European migrants and UK welfare a constellation of conditionality – WelCond project

welfare conditionality sanctions support and behavior change or welcomed for short is a large-scale academic research project this video looks at one group within the research European migrants who are living in the UK the Welcome project is an independent study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council with six universities involved our two key aims are to find out whether welfare conditionality helps more people towards work as the government intends and whether it can be seen as fair our study includes repeats interviews with 481 welfare service users to explore their experiences over time within that group we have 48 new migrants they came to the UK from 14 different member states we find the EU migrants a disadvantage on three levels in EU citizenship at UK national level and in their everyday dealings with the welfare system at the supranational level we argue that EU citizenship is a notional promise potentially Mobile EU citizens have access to Social Security benefits in other member states but in reality social welfare subject to a number of limitations so that citizenship is actually conditional moving on to the UK level since 2014 the government has been implementing changes to curtail migrants rights these include tighter residency rules and the genuine prospects of work test 30 migrants in our study spoke had been refused benefits here are the experiences of two people in our study the first had worked in Britain for seven years but had lost his job home and family after suffering mental health problems it has smushed my life like this I don't know what I can do or where can I go she knew all the information about Who I am and how many years have been working in this country I have lots of photo copies of these documents it's not easy for me because the Job Center says no no this next person had also worked in the UK for a number of years I was told I'm not entitle because of the new regulations I write how I'm looking for a job what I'm gonna do it's not enough for them because they need proof that in the future I will get a job in the form of a letter of your potential employer it's the way to nowhere so in the sense nobody could obtain this benefits as with other groups in our research migrants suffered stress hardship loss of benefits for minor offences and training that they didn't find help them into a job setting this into the wider picture we find that these experiences are part of a tendency to welfare chauvinism across Europe in which new migrants may face more restricted entitlements to support the National citizens in the UK the idea of EU migrants entitlement to social assistance based on need is being relegated with being one of us taking greater priority today in the UK migrants are facing a constellation of conditionality austerity brexit a UK work first conditional welfare state and restrictive immigration policies the future is not clear but it seems that EU migrants rights may be further curtailed it's improbable that there will be enhanced in the near future you can find references to our academic papers by following these links with more about our research on the welcomed website you

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