with you there are ample
of verses in the call and said don't become friends with Christians and Jews
so through their health we didn't know that we thought that the miracle of
Allah and through his guidance we overthrow the most powerful King in the
Middle East and the King escaped we captured the country Ayatollah entered
the country that in that day I cried with many other students we were so
excited we said we are going to have freedom and democracy because Ayatollah
promised us Islam when we come there and rule the country we will have democracy
he was lying to 70 million people well Islam says if it is necessary you
can lie to 70 billion people to hold the world you know until you get you know to
the power we didn't know that zealous Muslims young people I was reading the
Quran from the beginning to the end without understanding what Quran is say
because it's in Arabic you just get the blessing when you recited in Arabic we
were so excited Ayatollah entered in the second week with my group
and I'm welcoming very warmly this is the photo I have taken from him is
sitting here we committed ourselves to him in that day promised him to make
every single Iranian radical Muslim and to take Islam to the end of the world
after that because I was a famous boy I was invited with two others to start the
Revolutionary Army this is me here now have you heard about the world Hezbollah
this is the word produced in Iran first we were Hezbollah we wanted Hezbollah
means the party of Allah then the horse of Allah and we will call to start the
Revolutionary Army the major goal of the Revolutionary Army was to go and capture
Israel to make Israel as a capital state for all Islamic world and we touch to
attract the attention of wide expectrum Muslim in the world and say to them you
have to start from wherever you are to fight against Christians and Jews you
know to do that we needed to establish our army in a country nearby so we
started Hezbollah in Lebanon Iranian started Hezbollah the Iranian paid now
to Hezbollah Hezbollah's bosses in Iran Hezbollah in Lebanon and so that was one
of the major goals of this army that gain there this is me here praying in a
mountainside Islamic prayer three boys are following me in that fray we see two
boys are sitting there they are moderate Muslims we were trying to make them
radical in five or ten minutes many people thinks wow this radical Muslim
I've studied a lot now just I think every Muslim from childhood learns how
to be anti Christian anti do so they have to some extent and then you need
to work a little bit you know to make them radical especially when they live
in an environment that too full a radical modern day and mountain also is
so important for commuted radical Muslim you have heard so far many times that
was AMA bin Laden is in Mountain you know Taliban is in mountainous area
even those four boys who were involved in suicide bombing in England they just
came from Mountain you remember that because it's important mum Mountain is
you know is a place you can speak freely there and you can hide yourself there
after that I became involved with mobilizing young boys and girls for our
second major goal that's my photos oh they're just photo shows three of us
dead our second major goal was to destroy America to do that we needed to
mobilize all our young boys and girls why America because America is a
superpower Christian country in the world that's embarrassing to Islam a
Christian country superpower Islam is going to be superpower Islam should be I
make us millions of Jews unbearable to Islam America's many you know our me
agreement with many countries including Australia helping many countries if we
destroy America then it's easier to capture other countries they spend
billions of dollars you know over America so for that reason we attracted
the attention of many young boys and girls and took them to the army camp and
taught them to terrorist techniques in the future to send them as students or
through different channels to Western countries and especially America to
fulfill our goals this is my wife she was also a radical Muslim a fiery girl I
said wow this is mine because every a leader who thirsts for
the blood of others should have really such a lady you know to fight side by
side so for the same interest we got married this is her also two other girls
they are learning that rifle how to use it
our marriage was held in the mosque that's not popular in the Middle East we
did that for the sake of Islam we wanted really to bring the culture of Muhammad
to our time mosque should be the center of everything you have to teach your
followers especially two important things should be in the mosque start
from the mosque first one is jihad fighting against non-muslims
that's a center a fortified center for Muslims not many Muslims really go to
mosque for that reason but the leaders know that and the committed radical
Muslim know that that this is the place for us in the future we will kill these
people if they do not become Muslim I think I don't need to teach you you see
from Iraqi when Shiites and Sunnis are killing each other that had to start
from the mosque you know they killed the people in Indonesia just clergy spoke in
the mosque and they went out and killed just you know two years ago they were
going to kill three four Christian girls one of them survived
just start from the mosque so for that reason that was you know the major
reason one of the major reason the second one involves non-islamic
countries in the Quran is written world is yours
– Muslims even the lands you haven't put yourself in chapter 33 verse 27 in
Islamic doctrine also you have to prove that this country is mine you have to
build your mosque there according to Islamic doctrine if you
build a mosque in a country that country after that is an Islamic country so is
there any mosque in Australia when Islam says it is not yours
also you're not a true citizen of this country
you're a second-class citizen when Islam comes and rules that this country and
then you have to buy your life and your families like every year in order to
survive according to the Quran chapter 9 I'm not here to frighten you I'm here to
encourage you that if you the follower of Jesus Christ you need to claim this
country for the Lord Jesus Christ because he is good you claim everything
for good thing and he is the best it's so good to hand over this country to
Jesus rather than to Muhammad so that was our goal that for that reason we
invited them to come to the church to the mosque and to our wedding now this
is our marriage that you see any smile on their faces now Islam is the religion of anger I'm
not talking about Muslims again you better go and read the Koran it's easier
now just go to the internet download click they're killing verses or hatred
you will find plenty it's just opposite to the face of Christ the greatest mark
our Islam is anger the greatest mark out Jesus is joy love that's why we needed
to teach seriousness or tocharian his spirit you know leadership to our
followers there is a subject that was a subject called angry subject I was the
teacher of that angry subject to my follows
how to become angry how to hate do you think it's easy to cut the head of a
person you teach them gradually and then they kill for that reason so that's um
why we are not smiling they're after our marriage see my face there my daughter
is five and a half years old here that's why she's not covered like my wife you
cover your daughters as a committed Muslim from the age of seven because age
of seven is the age of marriage in Islam that's why you younger girl need to
praise the Lord Jesus Christ he is so good at 25 years I have studied all
other philosophies and religions he's so good every day you need to say Jesus I
love you I praise your name one of Muhammad's wife was six years old
Aisha she has got a lot of writings actually in Islamic writing and Mahmud
was 49 years old and Islamic tradition says she was consumed ated at the age of
eight or nine you're eight or nine that's why she's not covered my family
myself this photo was everywhere in my hometown because I was in the second
year I became the leader of the political party influential politician
announced my candidacy for Islamic Parliament but this time we were our
positions so Ayatollah we can still the second year we discovered that this
whatever this man said to iranian was lie and then he said another said that
was for the sake of islam now okay you said we will have freedom we are not
going to give this freedom to jews Christiane's or Zoroastrians we are your
Muslim brothers now it doesn't work you have to blindly now follow the leader
even as a Muslim it's hard for Iranian Iranian are the most open Muslims in the
world not that's not because I have come from Iran because my doctorate is about
culture cultural differences we said now we want freedom we won my colleague
became the president of the country with 98 percent of people's vote the first
president after Islamic Revolution for government fell in our hand but that
angered Ayatollah and especially his clergy friends first in secret they
started to kill the members and opposition's three times they sent
rocket to the living place of president and eventually president escaped from
Iran government was you know destroyed some of us were able to escape some were
killed I was one of them kidnapped in night time put in a dead cell it was a
toilet I lived first three months in in a toilet painful treason in that prison
you beg them to kill you I don't know you really believe me or not because
they do not kill you once they unfortunately you have to enjoy by
giving pain to your opposition unto your enemies especially if you're a girl our
position and when you get the death penalty
that's so pain for you and for your family to kill a virgin girl is sin you
have to sleep with her first and then kill her
now the pain is after that because in Islam is a religion of fear you have to
frighten every member of the family that's why they are trying to frighten
the world and unfortunately many Western people are afraid unfortunately sadly
after killing that girl you take the dress of that girl
that's your religious obligation you need to do that and you go and talk to
her mom you knock the door I want to talk to this girl mom mom comes there
you say your girl was mine I slept with her we killed her and this is the dress
of your daughter they broke the heart of many Iranian
mothers were they Jews Christians or Austrians no Muslims Islam my friend is
a cruel religion even the slaughters Muslims many Muslims are here even in
this country in other countries they do not know that when these leaders get to
the power they will kill first their own followers Iranian government Iranian
system killed between 50 to 60,000 only young Iranian girls and boys that's the
prison I'm talking about they shocked you really which you know immoral words
they kidnapped me with my pajamas you know I'm sorry they were just you know
looking inside on my body and saying to me who is going to sleep with your wife
tonight because outside they show themselves righteous Iranian really do
not think that these people are rude that much and they were to one of them
said well he's going to finish it's you on me that's the reason from there they
took me to another prison with my four other friends we were waiting in the
death row with four other friends in a in a Cell all four were killed and I
could escape by the grace of God it's the longest
story it's a painful story – if I say that to you
this section takes one and a half hour but I just simply say to you by the
grace out Jesus I could escape even though I didn't know him but he had a
plan for me you remember that ballot and I have
other stories are the prophecies even Moslems prophesied so I could escape the
death penalty and from the country Iran to Turkey in Turkey I was a wandering
man I didn't know about my future I started to learn the language and
entered university to make myself busy in the second year I found a fellow
Iranian man he had business state we became friends with each other after a
while he invited me to put my money with his make the capital larger I did but
later my friend took all my money and his escape to Germany another pain came
to my life I couldn't do anything because everything was written in his
name now he was going to a church there he was not a Christian he was Muslim
there was an Iranian Christian Fellowship in Istanbul in Turkey those
Christians who were not able to live inside the country he ran after the
Islamic Revolution they escaped and they went to Turkey and with some other
foreign friends American and European they started the fellowship and they
having fellowship with each other and also working among Iranian refugees they
built friendship with many and this man was one of them he was going today to
that church sometimes that caused me to go to that church to ask them why this
happened to me this man was coming here he was my friend he took all my money on
a scale for the first time in my life I am going to a church challenging and
scary we're challenging because church is an unclean place
scary's the you know was the strongest part now I have escaped from the death
penalty now I'm going to create another one for myself especially a politician
like me why you're going to a church and especially in that area there were very
committed Muslim Turks there anyway my money encouraged me to go in I entered
the church I was shocked people were playing music and they were singing
inside the church music is evil in Islam you remember just last year the leader
Muslim leader here in Australia said to the Muslim we throw your children from
music class because it's evil I was shocked
now everybody was standing and singing I said I'm not going to stand to share
this evil spirit with them that's not Iranian really they stand with you but I
was afraid to a stand with them I said no I'm going to sit i sat behind
everybody closer to the main door I said it's good to sit here if something
strange happen easier to run out that again is the mindset of committed Muslim
and radical Muslim you think that they are united with each other only fear is
bringing them together uncertainty is everywhere there anyway nothing happened
inside the church after the fellowship they came and welcomed me very warmly I
said they story – then they became so sad that I had lost a big money to a man
who was sometimes going to that church they promised me to help me we can help
you they said we have many friends in Germany we are going to write to them to
find this man and to beg him to give your money back they encouraged me to go
to the church they said we if we get any response from them we would be able to
share that with you after that week after week I went to the church I never
missed any Sunday for my money week after week I saw these
people are so nice people my goodness we call these people immoral people because
Christians are the most immoral people in the world in Islam is this immorality
this is so nice we call this people ungodly infidel
unclean people I said what a wonderful people this ungodly unclean people are
they're sacrificially helping muslims we say don't touch them but not only they
are touching us they're sacrificing their time their money for us
their messages also was so powerful my friend I was teaching philosophy in Iran
and I was very much interested in Iranian poetry in Iranian poetry it
encourages you to search for God in this world I loved really to have God in my
life but for the first time I was shaped by their messages they said we belong to
the kingdom of God not Satan anymore God is mighty isn't he every Muslim knows
God is mighty can mighty God save this is a powerful question you can ask you
know people from every religious group if your God mighty why he is not able to
save you here if you call your mother and father I
need you please come and help me do they ignore you why your God is not helping
you to save you here why he is leaving you in uncertainty what kind of God is
this we are saved we are in the kingdom of God if God is with you who can be
against you powerfully stuff it worked here I loved
it but they didn't say to them I love it because they had some ideas I didn't
like them Jesus is God Muslim skulls hate this Quran hates that they believe
Quran says Christians have made a man as God for themselves Quran doesn't know
Muhammad doesn't know scholars know do not know it's not a man-made God it's
God who made himself a man this is different philosophy they said also
Jesus is the only way only Savior I said this is selfish what about others jesus
is the son of God oh my goodness this is the worst one you're the worst of
creatures you go to hell and you have to be killed they also spoke a lot about
Jews often the Bible read it Jews closeted Jews I hated use I said what is
wrong with this nice people beautiful people funny ideas I said I'm going to
help these people these people are so nice people they're
going to get my money back I have to pay back this much I can do there are often
people that's good you can criticize them they do not kill you if you
criticize them because if you criticize anybody in the Middle East you're in
problem chorim your fingers should be chopped first and then your head chapter
8 verse 10 to 13 33 36 nobody can speak about the world's own Muhammad so it has
penetrated the life of people even for normal things you cannot criticize each
other but these people you can criticize them I remember one day I went to the
pastor of the church he was an American I said to him sir I think you did a
mistake he said just one I do a lot of mistakes
said I was embarrassed I said wow I was expecting his to say something you know
you know aggressive to me and he really was an humble man he said sir thank you
so much for reminding me for telling me that could you do a favor to me it's so
hard to carry them mistakes with yourself
I just want to repent to God now and he's repented to God you know he's an
old man Iranian people respect really old people
it was so humbling to me so that's why I said I can help these people I can go to
them I said friends you're nice people but I think you're far behind but glory to Jesus they changed my life
oh my goodness you know the values of Jesus are so
powerful are so powerful you just need to be a simple follower of Jesus Christ
so simply follow him to change their life upheaval and these people would
those people there really and if your simple he comes into your life in a
mighty way works through their life you know be in in your life and he did I was
thinking to change them they changed my life and also Jesus was supernaturally
working in my life one night I had a dream there was earthquake fire
everywhere violent wind I was in my father's house exactly my father's house
so frightening houses were destroyed people did you know died I I called God
please God do not leave me alone I'm afraid please help me in that time a
light appears to me said to me I am Jesus I will help you come up from your
father's house I rushed out the house fell down I woke up I saw that was a
dream I couldn't sleep anymore it was the middle of the night for very painful
the following Sunday I went to the church I was amazed a preacher was
preaching there the title of his message was the house under rock out Jesus in
his message he said everything I had seen in my dream heard in my dream come
out from your father's house come out from your old house leaving the house
that Jesus has built for you your father's house is the old tradition you
have inherited from your forefathers it's the House of Pain it's the house of
sin is to have some hostility ignorance indifference every pain is coming from
that house come out leaving the house that Jesus has built for us the house of
absolute joy absolute peace absolute freedom Jesus like eagle soaring under
high because I saw as a light there in the high his calling
us come to me I will establish you on a higher ground this is the ground of God
Satan cannot reach there come to him do not ignore him fully amazed and shocked
I said what is this man talking but this is this was my dream in that day I
became interested to read their books they gave me in your Testament by
reading that book I was amazed I was really amazed Bible is an amazing book
not because I'm a Christian I'm saying that honestly I'm saying to you because
I've studied all other scriptures this is an amazing book it really changed
whole dimension on my life destroyed my philosophy implanted this philosophy
there I discovered from the just first pages of the gospel that God in the
Bible is the relational God jesus said the kingdom of God is in you if God is
not relational how can he come in you in philosophical language it's called
personal God I didn't know there is one God who is personal all gods are
impersonal because they are impersonal they do not have any attributes and
personality in order to relate to other people so they just stay away
that's why Mohammed didn't visit his God because he is impersonal but God here is
relational it I was amazed because gospel opened my eyes if God is
impersonal how he can create a personal being God must be personal in order to
create personal being by the way impersonal gods do not reveal themselves
if someone does not reveal himself how he is going to touch take
ape dust and breathing it and give everything you know a living your spirit
H was so powerful no gospel is not saying this directly but because I was
teaching philosophy it just was so powerful and amazing to me
Wow Wow Wow can I have God hear gospel is saying that can I be with God can I
be saved here can I get rid of the in uncertainty Muhammad died in uncertainty
Muhammad the prophet of the so-called perfect religion if religion is perfect
sir why you died in uncertainty but this tiny little community is saying to me I
am with God I am with God I was amazed doctrinally I was reading Paul's words
in Romans chapter 5 he says one man brought into this world oh this is the
yummiest part one man brought into this world whereas in all other religions
including his lung gods brought into this world
what is there a God who does not touch sin who does not create scene that was
powerful and that chapter is a powerful chapter Paul is a wonderful Vanna fact I
can say to you really daily here this man's philosophy and doctrine is so
powerful he is saying that through the scene our one man all people will craft
that Adam did sin and sin came into the life of people therefore through their
life and through the work of a righteous one all will be saved you see this is
making sense because in all other religions
there is not any righteous one to send even gods are not righteous if a God
creates seen can you call that God are you able to call that God a righteous
God no if you touch sin you live with sin you're creating you're not righteous
but this is a powerful chapter one senior made old people led them astray
one righteous has come to take them that it was powerful it really touched my
heart yeah God is holy he can save people in
other religions if they created sin you cannot save people because if there is
not any essence of sin in you how do you create sin you have created senior
unrighteous it was so powerful if you're amazed doctrinal if you're amazed
philosophically of course you'll be amazed socially politically morally – I
was really amazed that Jesus he changes in m-u in every dimension of your life
socially I discovered that I can love my wife love your wife oh my goodness you
better read the Quran about ladies to see really what kind of heartbreaking
verses are their greatest scholars like Razi subs very unfortunately many of
them are Iranian Buhari ladies are mute animal you do not love animals
possibly you Westerners do not understand you because you love your
animals do gospel says love your wife as love your
body the second wife is adultery which you just share the love with one oneness
is so important in the love of Jesus Christ and about is morality I haven't
got time to talk to you here I'm saying to you really the values of Jesus are so
powerful especially younger people you need to really learn this and amazed
people morally Muslim thinks that Muslims are the best moral example for
the world sir if you're not saved if you're not in the kingdom of God how can
you be a good example to other people I am in the kingdom of God I can't be a
good example to people I am living with God I am sharing the holiness of God I
am in the presence of God I can teach you freedom I can teach you peace I can
teach you joy you cannot sir because I am mean it
I am leaving with God that's why I'm saying that it's amazing we can amaze
people if you learn that I said I'm going to give my life to Jesus he's so
good and after that he did other amazing
things in my life you see I'm a smiling there now this is this is the pastor I said to
him sir you did a mistake a wonderful brother brought my family they joined me
in Turkey God in an amazing way changed the life of my wife I was standing in
the airport waiting for my family praising Jesus thank you Jesus my
family's going to join me I'm going to talk to my wife today on the way home
she didn't know I was Christian if you say they do not come I forgot she is not
coming with Cour I forgot she is Muslim I was just
talking to Jesus thank you I'm going to talk to her
as soon as I saw her with four three others sad people walking I said no I'm
not going to talk to her today possibly later I was afraid to talk to her
unfortunately all my you know experiences in prison came to my mind
that frightened me as a Christian you not you should not be afraid you should
not be afraid one other brothers word I wasn't
speaking many people in the West are afraid please don't do that please don't
do that fear is terrible thing anyway I was a baby in Christ I left it for lady
in the second week she said to me why you're treating me like this I was nice
to her are you changed that was a wonderful
sentence are you changed I was so excited I jumped and brought my Bible I
said I've given my life of Jesus you remember I was talking to you I said to
her she was in need when I was in Istanbul we were talking through
telephone once she asked me what are you doing I said nothing I found a friend I
couldn't say this friend is Jesus she actually made fun of me she said you're
very clever in finding friends you found one who took your money and escaped I
don't know what is this one going to the video I said this friend is Jesus I gave
my heart to him he has changed me she heard that she was terrified
unfortunately that's terrifying for a Muslim to become Christian it's
terrifying especially you're a lady whole lotta
things can happen to you but God was so good and he heard our prayers I was
praying other brothers and sister were praying we encouraged her to go to the
church meetings – ladies meeting she didn't call she made a lot of excuses I
was encouraging ladies really to invite her but they were not successful I put
fresh around the church ladies you have to have my wife in your myths they said
well she's not coming you better talk to your wife I said I can't talk to her she
is not letting me to talk after that she became dictator you know I was coming
down she was going up unfortunate last the culture someone should be dictator
unfortunately but as I mentioned to you I encourage the church ladies that tried
it again and she went to their meeting she actually went for a different
purpose she said this ladies made me sick call me come come come
I'm going to go there and find the good excuse and after that I will use
that excuse and will not go there anymore but Jesus is so clever he knows
what he's doing she went there she was amazed they were sharing each other you
know blessing one of them said the Lord spoke to me this morning
the other one said the Lord spoke to me last night she said who is this Lord
which is speaking to the ladies ladies she was amazed she said my goodness I am
called a mute animal they're a second-class citizen but God is speaking
to ladies year as she continued to go to their meetings after two and a half
months early in the morning I woke up and she woke up she said she had a dream
with Jesus what was the dream well we were several ladies walking with Jesus
in a mountainous area they all could go through a steep valley but as if I was
afraid to go Jesus called me come I said if I come I fall down I'm afraid jesus
said be not afraid take your first step she took the first step the valley was
lifted up the mountain was brought down all mountain side became level and she
walked to Jesus as soon as I heard I was amazed I jumped and brought my Bible I
said this is written in the Bible this is the message of Isaiah you read Isaiah
always speaks about that the voice of a calling man in the dead all valleys and
mountains will become level why because mighty God is walking in front of you if
he walks in front of you all valleys and mountains of your life will be flattened
I was reading the passages to her she was crying that was the morning she
opened her heart to the Lord a beautiful morning she was crying I was crying that
was the morning I poured out my heart to her and I apologized her for all the
terrible things in the name of Islam I had done to her an Coulter
that was the morning for the first time in my life I called her honey because
our Lord is honey I'm so so humble in his presence so so humble I think I can
speak to every person in the world but really when I come to his presence I
just feel so humbled because he's so sweet
he's sweeter than honey his yummy is delicious his words are powerful we need
really to leave as his words and he changed us our life and brought us and
made us one with each other they are the princesses of the Lord
Jesus Christ they are beautiful aren't they
I don't want them to close their faces I just want to see their faces look at
them and I'm sure my Heavenly Father more
than me loves to see them their beauty their are
the princesses of the Lord Jesus Christ Islam says to them you're second class
Islam Muslim scholars says to them you're animal but Jesus says you're my
princess you ladies your girls are the princesses of the Lord Jesus Christ
aren't you praise the Lord people are nodding their heads you men are the
princess of the Lord Jesus Christ that's why I'm saying to you should not be
afraid you're when you know who your father is he is mighty than everyone
else in the world you should not be afraid you should be a warrior a
courageous lady a courageous man powerful man you have to speak with the
love of Jesus Christ he never said go kill people Quran is
the same size as the gospel is its pool are killing verses but you do not find
one in the gospel go and kill why should you should be afraid someone is saying
to your love Muslims love Jews love in those love borders love everyone loved
the world why you should be afraid you're talking about the love of Jesus
Christ you have to be warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ you have to speak up
Australia needs you don't be afraid don't be afraid of losing your job be
excommunicated that's not the value of Christ that's not the we love Christ
that's not the desire of Jesus Christ he has saved you to be the light and salt
of Australia he's so good he says you you're the Sultan
and light of the world he says he's so good he always says my follower is great
because I am great you should not be afraid
one Muslim said to me sir your life is going to finish very soon I said I don't
did so how do you know that all you God I said said I believe in a God who is
sovereign God if he doesn't want me to be killed that's not you to kill me but
he will if he wants me nobody is able to hold me here
brothers and sisters friends if you're not even the follower of Jesus Christ
feel for your country you saw the values you heard the values
of Islam and you if you do not know about the values of Jesus Christ please
please as soon as possible I start to read the gospel he's so good he's so
beautiful we need to live for him and put him in the first priority he is
better than everything I have to love him more than my spouse more than my
children because if I do not love him more than my family more than my friends
then I will not be able to love my family
you know appropriately he is so good let us live for him may the Lord Jesus
Christ empower all of you touch all of your heart so that you can renew your
vow with the Lord Jesus Christ and I stand for him boldly thank you so much
for your time you

27 thoughts on “Ex Muslim Scholar now Preaching Crucified Christ…. Best Teaching Testimony (Pls SHARE)”

  1. EX-MUSLIM here and I seriously need to do my testimony this year. It's been almost 5yrs now and I NEED the whole world to hear about how Great Jesus has been to me.

  2. You apostates, you brave ex-Muslims, are the hope of the
    world.  At first Islamic authorities
    pretended you did not exist.  But as the
    trickle of you became a healthy stream and threatened to become a torrent, they
    have been forced to address you. The stream will become a torrent in the not
    too distant future.  Many of the Muslims
    I know want to, but are currently afraid to leave Islam.  After all, if you can lose your life or
    freedom and at least part of your family most of us would be afraid to act.  But even these Muslims are waiting and
    praying for an opportunity and the right circumstances to leave at the least
    cost.  You ex-Muslims embolden them and
    give them hope. 

    Totalitarian ideologies all eventually fail.  Islam will not be an exception.  Totalitarian ideologies eventually have too
    many beaches to defend, as it were, to successfully defend all of them.  When the beach gives way the defeat of that
    ideology is at hand. 


  3. We know that God who says that many are called and few are chosen is also being absolutely fair and just.

    This means that His choosing must be based upon justice otherwise it wouldn’t be fair. God is fair and just.

    It’s clear that He doesn’t call all.
    But he does call many.
    And of the many, only few are chosen.
    He would like to choose all but not all are worthy.

    There are some that He doesn’t call such as the Pharisees who jeered at Him telling Him they would believe who He said He was if He came down off His cross.

    It’s therefore probably ok to surmise that those whom God doesn’t call are the seriously wicked ones; Such as those who knew of the resurrection, because they paid off the guards to say the disciples stole the body away, while they were sleeping.

    But we who are “the called” know that to be in the category of the few who are chosen, we obviously have to be worthy.

    We know that this must mean leading lives of complete obedience to God.
    Not 75% obedience or 95% obedience but 100% obedience to God.

    What does Jesus say.
    “ if you love me keep my commandments”
    Who gave the commandments to Moses?
    God did, right?
    Who is God?
    Jesus is God.
    Therefore who gave the commandments to Moses?
    Jesus did.

    In revelations on 3 separate occasions it speaks about those who keep the commandments of God.

    One of the commandments is to keep the 7th day sabbath.
    Are you doing it?
    Do you think you should be chosen?

    Revelation 12:17 King James Version (KJV)
    17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    Revelation 14:12 King James Version (KJV)
    12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

    Revelation 22:14 King James Version (KJV)
    14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

  4. Eternal life is in the resurrected Christ, so happy and encouraging to have ex-muslim brothers and sisters.

  5. "Although God is distinct from His creation, all his creation exists within him" – what do you mean by this? What's telling you that?

  6. Dr. Daniel Shayesteh, thank you for sharing your testimony. Glory to God! May God continue to use you to bring thousands of Muslims to Jesus Christ, our Lord.

  7. Amen , My brothers and sisters in Christ , when they come to faith in the LORD Jesus Christ . Thank God for all who know him as God and Saviour . The one who died for our sins and rose again from the dead on the third day , and returned to heaven .

  8. I love listening to this man! I have listened many times. He inspires me to be so grateful for God's goodness in a whole new way. He reminds me how
    great we are in our Lord Jesus Christ!

  9. Its an amazing love story. How wonderful and mighty is our Lord Jesus Christ. Love is superior over sword. This witness stands out because it comes from the heart and not merely an intellectual debris. Its awesome and heart piercing message of everlasting love of Jesus. Praise the Lord. Amen.

  10. I believe Jesus the messenger of Allah(our creator) and he is not a god.
    Dear brother and sisters please try to learn more about islam and real Christianity.
    Only the muslims and jews believe in true creator.
    Cristians went astray and made Jesus a god.
    Christians invented trinity and went astray from the true god who is our creator and he is the Almighty allah.

  11. Jesus is the most perfect human who ever lived but he is not god or the son of God. he was a prophet of God in a long chain of prophets

  12. We have the Renaissance scientists to thank, for they were the first to make known that science contradicts the facts in the bible, whereas science confirms 100% of all the facts in the Quran which God had already revealed to mankind 1400 years ago. The Renaissance scholars who discovered it & revealed it to the Church, they were burned at the stake (their writings we're burned too), the rest went into exile to escape being killed (eg.Galileo). Protestant leader Michael Servetus Renaissance scholar of math, astronomy, human anatomy – first Westerner to map out blood circulation. Burned at the stake by John Calvin Protestant founder.

    By the miracle of God, Michael Servetus's book Restoration of Christianity (published in 1553 right before his execution, where he quoted verses from the Quran, which Calvin would use against him as proof of blasphemy) 3 original copies have been found in libraries in Vienna, Paris & Edinburgh. He wanted to reform Christianity to its original teachings. Servetus saw the doctrine of Trinity as a later invention in Christian thought which had no basis in the bible. He pointed out to the Church facts in the bible which contradicted his scientific discoveries, whereas facts stated in the Quran is confirmed by his scientific discoveries! The Quran could only have been from God. For Servetus, Islamic Christ was an echo of what he believed to be true Christianity. His execution as a Christian heresy was one of many Renaissance scholars in history.

  13. Praise JESUS CHRIST.

    Thank you for sharing JESUS CHRIST. THERE IS NO OTHER.

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