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hey this is Steve for easy ESL games and easy kids um today I'm going to give you some tips to help you teach any song in class but I'll use our webOS own how's the weather as an example this song has both slow and fast versions but I definitely use the slower one first both with young kids I use this song with kids with younger students and it's always a favorite part of the lesson step 1 download the song how's the weather from our album easy kids are print out the flash cause you can get them for free it's easy ESL Gamescom plus a whole bunch of other resources you can use these to guide the students during the song and show the meaning step 2 introduce the song without them knowing it play it in the background before or during class or sing it anytime you use the sentence step 3 copy these or make up your own gestures it makes the song a lot more fun and memorable step 4 do the song slowly without the music here you can focus on the meaning get the right pronunciation and show the gestures step 5 play the song but don't expect perfection especially the first people the kids just don't know the song it keep it fun and happy be prepared to be silly and mess around the suggestion errors we always finish this song with a big snowball a step 6 be prepared to stop the song especially with very young kids they can lose interest with a new song they don't know just stop it and try again next class with all the kids who know the song but I'm messing around I'll stop the song start again step 7 when the students are comfortable or you'd like to change the lyrics you can use our humming version and sing over the humming add your own lyrics do what you want so in conclusion download the song download the flashcards all of these steps and I'm sure the songs go great I'll be back with more song Hinson yes Oh how's the weather

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  1. the girl in blue kept looking at the other instead of paying attention to the teacher. how do you think that could be solved ?

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