27 thoughts on “European Travel Skills with Rick Steves”

  1. I'm from the UK, and I certainly wouldn't want to try to manage without my chip and pin debit (current account) card. I can't see how it's practical to travel (or reside) without one anywhere in Europe incl. Turkey.

    In the UK "contactless" has now become the preferred option – to the extent that I had to specifically request a "non-contactless" card when replacing mine recently The banks now send out the newer style cards by default – although they also work as chip and pin.

    Preloaded cards maybe an option for US citizens. It's worth taking a look: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/credit-cards/prepaid-travel-cards/#qa

    This guy is definitely the real deal when it comes to travel advice – well worth listening to what he has to say.

  2. Thank you sir for sharing this to us, Rome is such beautiful place , italy is such nice place to visit. Great video see you I subscribed and like your channel

  3. I love your videos, but you've got it wrong about adapters. I burned my hair off with a curling iron my first morning in France by thinking I could use just a plug adapter instead of a voltage adapter.

  4. hi rick! you should tell your audiences about the eurail train ticket for europe! it's a really great deal 🙂

  5. Guess I'm one of those crowds from an "emerging economy" that Rick assumes has a low level of sophistication when visiting Europe. However, I often find myself enjoying the local cultures (being able to learn foreign languages fast helps), traveling to the more remote locations in Europe and immersing myself in what Europe has to offer.

  6. Love you Rick! your travel advise saves us from getting duped and travel in a safe and frugal way just like a well-wisher would advise. Thanks very much. I love your app as well 🙂

  7. I had the nice honour of meeting Rick Steves twice in another tourist city (San Francisco) no, not in Europe proper, and used to watch his programmes on PBS until I decided to quit watching American TV altogether in general. He really KNOWS his stuff! Actually I am from Europe, Switzerland living in the City by the Bay for the moment. I have even suggested to many tourists to who I have encountered here of nice interesting places off the beaten path as an alternative to visit, to visit that are cheap and even free! A walk under the Golden Gate Bridge at the old Spanish Fort as well of course walking across the bridge as well. The observation tower at M H DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park is also free (44 m high) and worth it.

  8. My wife and I are traveling to Italy next month and we are renting a car for about half of our trip. Are there a lot of gas stations on the main freeway there? I only ask because on our honeymoon in Belize, we also rented a car for half of our honeymoon, and we ran out of gas there even though I suggested should we fill up when we saw the only gas station during our odyssey 🙂

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