European Travel Skills: Trip Planning

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  1. I have over 30000 readers of my reviews on tripadvisor and quite frankly I could give two shites about it. That said I have been a huge fan of RS 15 years before tripadvisor existed. If you want a forum with Faqs on little known need to know tips responded to by "locals" within in the last week on 85% of popular destinations you will be Sol on tripadvisor.

  2. Tripadvisor hotel/lodging reviews are great. NOWHERE else can I find information with regards to availability of an elevator, noise from outside a hotel, whether a taxi can bring you to the hotel entrance etc.

  3. I planed around how much time I had, and rail routes. I got a three day eurail pass, then I found three cities separated by a day trip on a rail. I planed how many days I wanted in each city plus the time for the train travel itself. I then reserved the trains that needed reservations and proceeded to get Airbnb's near the train stations in those areas.In this way I spent 12 days in Europe and flew into Amsterdam, went to Berlin, then Warsaw, and then Slovenia and flew out of there. With a couple of small hiccups, this plan worked real well and I had a great time. By doing all of this in advance and paying for it all, I was left with just sight-seeing and eating! I suggest getting a Euro-sim for your unlocked phone with lots of data for Google maps.Just do it, go to Europe and give yourself time to do stuff. Don't make that schedule too tight!

  4. Be warned about the cruise ships…
    If their itinerary says they depart at 3:54pm then they depart at 3:54pm AND YOU HAD BETTER BE ON BOARD!!!
    They will NOT wait for you.
    If you arrive at 3:55pm they are gone… & you now have find your way to the next port of call at ruinous last minute travel rates…
    MUCH safer to be aiming to return to the ship at 2:54 [in this example].

  5. Used Rick's tip for buying a ticket for the Colosseum in Rome: Went to Palatine Hill and bought the 2-for ticket (no line, just like Rick said!). Decided to take the time to see Palatine Hill/The Forum right then and there and thoroughly enjoyed it. Returned the next morning to the Colosseum and went straight to the entrance–no waiting. Best tip EVER!!! FYI-the 2-for ticket has to be used in 2 consecutive days. We also went to Rome in early April. Not a lot of crowds and the weather was pleasant. As usual, Rick is right!! (Thanks Rick!)

  6. I have written over 50 reviews on TripAdvisor and no one has paid or given me anything. I'm sure there are many people on there with valuable advice that hasn't received anything. I don't share the same view as Rick.

  7. Free walking tours are usually excellent and share the story of the city 🌺. Rough guides are a great source of information, I download them to my iPad.

  8. I am currently trying to plan what will be my only trip to Europe. I say this because I am not wealthy, I am 64 years old and my health is not great. I have wanted to go to Europe my entire life and for many reasons, I always put if off. Not this time. I am planning on going in September as my daughter will be able to accompany me then. I have watched all the videos, read all the books and frankly, it is all starting to seem too hard and confusing. I looked into taking an organized tour in Italy which is the country that for me seems most challenging. I love the outline of Rick's three city tour of Italy but my problem is the physical demands as outlined in the tour. I appreciate that they have rated the days as regards to degree of difficulty but I am wondering if anyone knows whether there is an option to not walk all the way up the hill if your health does not allow? The tours seem to be pretty jam packed and I am sure that really healthy young people enjoy that but as an older person with health problems it is problematic. If any one has any suggestions of other tours to take that might work for me then I appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

  9. Trip planning is just as fun as the trip itself. Its like a big jigsaw puzzle and extremely satisfying to complete.

  10. Great sales pitch – and I mean that in the kindest way – providing the information in guides for those who would prefer to do it on their own doesn't take away from your mainstream business – it complements it. Love your style, and like you, we prefer to travel among the locals, not among the tourists. Our best experiences to date have been on those sojourns where we've opted to try to experience a country's culture by being WITH the locals. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Because of you my dad is my own “human encyclopedia” during our travels to Europe. Thank you so much for giving my dad, and now me, all the information needed for making a fun and great trip to Europe! My dad has been watching your shows since the beginning and has read just about all of your guide books.

  12. Hi Steve , THANKS for your video's on here and on public tv . You inspired us to take a trip to Europe back in May 17' . We landed in Dublin and picked up our reserved RV which was actually like a a mini van w/ a fold down bed fridg and cooking gear for use outside . BUT we saw all of the western side of Ireland along the coast up to Galway then back to Dublin , then we took the Ulysses over to the UK to explore but the exchange into pounds was crazy high so we went to see Goring where George Micheal lived until his death and then on to the chunnel over to Calais . The whole time not having a phone because the purchase on sims cards did not work and the GPS unit that came w/ the rv as well work sometimes which caused us to fuss at each other and then we would realize we are fussing in Europe ! and would laugh and calm down and find out way . We made it the Amsterdam over to Cologne back down to France all the while seeing gorgeous country side cause I purposely stated off the main roads in order to meet locals that weren't use to seeing a bunch of rude tourist . We had a wonderful 3 weeks and I drove over 3,000 KM . The driving part was great considering I'm a X truck driver of 15 yrs . But we had our hangups like being asked why we didn't have a visa stamp from the countries we had been to ? French police asked that before boarding the Oscar Wilde ferry back to Ireland . I kept all receipts each place and country we bought something so we would have a paper trail it wasn't a big issue from them they just seemed amazed we did all that traveling w/o getting or needing visa's So our passports only have 2 visa stamps
    Ireland and France . lol

    Could you recommend a phone service we could use during our travels and where should we go once in a country to get a visa stamp just to have one ? thanks Joe

  13. Welcome to the digital world of 2017: Download the App 'Google Trips' which is all you'll need with other supporting apps as your guide. So I don't think buying these Books are really necessary when you have all the information on your phone but the Rick Steves audio tour app should be a helpful one.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to do this video. Perhaps I overlooked how you decided to be on the other side of touring as well as providing useful information to the public? There's so many ppl who have useful info that they think is useless or pointless or even foolish to share!

  15. I love Rick Steeves… but must say that I always use Trip Advisor when I am looking for a good place and I have never been disappointed.

  16. Tripadvisor is useful to find places and see roughly what they are like. Tripadvisor is more "curated" than this video gives them credit for. Even if some of them are fake you get a good overall idea.
    Pro tip: USA peeps are always more picky so take their reviews with a grain of salt.

  17. Great info that sums up Ricks 30 years of travelling in Europe!! THinking to get a guide book one day!

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