Essential Dispositions – Teach Critical Thinking

Amie: I look at critical thinking just as with any other skills, something that needs to be developed. My goal is to really observe what
they're interested in throughout the day. I ask them open-ended
questions and sometimes I also think aloud for them. I talk about what
I'm noticing. Look, it stuck to your shirt. Oh, so silly. What about the pompoms?
Would the pompoms stick to your shirt? Try a pompom on your shirt. What happened? I had a child who was doing a lot of observing and testing and problem solving all because I had pointed out the paper
on his shirt. I wonder why that sticks to your shirt but the pompom doesn't. Children are naturally scientific little
beings and they want to know what's happening in the world around them. So I think they're very, very capable
using their background knowledge. When we as adults have high expectations
we provide materials and experiences that are very rich. You're thinking of a different way. Their self-esteem goes up as they start realizing that they are capable of thinking deeply about
things and solving problems.

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