Escape the Babysitter Granny in Real Life Escape Room! We Lock Granny in Box Fort!!!

Welcome back to my channel guys Trinity and Madison here. If you don’t know I am locked up in my room right now granny is our babysitter and we have to escape the babysitter and Yesterday on the last episode My mom and dad left us to go out I don’t know why they were going out but they got a babysitter and it’s granny. the worst babysitter ever She has the worst thing ever. She after my mom and dad luck, she just said go get some toys and then She tricked us in to getting our toys. She just slammed us in here with no food. No water No TV nothing to do but clean And we have to find keys We cleaned the bathroom. We found a Key we got out of that one.We got it out of our room we got into the pantry, but that did not work out for us and then If you saw that video comment down below it was horrible, so this is from yesterday We can Knock it out. She locked it from the outside you guys and this is terrible come with me into the bathroom She locked it from the inside Now I have to find a key for the lock star this is our only way out now Madison’s let’s start cleaning. Okay, okay lets make our bed lets clean as best as we can okay. We have got to find another lock star key Madison. I”ll get you on the big one cause maybe you can’t. Big now auha Well, there’s that now should we do Madison, um lets sort stuff up where they go, okay, you’ll clean over there and I’ll clean mo clean over here. Okay, okay trin These go on your side.Okay Looks flawless to me hmm looks pretty good now it’s just my bed. We still haven’t found that key. Looks like a robot key Let’s go take it to the lock star Here madison you hold it. Okay. I got the key now let’s get out of this room. I did it Was that so hard no, it was not oh Goodness, all right guys, we’re out of there all right madison watch out for granny. What in the world was he doing Your toys off my lawn Wait a minute the real hello neighbor Right now our problem is over there she’s old we have to get rid of granny Okay, but how I have an idea hold the camera Alright guys, follow me So madison my plan is we’re gonna put one two, three, four five leading to the box fort and then To the six and seven are gonna be inside Good idea, but trin trin. What do we do now? First thing we have to do is open this door. Now we have to trap granny Trap granny. How are you me do that trin will Madison you know how granny doesn’t like messes? Well, yeah Well, we’re gonna use these toys to make a trail of messes for granny Kay go put this over there on the ground Good job Madison, here Madison. Here’s another one Okay, let’s grab this one Here madison go put this one inside the box fort Job completed Now she won’t see the box Alright Madison. Now, let’s lock her in.But trin she’s just going to come right back out of there.Already thought of it. These will keep her locked in guys Alright guys now, let’s go get granny. We’re hiding behind this thing So granny doesn’t find us madison. Are you ready? Yeah, let’s do it Ok guys granny we’re playing hide and seek Granny You guys it’s working Each oh Let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go. here madison you hold the camera We have to do this Now we don’t have to worry about escaping her she has to escape us and now We don’t have to worry about the babysitter anymore. Yeah three hours later And why are you using my camera, okay Why aren’t you guys in bed? Well Madison is come look and I have some other stuff to tell you, okay? Well, this room looks different But why aren’t you in bed? Was Terrible granny was the worst babysitter ever She locked us in a room without any snacks. No way to get out. What do you mean? She was a horrible babysitter? What did she do wrong? She locked us in our room to begin with then. No food at all. No way to get out. We got out. She caught us okay wait wait. We’re in here again She locked you in the room yes with no food at all Well the doors open. I thought you said you were locked in. No, it was like this Okay, okay don’t be locking me in here so what are you so then how did you get out if it was locked You cleaned up well, yeah we had to do it to find the key, okay, so you’re saying That this room is sparkly clean Because granny got you in here to clean your room. No Find a key and she locked this door in the bathroom Okay Broke a lock well, it was too hard. The thing was too hard to get off so somehow I broke it And then we clean the bathroom to find another key Okay, well this room looks clean to and so this you clean this room because of granny as well no no no it’s terrible This place was a mess it was under that This place was a mess. So we had to do it The only thing I’m hearing is that you’re cleaning up because of granny so so far granny got you to clean the bathroom And granny got you to clean your bedroom the floor all looks clean. Other than what’s this mess? Well dad hey the game’s not put away No, it was us good job dad what We made a Mess trail cuz granny’s on like toys and we put four out here and two in there to put seven one two Three four five and six and seven. Okay why um cuz She was the worst babysitter ever. We had to lock her in you locked granny in our box fort Go look for yourself trin No one there Trim I just looked in here nothing is in there. I don’t know what you’re talking about That’s crazy you guys granny is creepy. Oh my gosh granny, I’m so sorry. Let me get you out Trinity you cannot be locking granny in the box fort Trin just because she’s old and she makes you clean your room doesn’t mean she’s bad Whoa, dad, I have the camera So you should watch it After you upload it You can watch it and see for yourself guys comment down below cuz you were watching us the whole time guys tell my dad if granny’s creepy or not And tell my dad if we were doing the right thing to lock granny up trin either way We’re done with this. We’re letting granny out so she can go home. Okay, and it’s past your bedtime. Now, where’s the key? Do not lock people up again unless we need to you don’t need to your like what are you five six, okay Close it up I’m coming for you. Granny She’s creepy Well, granny, thanks for babysitting no Okay, Trin at least come over here and tell granny goodbye Goodnight granny. Thanks for watching us while are grown-ups were gone You have a good night Alright, thanks again granny Bye granny And you young lady need to get to bed can I say one thing first one thing, okay Lock me up

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