ESOT2019 Congress – Education Tracks

The first time they asked me about education I just imagined something like this. It is something I have just done and… it’s a car, it’s a train, I don’t know. But, all these bricks are exactly the way I think that someone as your mentor should have to help you tracking your path. The bricks are our knowledge a small part of our knowledge and the most important thing is to share and to have the right idea on what is very useful. Our educational track is based on many topics we are still thinking about them but we want to focus on new aspects of transplantation. Something like machine perfusion something like xenotransplantation something like regenerative medicine and some old stuff like ischaemia and reperfusion injuries. But still, all these bricks are part an essential part of what we want to do every single day. So join us, because Educational Track will be a very important part of our congress.

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