Escape the Babysitter Baldi in Real Life! Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning!

what's up guys is she here in Madison here welcome back to our channel before we get started click that subscribe button turn on occasions oh and guys give us a huge thumbs up today you guys mom and dad have to go to Anna mom's appointment for the baby so they got us a babysitter again actually guys it's my appointment today and mom's got to drive me because I gotta get this good thing taken care of and hopefully get it off today as long as the doctors say I'm fine so mom gets to drive me all right so girls we're gonna get a babysitter so I need you to come grab the camera that way you girls can go ahead and film in everything while we're gone so we know what happened while we were out of here okay so what are you guys gonna start off with so I can set up the camera for you color color okay let's go back to color let's go alright so there's our skinca guides alright so you guys gonna color right here okay I'm gonna go ahead and set the camera okay okay you all see the camera yeah okay guys girls we're gonna wait for the babysitter and then we'll leave okay okay okay girls let's go see who it brilliance preschool what are you talking about you're our babies that are anyways isn't this more like a daycare you don't even know what you're talking about yeah Bali Matson what should we do first let's go do our hair alright let's go did we just go through Baldy well yeah okay let's go do our hair now what did you round this no baby boom well messin it says what's two plus three it's lost no messin that's wrong let me teach you how to count okay train help me out okay man got three and two alright method we got three bows over here and two bows over here count them okay one two three four five you guys it opened painless okay nasan wait why what another math question with a three plus one that's so easy you guys I'm not even gonna answer this one cuz look at all these hashable eggs lassen I think we should just open these instead of answering this question do you think we should do that a course I wanna open had a little silly okay guy rub their hearts guys I don't think we're supposed to do that huh Wow guys I don't hear Bali baldies rulers slapping anymore so never really say the answer out loud he goes away I think you're right trim Madison I think we should look upstairs cuz we did all the rooms downstairs and there's three rooms upstairs so I think we have typical answer three more questions and then we can escape Baldy finally okay what'd you guys think good a good idea yeah it's a good idea let's go all right guys let's head upstairs where are the cushions okay guys up here where the questions should be another question come on NASA six plus two equals basket difference six plus two let me show you how to solve it okay and exactly why are all these here I don't know but let's use them to help you count okay now say so I'm gonna grab one two three thanks little one do start with six and then add two so what six plus two all right one two three four five six seven eight so much and what was the answer I trim the answers eight let's go messin I have an idea let's use these toys and I'll teach you how to solve this want to try not a good idea come help me solve it okay come on how many do we have to start with one two three four okay the question is for as to what we have to do next away okay guys let's go it's okay mouthing we're just gonna teach you one more time and all you guys watch it can learn how to do it Joe okay messin so we got five here alright Masson then we'll have five more so grasp by four and put those together all right red I got five so what's the answer nothin the answer is ten baldie horrible where's he at where's Baldy I don't know he's gone okay so he's already left he just left when you got here it's fine all right well as long as you guys had some adult supervision while we were gone that's okay so as long as he was here until we got there then it's fine dad well when I went to the doctor I had that boot on remember haha well he says I don't have to wear it anymore and I forgot to take my other shoe so ya know I'm barefoot I'll be right back I don't know what she's doing alright well did you girls at least have a good time oh girl so how was this babysitter was he better than the last one nope he was bad also what happened this time girl it was terrible skate by sobbing mouthing – not in there how Madison what is toys yeah Baldy was teaching you math my Hummer over rash bucket that's hot Baldy I says Malthus is favorite subject well I'm glad you guys had a good math teacher what'd you learn mom yeah take a number and then a number and then they come together and then again whenever you want he even had us do a take away problem okay I got tests for you what is three minus one ready you go 3-1 kill kill what oh my goodness every time right yeah no boldy is not a good babysitter you mean to keep looking and that's it's bad yeah dad you need to keep finding us a better babysitter so dress

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