Everything Master P Said On "Dish Nation" & "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show"

gentlemen welcome to dish nation is the man the myth the legend and he has a brand new movie out right now cuz I got the hook-up to make some noise one shot for master buddy you know what sometime you gotta know when you get it together you gotta take your time and do it right now I hear that and like and that works for twofold it's been a ministers you've been through but yeah I was doing my Google's like the original I got the hook-up came up in 1998 here we are in 2019 I got the hook-up – and the trailer look crazy he got given everybody battery buddies like the Harlem Nights at 2019 I got everybody in the movie a decent young slide went crazy in the movie he's a store Gary Johnson in the movie Michael Blackson John Witherspoon tiny Lester you got a friend of dish nation Jessel arias just hilarious I mean she's funny we don't even you know have to talk about that she did a thing Uncle Willie from Atlanta Terry miles he did his thing in this film there's just so many great talents in this movie so I feel like it's time for us to actually have an independent company and be able to compete because we only own 5% of the production we talked about making Hollywood films as african-americans and Latinos and I me and we look to guys like you to kind of show us the way and like you look at the late 90s I mean use dropping them you know back to back and then all of a sudden it kind of like went quiet on the film front yeah you got into other endeavors yeah what was switched up to where yous like okay maybe not so much movies right now let me do this other thing well you know I had so many other projects going on to where it was hard to get in to the the movie industry like really be able to take over they give the budgets to who they want to so by me I've been doing everything on my own so I said you know what let me build up this product is build up some bread do it on my own and here we are now like to take over the movie industry is gonna be movies movies movies like we did music I feel like it's a it's a space for us we talk about diversity we need to be in there we need to be able to after this type of movies to be able to make some of those spider-man type of movies in absolutely those type of budges of black panthers like cuz you look at black panther you see this and the screen but behind this thing we don't Oh none of that true I feel like this is why this movie is a movement we own as men Troma your finance this movie ourselves and I feel like when we start looking at it the behind the scenes we don't realize that we're not a part of it and so how can we put money back into the community that movie made billions of dollars yeah but none of that money came back to us right and because we don't own it and speaking of movies on master p.m. now you did the premiere yeah in essence yup in New Orleans in the oil and and they said you ran into Tyler Perry yes I did how was that it wasn't cool because I thought that Tyler Perry would be happy and excited for me I'm another black man I'm we both we both from the same neighborhood I just didn't feel that like I was ready to this man this my homeboy I'm proud of you my blood but it was like it was cold any white woman do you see that that was said prior to your interaction that would make him react a certain way towards you it was just maybe maybe I know that in an interview I said that I would never put a dress on and make no money you know so but I didn't you know I was expecting you not got to hook up to this is a classic this one of the biggest films for our culture and I'm doing it on my own I paying for it myself but I was expecting from him to be you know we bought everything he preached all the time so you know that's what I'm saying like we gotta stop that it's like either be real with each I don't do that you know so if I see somebody I'm embracing because it's another black man that's doing something this are you saying it's hard for us to get out here and do this so you know like you say you preach all that stuff but do you really live it and you would be crazy to think that at some point or another even look at your blueprint at one point remember tell yourself no but they say that behind the scenes they don't say that in front of the cameras have you ever heard them say that in front of you know that's how they do artists when you first come out that's how these new artists it's damn great tribute to the ones that came before now Anna be honest which I've always celebrated the people that came before I even celebrate Tyler Perry yeah I think he's incredible or what he do but I was just thinking like for me we did the premiere in New Orleans we shut the city down just cold it was like you know me I keep it 100 yeah but it do be underwhelming do the other one when you feel like oh this is a lied about how you hook up to you know you could brag about it you talk about you know it's a classic I just thought my homeboy was gonna be able to all the cameras on us look man thanks y'all go see this bracelet master p.m. they pay for this do you know blah blah blah but you know that's thank you say everybody got their own thing ain't mad at him hey I still got love for him cuz I when I see another black man doing something that's positive you know I respect it but I just didn't expect it yeah that's like I mean you've seen each other I can't even say you I man PN see you in a while you you know I'm saying so you kind of like you could go talking about old times enough but it was like let me get out here run and go now right homey cool said I guess what I'm gonna do it anyway right you know what cuz I got going I got the man up above and and you've been doing it then doing it but guess what though when you're doing things right you don't you don't need that praise from nobody the fans y'all go out see this movie y'all know that will put money back into the community you know I mean it's not black panting we don't own that we own I've been 21 years in the community giving back to the you our program is helping underprivileged kids in the community know the importance of education because education changed and saved my life so I'm I'm committed to doing that you know that's what my life is about the more I make the marking gear well let's talk about that for a second cuz a lot of times you know people don't really give you your flowers until you dead like we won't hear about all your flu philanthropic efforts right until you're long gone but you're not caring about nothing I do I tell people when you when you do that you do it from your heart you do it because that's what you love to do it you know but I think it's important though that we big people up who actively like the world know live see was always great yeah but you heard about it more after he passed away and like you know it you know in the universe it was my homeboy I told him a lot you know what I'm saying I told him a lot like even when he was alive you know we talked about his album the album came out two years ago so just to get it let people know his concern was when he first put that record out two years ago and only sold 52,000 copies so he know it was a great body of work but nobody paid attention to it so it kind of like had him and even when he passed he don't know how great this record is now two years later he's mil Albert a year on Beatty yeah his funeral at the Staples Center you know what I'm saying the year before nobody really knew who he was he got into it with the Galka the godlike was disrespect him he was oh the pre-show at the Beatty Awards last year yep and now he's nominated for this stuff which I feel like he should have got that why he was here right that's what we saying that's what we got to let the world know what you do know it's crazy though to be honest which I ain't gonna lie to y'all is crazy they wait til something happen to somebody that's why we gotta work on them not doing yeah I mean so we have right now there's a bottle of water toward you for everything you've done in with this i'ma say it's a vegan print we don't want PETA on your neck no let me tell y'all something this is leopard print so this is high-end fashion at its best you know thank you all for applaud me and giving me this man I'm you know bro you bought us to the record stores week after week with no limit was dropping them dumb albums with the ill with the ill covers also no one was bridging comedy and hip-hop gather like you in Russell Simmons yes at that time and there's a lot of comedians we know now because of the things y'all did so salute on that as well yeah and I appreciate it man like for me I'm a humble person so like I don't care nothing but I just don't I just don't like that fake stuff I'm saying so nah man I thought this generation I'm here to help the ones that wanna help and I tell people all the time you know it's not about loyalty because everybody in the hood talk about Lords is about commitment you have to be committed to something like when you talk about making movies for African Americans and Latinos you know I'm committed to open that door kick that door down because I gotta realize you know we're an AMC right now with this movie but it was so hard to get in there when like you're saying you could call your homeboy whatever and y'all come we could put our hands together and go do this we next nobody for no money we put our own braids up so it's like I don't understand where the hate come from so let's go deeper why do you think it's so hard for somebody like yourself who was established yeah who has done this before why is it so hard for you to get within the infrastructure of like the AMC ES and the Regals and all that stuff well you know they afraid because I'm spending my own money think about the money you're gonna make off of this if it's done right so I'm not afraid to take the risk and invest a lot of people don't there's a lot of actors that make twenty million a movie you think they could put five or ten million in their own project but they don't you know they want to be pampered I don't want to be pampered I want to be able to feed my people so that's why I do this you know I kind of like take that approach that Mohammed Ali we can't we can't take this with us so I just love being able to give my people opportunity jobs we have 126 speaking roles in this movie so we're up for the Guinness Book of World Records for the most speaking roles in the film so now you do have a not when I was going to be called the tennis shoes that we were poor but y'all Carlos sneakers yes so now you have a sneaker yes my yardage mo anyway atti common yahoo.com is high in fashion just like Gucci a facade but it's like every pair we sell go back to help inner-city kids for education so that's what's different about it but it's also high fashion I mean if we can support Nike and all those other coming why we can't support us man you know so my thing I'm challenging a lot of entertainers and actors and saying you know what if it's fly this way put it on and it's for a good cause but let me take it to the light yeah and I'm not a tennis shoe person but I would like a pattern yo he literally had that shirt on yesterday he had the shirt to go with this make sure you give them so week okay so go to my yahoo.com that's mo n ey atti com if what yes now we know about the bullet you know the business aspect so that's appealing what you do we know about the movie I got the hook-up in theaters now parts ooh yeah oh your friends like who does Master P hang out with man I hang out with the same people I've been around my whole life and my kids you know my kids are not my friends but I love being around them I got two boys that play basketball I'm a coach so when I'm not doing this y'all let C be in Atlanta we just oh my god I got a seventh grade and I have a tenth grader and they they they work hard what you think about the recent trades in basketball it's crazy who gonna win who going down I don't even know now I mean look like every worker while indigo they're gonna win okay so I mean that guy work hard you know other stuff curry ya know what I like about him he's doing what he got to do he's not letting nobody dictate him you thought that he probably stay in Toronto cuz of Drake in the man let me go get my bread right I like the way this guy think out of the box and doing what's right for him and his family so that's what it's about right now like you notably fought very hard for your children yeah and a lot of times there's a lot of fathers out there who or like you know going through things with the significant other yeah and they probably should have custody of their children you say to those guys who feel like there's no shot in hell that I can get custody of my kids man put it in Goa's hand put it in goes in and keep doing the right thing because as a man when you go into the courtroom they don't even want to hear what you got to say you don't now is crazy that they don't even want to hear what the kids got to say if they're not over 18 so you it's a it's a tough roll you just gotta put it in God's hand and the truth will prevail and that's what happened for me you know I've been raising my kids and I had to do what I had to do as a man but I also had to build a friendship with my ex at the same time so you know you got to get over all other stuff and just be like you know what let's just work this out for our family and do what's right and that that's what I decided to do and you haven't remarried since then correct no Romeo just say he can't even bring too many girls you know what I'm more focused on my kids and what I gotta do for my family right now so all the other stuff are happening it'll come but you know like I was telling wrong the other day like I'm really not wit if you with a female and then she didn't showed all the goodies on social media like that for me I'm old school so that right there that's a red flag yeah it's like good for at night but like you like I can't I don't know that's just me and and the Millennials they like it they all go over she been with him him him and they take a home and Ameri but I'm different strokes for different folks but right you know I'll be like you got to cover that thing up that you're supposed to be for me if it's with me you don't you would never go in a bachelor nah I don't need to do that man I got one it's all about where I meet a woman that – so what are you like where does a guy like Master P go to meet women I better meet in a library or somewhere somewhere cool ever since back in the day different well you know you not expect me like I'm looking for you – you know what I'm saying like you just help me time in the produce department [Laughter] just let me at the praline connection cool up you brother see murder we're still hoping for a speedy release on him what's the latest on his situation man you know we was thinking that was all about to happen and then when you get caught up in that system here innocent man fighting for its freedom and we just praying man we praying that something is gonna turn around with all the things that's going on right now I feel like you know we just got to keep that trust and faith in God and something gonna turn around you know I tell any kid out there you got to think about whatever you're doing you know you got to think about when God give you opportunity to change change you know some people just keep it to real keep it real with the streets ain't no keeping that magnificent you can't keep it real with the streets no more because you'll get gunned down than your own hood nothing nothing for trying to take care y'all they took the plug up you know what I'm saying so you know my thing is I want about keeping it real with these kids and the elderly when I go to the hood all the rest of this stuff you know it don't make sense you don't I'm saying because it's too much hate out here you ain't worth losing your life yeah yeah well you know you do your thing you never forget where you came from but you got to have a cause and a purpose now you know and and you know God is real but the devil is real – don't let him use you at all no windshield ahead with master P right now who probably stands about what six foot five yeah yes six foot five see you oversee a lot of things looking at the game right there's a lot of people going through legal situations I don't know if you heard about what a sat Rocky's going through right now which we should take on that man you know what when you go in these other countries you just got a some time you got a bite your tongue that's what I'm saying because they really don't like you know I come from you know I'm saying think about it's like somebody come over here and do so it might be you defending yourself or whatever you got to know your celebrity they're gonna make it more he's like like my brother my brother in prison because he's a celebrity they had to get something to make a story out of it and y'all weak we living in a time where the social media it's gonna publicize everything and so if he was a regular guy that happened they pried it would pat him on the wrist told him to keep cuz the guy was bothering him it was so but now you gotta realize do I make this decision do I just just leave and make it back to the states and do what I gotta do so now this this is gonna teach us a valuable lesson like when you out in those other countries just be obedient just stay out the way out the way we praying for him man but it's a sad situation because we know you know every cause you know with a thick of action gonna get a reaction you know and I think that was just one that you know sometimes I say a good run be the best thing absolutely yeah there's another guy who you know I personally feel like I beat him up a lot on this show but is we're tough love and it was somebody who try to save as well Kodak black yeah hey you know and I know y'all was like about to have a business relationship up saying I did he's been locked up for quite some time have y'all talked since he's been across the right now because think about it what I was trying to show him realities and kicked in yeah you know in is like some time like you know you might have a parent that was like look I'm telling you don't ya go over there you go in it right now what I was trying to tell him these lawyers are not doing this for free then he just posted up a post saying the lawyer sucking all this money out like now he get it maybe the time he didn't spit in there he started realizing this is not for free they all get money taking money off him and that's what I was saying you sometimes you have to order those people a lot of these guys don't want to order it because they get comfortable with these guys and I was saying if I do a deal if you're giving this guy 20% of a deal if I do a deal and I only want 10 or 50 percent I go I go give get some money for you let me get my cut exact yours business that's right exactly so but guess what dope and then when we get in trouble when you go back now you're looking for us that's right cuz then they don't that you're not valuable to them no that's right so you know we've definitely praying for him man and I hope that when he get out this time that he could see that he need to take care of business personally you know instead of letting these people because y'all know these record come to get you a lot advance chicks preach so not a they paying for rappers to get out of jail until they can't get you out no more and then they done with you I figured out what he got out the first you got out of jail to the record Bruno Mars I'm like dude you out of here right now like all other people look they keep getting you in trouble and move up you know what that's hard to do for some people man they get caught up in that old homeboys and exactly yeah they're keeping it real they're in this like with it were those people that when you down yeah and I'm gonna tell y'all some about for these lawyers y'all realize you control the lawyer you the boss stop letting the lawyers control you telling you what to do they work for you so you could tell them what to do no I don't want to do that sir I don't want to do that why you doing cuz sir I don't want to that's it ain't no lawyer you're gonna tell me what to do they work for me yeah you payin you paying them you are paying it but in some circumstances they're smarter and more knowledgeable in their area so they or they are but at the same time you have the action when you sign this let me tell you what this about so this is your final decision do you want to do this right so you can say well how much this gonna cost me write this thing about it sometimes you might go work some out with somebody that'll cost you cheaper didn't with the lawyer the lawyer just running up in number how much they make so they doing it for to get day money one phone call five hundred yeah don't ask them to email I'm doing I got to hook up to I'm bringing light to that so all these things that we go through that's funny but it's serious right because it's real life you look at the gentrification we don't know that oh we go sell our house to these guys two dollars and they come back and make a hundred dollars office that's right I know you've seen it right now New Orleans Oh in a minute I saw so many new buildings without then I'm like whoa whoa whoa away you've been in real estate since back in the day yes and now and I tell anybody that's in entertainment or at delete you know like you know what learn your economics learn your business don't signing your own checks you go get a financial adviser look all these guys getting robbed by these financial adviser they go no you know that you say you depending on the lawyer you have to depending on a financial person to take care of your money because all you want to do is be a entertainer and then when they get real you worry about oh I'm crying and there's no don't cry you allow these people to take care your business cuz you had no time but you don't learn that in the beginning I play professional basketball it took two hours out of my day every day so what's you're doing with the other twenty two hours everybody got 24 hours mm-hmm so if you just want to run around and act like you so important you so big-time into where it takes you 23 hours to play basketball oh you're doing music like come on you got to invest some time into your business if you want to be successful if you want that staying power right because everybody make it in and fall off you know what I'm saying the system is set to look for the next one it's like we're talking about in sports right now all these players are getting traded and you know they got guys that gave up millions of dollars 10 20 million hours ago try to win a championship so what happened when you don't win it they gonna give that money you you you you do take a low pay cut cuz they telling you we're gonna win the championship once you take a low-paid cookers imma bring in such and such and such a suck and then when you don't win then what happens you don't get that money back on and then when you need that money they trade you know staying in the basketball bag for two seconds everybody knows you played professionally for a couple years yes between the rat fans and the basketball fans who are the thirstiest as it relates to the women the women man oh they got gold diggers on both sides man but it's sad on the basketball side because they show how much you make in the newspaper you going I'm saying so you bring out a higher caliber yeah because think about it in the stands you got thousands of fans in the stand and they they're all the time every game they know you there so at least with a rapper you might have a concert once a month or whatever but you got imagine all through that week they got a chance to get at you enough I remember when I'm telling you when I played I gonna say no names but I play they had when be a when I say the NBA so we in the family room in the back they had one girl had a baby for three players on my team shut up and I'm like dude he's not gonna hit a little talk in the background I'm like I'm like you know in the ones who who his girl was now and then the other two got the babies but they in the back with the family so it was like I'm like man that's crazy it like y'all actually live huh right get all three of y'all McKenzie Basel basketball I guess she played right [Laughter] so got the 303 basketball you pop it off right now B that you used to play ball professionally would you consider doing that you know what I would but y'all know I got to go with mixed-gender Lee where I mixed the WNBA and the NBA players so that's that's blowing up now like I'm really into taking that to the next level with equal pay for women that's what certain I feel like you know [Laughter] women taking over right now I'm just being honest with you I look at even in the music industry I'm more about two women because they ain't beefing they're getting their money they doing what they got to do and I love it I mean I definitely Lulu so if this is like wildly successful which damn everything you touch then do we go deeper do we do like mixed-gender martial arts you know what this is opening the doors I feel like it's gonna open the doors for Olympic team because now we go into Cuba and then we go into China I have some of the best you know female players in the NBA that that plays on my players in my league so I just feel like these women should get they just do cuz I even had like a three-point contest that don't cut just like these women don't the women won the three per contest against the NBA players mm-hmm so like that was crazy to me like to knowing how where they could shoot the ball now you play 2 Chainz raps about playing old-time we've gotta see in college footage yeah just to make it weird if it was a one-on-one full court basketball game between you two who would win you know I like to change right but you know I learned how to play basketball from playing football so I started out playing football so I always you know it was tough like hitting people and it's gonna be hard to get to the basket on me I mean I don't play it against some of the top players in the NBA so you know I mean so chance can play I seen him like he really can't play your position was what I was playing the part shooting going okay Jane what was changed anybody's you were playing again so I'm late again sandy Mason like that's how he was a monster yes when I first got to Charlotte you know before we came down here and play that landing like I in practice he was a tough dude so nobody could touch it he was 610 200 and prays with me I think you know me being from New Orleans you know I like I like cooking I just opened this restaurant called big Papa's and we got the best New Orleans burgers you know you well but when you come to New Orleans come to big papa BAM you know go to big Papa's burgers calm and come check us out like I'm into making sure that we have good food out there yo cuz like I was trying to be eat something after midnight my options look up big papa we just came back I wouldn't known that I went tomorrow's morals was good though I wish I tell me somebody told me after the fact but you should've with the with the maze where's the wizard spot was big Papa's Enzo is in our hands so is it's right there from the downtown you got you could get it so but the thing is I gotta realize this business is a trillion dollar business you know we barely own that you know it's always we working for some restaurant run or something like that so it's like it's time for us to take control of that too because I feel like if we own things in the community then we own a community because a lot of people say oh this my hood this yo hood but you know oh nothing there so you just representing something that you know nothing about you ever thought about putting one in there boy because that's the best way to spread the brand around people doing that layover just passing through like I just join it was good yeah no we definitely own that okay yeah okay small man over so listen I got the hook-up – yes movies out right now yeah I know the soundtrack got to be crazy cuz that's what we do over here soundtrack is crazy the first single with me and Jesus called gone the soundtrack chance the rapper yep Nipsey Hussle yes young-dal Fetty WAP Soulja Boy 8:40 he's going crazy Santa Barry 2019 right now I even have this girl group dance called OS OS and I haven't heard that like that in a while now put them on the soundtrack I say y'all bangin eight then I said what is OS OS is it on some other I'm like okay yeah y'all good from the bay and from Louisville okay I haven't heard something like that in the wild and this one of those records I say you know what we mixing the old and the new together so this this soundtrack is definitely definitely dope you know me and Jesus that record going it's crazy it's gonna be a cold summer ice cream man and a snowman world premiere right now it's called going master p & gz cool so coming out of it will price be like three more minutes and you'll be good to go brother all right ladies right there for master P Young Jeezy's called going so now I got to hook up our two soundtracks and you got a verse on there from Nipsey Hussle as well yeah man is like oh man I look at this God Nipsey Hussle what is life than did for people they brought so many people together cross hoods all across the world and like I said man this man should have been praised while he was here he should have got all those awards and accolades why he was here but I think that God has a bigger plan and uh you know I definitely definitely praying for his family and it's a guy that's gone too soon this guy should have been he'll with everything we should have preserved you know what I'm saying so no lobby was talking about keeping it real if you listening to us and you and the hood keep it real and preserve the people in your community that's really helping the community back in the days we'd be like oh man this dude taking care of kids make sure he's straight you know like we need to do that fire people you know and I just think that's what we're gonna go at to where we go change all this negativity in our communities with us we have to fight for us and like I got to hook up – this is about us our culture we need to support this because we'll be able to put money back into our communities which we know we gotta sit around and wait for somebody else to come to our community we can't do it if we're not making money yeah so like this is a good way to open up those doors and avenues for filmmakers all across the world saying you don't have to go sell your rights to these big companies with all the technology you have right now we can do this on our own so we recognize what you put into the game and when you go into the lobby we're gonna bubble-wrap you okay we want to play game we want to go in I throw back back real quick cause game is cool Oh like we wanna ask you would you do something or not now you ain't gonna do that now master P would you jump out of an airplane or go skydiving ooh huh that's a white person both of those 50th birthday Oh congratulations the wheel sound like something will do man all right so there's a show right now is wildly popular it's called naked and afraid people go in the jungle for like twenty one days they out there in the woods naked they got to survive five million dollars would you do it uh or not nah nah nah why would I run through the jungle naked for five million dollars that makes no sense okay okay I go vegan for seven years Oh nanana seven years seven years I could try oh okay go so you try getting your health way that's your Instagram like okay look asleep right you know there's a you know ten million dollars on the line charities for the kids P alright somebody wants you to box with Mike Tyson oh dude as you crazy you know man Mike Tyson was friends I wouldn't buy something Mike Tyson right now he's a different guy no no you won't get hit by Mike Tyson yeah I saw a video of him just showing somebody like some techniques like the dudes 50 plus yeah you got it hey mr. B yeah well yo listen one thing we ain't gonna miss is your new movie I got the hook-up part to me like I'm glad we made it to this point to where we could get a sequel the things that we love so much thank you guys thank you guys for having me and what's after that you know what it is get the bag which is gonna be like a heist movie female movie so I'm gonna come how that you wait for that that's right uh please man yachties and classic music man that may right there's mass the hook up to in theaters now

38 thoughts on “Everything Master P Said On "Dish Nation" & "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show"”

  1. Da Brat looking good as hell. I supported the movie and paid to see it on youtube. Glad to support black owned business.

  2. Tyler Perry worth over 600 million. Master P worth 200 mill since his divorce. I put up networths to show you something. Tyler perry's whole format was acting, plays, and movies. Why the fuck would he support a nigga who just throws some shit together and call it art?Get off P dick with all that black community shit. He dont mean money going back to the black community he means "him". Look at the people from the 90s who came up under him. Name 5 of them who are rich and still doing it…none…fuck P

  3. P always give you the game and definitely giving it to us black people but you got to wanna learn $alute P

  4. i Love P but just like gukki, loui & the other "High End" Fashion Sneakers them Shits UGLY!! Make'em Look Good P!!!

  5. Typical 🏠 negro… Who cares about Latinos… U think they on local TV shows talking bout every interview us Latinos and blacks…. Uh no u rich 🀑. Drop the damn latino crap

  6. Folk need to stop believing that folk won't set them up to take all their money, then they blackball you and you won't make nearly as much as you once made!

  7. Master P full of crap, He only out for himself, He knows all his money riding on the success of this movie, I heard this movie is a flop, The problem is that he will succeed if he catered to all nationalities, I think he's shooting himself in the foot because blacks don't generate enough revenue thru the economy, all our money goes to the weed man and liquor stores

  8. P got the blueprint. I listen to his interviews trying to get gems from him. Kodak messes up, he should have listened.

  9. Dude started off the interview with "This is the new Harlem Nights" smh bruh thats already bullshit. you naming movies like Spiderman but making shit with AJ johnson and DC Youngfly and Tiny Zeus. All that I got the Hookup, Soul plane and first Sunday type movies is bullshit. you got 28 niggas in the shit are they really making bread? Then said we didnt get anything from Black Panther. bruh i go see a movie because its dope not because a black or white dude made it. long as you keep calling AJ to be in movies theyll continue to be bullshit

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