European Master in Renewable Energy Starting Day

we can start thank you very much for coming to this starting day of the European master in the renewable energies today we are kicking off the academic year 2012-2013 I love it so far I have already started in University in Groningen I mean the honeymoon time of the city one of the best things I've enjoyed so far is school with and interacting with people from all over the world Venezuela Belgium Lebanon I've made a good friends we see each other all the time Cyprus Colombia the group stimulation is rate coming higher and it will get better all the time I'm from Canada and as I adjust each other's guess so yeah all over the European master is divided in three semesters so the first is the court then you will move as you know to the specialization semester in which specialization I try to make your life easier but also more difficult the students are fully integrated into the social lab of the laboratory we will belong to the laboratory doing the three or four months like our PhD students I will move to respond for the specialization in Oceania energy you can see here that it looks very very nice I think if you specialize it's probably more beneficial in the final job this year we decided to organize a seminar with the partnership of green fish the third semester is the project yorick agency decided to launch of the eureka world for best project from undergraduate students we can invite the the winners I worked on the valorisation of biorefinery waste swings by means of electrochemically assistance and I aerobic digestion and I'll try to explain you now what is all meaning we are here today to present our dream and this is our dream our Center my lead conversion of short plan oh the suddenly I think it's it's wonderful fantastic have a good start with your master

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