Etienne Crete – Desire to Trade Review. Etienne Crete Review. Is it a SCAM?

Desire to trade. Is Desire to trade a
scam? David Jaffee with and I want to reiterate
that everything I say in this video is my opinion everything that I say should
be researched by you and do not rely on my opinion to form your own opinion
instead come to your own conclusions by doing your own research in my opinion
desire to trade is running a scam or fraud I do not believe that they can
teach you how to be a successful and profitable trader primarily because they
tend to delving things like technical analysis swing trading Forex the leader
or the founder of desire to trade is a guy Etienne Crete I just don’t have any
confidence that any of his programs actually work what typically happens in
a lot of these schemes is the instructor will rely upon technical analysis and
indicators and then they will try to teach you specific patterns and
indicators that they will tell you work in your trading that as long as you can
recognize the pattern and understand it and apply it correctly then you will be
able to consistently earn money in the stock market the issue with this is that
these patterns do not work technical analysis does not work so by them
telling you that they that they have like three special or magical patterns
that always work and that enabled them to turn five thousand dollars into five
million dollars or what some of the other people do in my opinion like Tim
sites is they will create around five thousand videos and they will overwhelm
you with information and then even if there are certain patterns like a cup
and handle pattern or something of that nature they will that if that doesn’t
work which technical analysis indicators do not work they will then tell you that
you miss supplied what they were trying to
teach you and that it is your fault and not theirs
you see a lot of times these educators do not take responsibility for the
advice that they dole out and in my opinion anyone who teaches you penny
stocks day trading technical analysis Forex they are running a scam if you
don’t want to believe me then that’s completely fine you can sign up for
desire to trade and then you can find out by yourself and like I said everyone
should always make and form their own judgments and opinions but in my opinion
desire to trade with their focus on technical analysis swing trading Forex
and day trading run by Etienne is in my opinion a scam David Jaffee with Please let me know your thoughts comment below I read
everyone’s comments and also respond to everyone’s comments and write a comment
letting me know whether you believe that desire to trade is a scam or whether you
believe it’s legitimate thank you for your attention

21 thoughts on “Etienne Crete – Desire to Trade Review. Etienne Crete Review. Is it a SCAM?”

  1. Due to the preponderance of crap out there, unfortunately you have many months – if not a year's- worth of content out there.
    I found a Japanese guy who ran statistical analysis on all the popular candlestick patterns, forex and stocks,etc. and analyzed how they worked out. IIRC only 2 or 3 were of any use,and all the rest of them were around 50% correct. So you may as well flip a coin.

  2. I started trading around the tech bubble 911 crisis. I search out some of these clowns here on YouTube David but I give it to you for finding people I would have never heard of. The whisperer chick was by far a joke. Keep exposing these jokers! On a side note I sold SPX call verticals near the end of today's market and am almost ready to close them out. I might ride them for more that a 50 percent profit. Keep up the good work!

  3. I personally enjoy watching Etienne's videos. It's great to see Forex traders from around the world. I listen to what they have to say (Absolutely fantastic advice, if you listen). Why do you think Technical Analysis, Forex, Swing Trading, etc. is a scam or raises HUGE red flags? I don't personally use Etienne's' trading strategies but I do trade using technical analysis. What he does by meeting with profitable traders around the world is a great service to us all and a very great idea that I have not seen done before. I dislike seeing videos like this pop up trying to capitalize on someone else's' hard work/name. If you are a good, profitable trader and earn consistent profits, then there is no need to waste time creating videos mocking other peoples strategies in order to promote your own. Figure out how to sell your BULLSHIT on your own!!

  4. Are you still allowing people to sign up using your affiliate link on Tastyworks and receive a free week of trade alerts?

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