44 thoughts on “Every kid needs a champion | Rita Pierson”

  1. Every time teaching gets tough for me i watch and think i CAN do this.
    Having so many kids cry because they were saying goodbye to me (and friends) makes this year's bs worth it.

  2. Teaching has taught me that politics will always win over kids education, and kids grades will always magically change to make admin look good. I was just a body in a class full of kids that know it does not matter what they do. They will still pass.

    I will add to the turn over rate of teachers this summer, and I will not look back.

    Please to anyone thinking about becoming a teacher, volunteer at different schools or become a sub and move around to each school like I did before becoming a teacher. Know what you are getting into because not everyone can get out like I did and make it. The last thing you want to be is trapped in teaching. Omg I have seen people go crazy.

  3. mam you are fabulous…. spectacular… just amazing …and i love you….. your spirit.. .. you are just awsome..

  4. "Minus 18 sucks all the life out of you, but plus two says, 'I ain't all bad!'". I love this positive message!

  5. You know i had a teacher in middle school who showed us this video and when she said kids dont learn from people they dont like i face palmed because i hated her and throughout the year she wondered why i didn't learn.😒😒😒

  6. I’m currently in college studying to become an educator and watch this video often to recharge me and not lose sight of what I’m trying to achieve. Rest In Peace Ms. Rita.

  7. I wish she could be my teacher and I hope I become one like her too !! To be humorous and encouraging students. This made me want to be an educator bring her wonderful attitude and her amazing American accent!! (This is probably the most I ever written for a comment)

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  9. I Will Champion everyone of those children my friend, that is why I Have Elliott Bay. Daniel H Elliott, at your service.

  10. Thank you for speaking this truth and for motivating me to continue on this path and be better for our students.

  11. Such a powerful and inspiring TedTalk and a very sad one finding out this amazing woman in this video passed in 2013. Like her mother did, she also left a legacy especially with this empowering TedTalk that the world is blessed to watch every single day! Thank you Mrs. Rita Pierson ✊

  12. Aman😌.I may be a little 9 year old girl but i am mighty and strong also smart.But like i said"amen"

  13. This make me cry, thank you for your inspiring word Teacher. I will definately use those words a motivation to teach the students better.

  14. I'm an educator myself and I studied in Catholic schools from first grade through high school. We were frightened of our teachers (nuns) because they yelled at us, hit us and made us feel less than nothing. I overcame a lot of my insecurities myself because I have a very strong personality but I wonder how many of our lives were negatively affected by those "teaching methods". Those teachers were not at all concerned about winning us over or developing any sort of positive relationship. After all is said and done, I wish I had had a teacher like Ms. Pearson.

  15. التعليم ماشي مهنه وصافي، التعليم اكتر من هادشي. المعلم خصو يبني علاقه انسانيه قويه مابينو ومابين التلميد. بلا هاد العلاقه الانسانيه هاد المهنه كاتولي خاليه من الجوهر ديالها

  16. Being a teacher in a poor area with a few students attend school, and help few of them happy in life. You dont have to spend more time or money learning a certificate.
    Or spend about 2 years and much more money finishing a certificate, then work in a professional environment who can reach more students, more educators.
    What will you choose?
    Mrs. Pierson is my champion and I desire to become a teacher like her!

  17. Love your energy. I am a teacher too and you inspire me not to give up on anyone, and that is what I do. But, God, sometimes I really feel like it is a really heavy load to drag some of them, but I don't give up, because I want them, one day, to make the difference, too.

  18. I wish all teachers would watch this video. this video is very inspiring and funny, even as a high schooler I loved this video. I feel like if teachers watched this video it would help them understand their students better and be able to connect and have a relationship with them

  19. First saw this TED talk about 5 years ago when i started as a Teacher Aide. It inspired me then, and now – 5 years on, as I am about to commence my teaching degree – it inspires me even more!

  20. Sometimes we don’t see what the cause and effects are, and allow our ideology to make a connection. I think her mother cared deeply about the kids and I think she does. I’ve seen kids respond to that. Encouraging the successes and setting a goal of better has been shown to work. Lying and “acting”. I think kids see through. Being honest and apologising logically breeds trust.
    I found this a strange mix of attributing effects to causes, but not based on logic.

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