European Travel Skills: Money & Safety

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  1. Something about the 1000 people per month killed in U.S. streets, I would like to know what that number would be if gang wars and drug deals gone bad were subtracted. Or if so called "low income" areas (ghettos) were subtracted. Where I live there is a murder about every week, but if you read the addresses, you find they are in the bad part of town. NEVER in high traffic upscale shopping and dining areas, and very rarely in any sort of nice neighborhood, except for a rare domestic situation.

  2. What Rick fails to mention is that not all ATM machines are created equal. There are many ATM machines like EuroNet that will charge you an exorbitant amount in exchange rates and fees. Don’t naively think you can go to any ATM and you’ll be getting the best rate of exchange possible with no fees.

  3. Your claims about Europe being safe versus the United States are not supported by the facts. If you go to the World Bank site and check, Europe & Central Asia (excluding high income) has a homicide rate of 6, if you include high income areas the rate is the rate is 3. You are not "10 times safer" in Europe! The homicide rate in the US is 5. The source for the data is the UN Office on Drugs and Crime's International Homicide Statistics database. I am disappointed you didn't do even the lightest research before making this video. With that said, I travel to countries with much higher homicide rates on a regular basis and always feel safe by using good travel skills, much of which have been inspired by your videos. People need to do their own research and make informed decisions about their travel decisions. Someone trying to sell tours should not be the source.

  4. I've been to most European countries. I've seen a few scam games going on, but I've never seen or experienced theft of any kind. Same with all of my travelling friends. I think the problem is greatly exaggerated, but it's still smart to follow these tips just in case.

  5. This came up on auto play so I am seeing it long after posted but I am loving this. Pick pocket hand in your pocket reminds me of Times Square on NYE several years ago (SEVERAL!) I could feel a hand go in to my pocket and I just chuckled to myself because there was NOTHING in there. It was cold so I was wearing multiple pairs of pants and my money was on the pair underneath. Yes it was more difficult for me to get to but nobody was stealing my goods! 🙂

  6. Chip-PIN and US cards. You usually can get a PIN assigned by your bank. I have a 90+% success rate with automated gas pumps – and I travel by motorcycle, so I'm buying gas often.

  7. It'd also be a good practice that when you are standing in public or on a train, do not stand with your back to people , sit or stand in a corner where you can see if someone is a potential threat.

  8. I am safer in the United States then I would be in Europe because I can carry my gun anywhere in the United States I go.

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