40 thoughts on “ESL Teaching Strategies: #1 TPR or Total Physical Response (VIPKID)”

  1. Great informational video Nancy, I admire your passion and enthusiasm and plan to incorporate your techniques into my own toolbox.

  2. I have studied neurolinguistics as it applies to TPR. It is cool. I have used it for so many years!

  3. American Sign Language is my second language. Sometime when I speak with my ESL students I use a lot of gestures and sometime I accidentally sign and I am like 'ohh wait they wont get that' Hahahah!! I have to consciously separate gestures from real signs.

  4. Yes, some times its better to deal with the school or university directly and do a filtration, @t is a very good website, you can post your CV there, everything is free.

  5. You are awesome!!!! I saw your face in an ad and thought it was only that.. You are full of knowledge and I am glad you enjoy sharing!!!.
    I am so happy to find your channel in the midst of becoming a Bilingual teacher!!! Subscribed!!!

  6. We call it 'binge-watching' here in the UK (and you might have guessed that the Brits would have a word for it…).

  7. I've been doing TPR my entire time teaching and never knew it had a name 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I've been teaching ESL in the classroom in Asia for 10 years and just started teaching online.

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  9. I got rejected by VIPKid yesterday. I was lacking TPR in my interview. I guess I should jump around and dance 😀 The're very strict, I can't re-do the interview before 3 months 🙁 Anyway, I need more videos on TPR, props.. The camera and background was an issues as well because they actually want a future VIPKID teacher to be ready for the classroom. They don't really prepare you or give you a 2nd chance right away.

  10. Hello Nancy …Question have you had students that ha no English at all….and only repeat everything you say..even the tpr is imitaded…what do you do?

  11. Hello Nancy. Very helpful. Where did you purchase your headset, what model/make is it? My husband and I have been looking for the right equipment but we have been unsuccessful. Appreciate your channel and any response we would be grateful

  12. Thanks for the video. Very helpful for understanding the two types of TPR.

    I think this is useful for very young students who lack any English. But with older students who have a decent base in the language already (like the second example student in your video) it is very awkward and in my opinion better left out. Nobody speaks like this in the real world so once the student can understand what you are saying, I think this is more distracting and harmful to the student's development than anything. Energy is always important but this technique is just silly for children older than 9 or 10.

  13. I'm a new teacher, and before I watch this video I had no idea what TPR means and how to use it in the classroom. Thank you very much for your super fun and useful video.

  14. Really wish teachers in China weren't using 'teacher' all the time. So unnatural. Grates on me eurgh.

  15. I thought flying was tough, until I taught…..correction….tried to teach an ESL class to adults, lol. Regardless, I will pursue teaching ESL to adults, in a silly sorta, funny way 🙂

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