Every lesson shapes a life

come on in a pink convenience you're hungry there she is come with me to five well done thought about trying it like this how do you think it's amazing that sort of Van Gogh hmm how would you define identity who you are creating a piece of work that represents you I want to say you to air again you're better than this the pair of you it's gonna be a challenge okay but you can do this tomorrow you're not gonna be feeling this way besides school would be a complete change an entire separation from gates really it can I stop you there well-read bit of a tough year last year totally different this year I think our confidence is growing you must remain silent at all times you have any issues please raise your hands you may begin settling down we make sure we've got the date written to Mystics that make us who we are feeling well like sell it out together well my spirit was me today a timeless this is going to be challenging you can achieve whatever you want to in life you need me you can come and talk to me teaching every lesson shapes our life search get into teaching

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