27 thoughts on “Ex-Master Mason EXPOSES The Freemasons”

  1. I would think cops don't have time to be masons. And what would a cop get out of it? Cops arrested some knights templar engendered faux policemen in LA. None of the conspiracy theories add up. 90% of cops are masons? Really? It wasn't that long ago that the masons started advertising for members because membership was lacking. Accelerated masonship became a thing because monetary resources and membership are lacking.

    Freemasons started out as a union for masons, and continues to be a sort of a union. I don't know that much about it, but Soloman was a demon summenor. That part could fit in with being open to various religions. Most demons are gods from other religions demonized by christianity. The occult can be seen as respectful to the worlds' various spiritual ideas.

  2. I knew a lot of what he said but never heard a former mason he is a brave man. We need to pray for his protection. In his love amen

  3. The truth will always reveals itself. The symbols/subliminals etc are plastered in our faces everywhere..we need to wake up and research and question everything

  4. "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that–and shudder." -James 2:19… I respect your channel and not coming in here out of anything but love! But it's not about just enough to believe in "a" god, but we MUST to believe in The True and Living God! Be blessed

  5. That was interesting. My uncle is a freemason
    He don't don't tell us nothing. Thank you for the truth. I love jesus Christ

  6. Let me explain if this guy says that they r the devil or evil this is bull he just didn't like the truth that he found out !!!

  7. This is why YouTube is watered down now, 12 years ago it was lit with the real information… But now they just got corny s#!t on here now

  8. This is bullshit bro. I'm a freemason and it's funny to hear people talking so much crap. We are pretty simple people, same as everyone else. Check out the blue lounge social club podcast to hear about what actual freemasons talk about.

  9. I pissed off a Mason Judge in court not even knowing at the time she was evolved in Masonry until I did my research later. This Judge ended up contacting "brothers" within the FBI and the FBI very magically turned me into a FELON with multiple felony convictions!!!!! Believe this video people….the Masons are a very real and EVIL satanic cult…PERIOD!!!!!!

  10. Fellow brethren. This guy said the worshipful master in the east west AND south 😂. I think he dont know anything but what he read online. To people who really dont know all freemasonry is is a worldwide fraternity. Just like college frats.

  11. There’s nothing “higher” in Freemasonry than a Master Mason. I can’t take this “ex-Mason” seriously.

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