Escape Quadrant Hacker Chase for 24 HOURS! (Tricked by Game Master Disguise)

– [Rebecca] Is this underground? Oh. – [Daniel] Matt, are you okay? There's like these different
firewalls over here. – This makes no sense. Hey Zamfam, it's Rebecca
and right now we are heading to the most safe
and secure location which is our control room while
Daniel distracts the quadrant drones that were
spying on us at our house. In my last video, RZ Twin had me take a lie detector test after
we came up with a plan to have Daniel pretend
to join the quadrants so he could earn her
trust and we could get more information about
the event date of E2. – Rebecca and Daniel
ended up escaping and we found out that the event date for E2 is April 30th
– April 30th. Okay, so now let's get to our control room before the quadrant find us. – Okay. – [Matt] Get in, go, go, go. – Matt! – [Matt] What? – Control room's empty. Daniel told us to come
here because it was safe, it's not safe, they obviously know. – [Matt] They took everything. – Yeah. – [Matt] Oh, I just got
a message from the GM. – What's it say? – [Matt] Says, "Get out, they're coming." – They're coming? – [Matt] And it looked like co-ordinates. – The quadrants coming?
– [Matt] Yes. – Okay, and we have all the
devices in your backpack? We gotta' go! They can't get the devices. We need to call Daniel and warn him not to go to the control room.
– Yes. – Hey, Daniel? – [Daniel] Hey.
– How's it- – [Daniel] Is everything okay?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're okay, how are you? – [Daniel] I'm good, I was able to lose a drone, I was up there and it just lost track of me so I think we're good there, we're good, we're safe. – Awesome. – Whatever you do, just
don't go to the control room right now, okay? – [Daniel] Meet you at the control room? – No, no, no, no!
– No, no, no! – Don't go to the control room, Daniel. It was compromised, we
got there and it was completely empty but … – [Daniel] Yo, they took everything? – They took everything
but the real game master sent Matt a message on his Apple watch and gave us co-ordinates to a new location – Yep. – So you need to meet us there, okay? – I'm going to send you over
the co-ordinates right now. – [Daniel] Okay perfect,
I'll just meet you guys over there. – Okay, stay safe, Daniel. Now Daniel will be able to
meet us at the location. Are you sure this is right, Matt? – I mean, this is the co-ordinates the game master sent. – It's like his master tunnel. – It doesn't look … – Shhh!
– What was that? – I don't know maybe that's
the game master meeting us. – Okay. Hey!
– [Rebecca] Hey! – [Matt] Daniel!
– [Rebecca] Daniel! You got okay, what happened to the drones? – [Daniel] See I … I ran away and it just lost me. – Let's go. This is the only place that's safe. – This is the door?
– Yeah! – [Matt] 3, 2, 1. – Whoa
– [Daniel] Whoa – [Matt] What? – Is this underground? – [Matt] Where are we at? – [Matt] No, this always happens. Are we locked? – [Rebecca] Is it lock locked? – It's locked. – So maybe the game master did that so we'd be safe.
– Maybe, yeah. – Okay- Wait! Do you hear that? – Welcome Rebecca and Matt, to my underground bunker. – It's an underground bunker. – The quadrant has compromised all of our secure locations so I've
brought you to the bunker to keep the devices safe. – [Daniel] Did you guys bring the devices? – Yeah – Yeah, I got them in my backpack. – You must solve a
series of clues to unlock the passage, where you
can securely store the devices and keep them
away from the quadrant. Your test starts where the event ended. – Where the event ended … Okay, so maybe let's
take the devices first. – Do you want a jacket? – Yes, I'm so cold! – [Daniel] Kinda cold in here. – Okay.
– [Daniel] Eyyy! – On – Matt's merch, you guys. Or get this. Link in description. I look like I'm ready to solve some clues. So we have the devices we need to put them in a secure location. Oh! Dolls, do you remember the – [Matt] The dollhouse!
– [Rebecca] The Harvey. – [Daniel] The dollhouse. – I bet we have to figure this out, so it looks like there
is a 5 letter word code, a directional lock, and then a 3 digit code lock. Comment below "Barbie is the first clue!" if you think that might be it, I think it's these dolls that might be the first clue, you guys. – [Daniel] So maybe unlocking this, this is where the devices are going to be held safely? – Look, there's cameras up here too. – He did say that he was watching us so, so the game master, maybe he's here? – [Daniel] Where we at? We have a doll. – There's a doll.
– Yeah! – [Daniel] Bro, there's another doll! Right over there, do you see it? – This one.
– [Daniel] Yeah. – Yes! Okay, oh … – [Daniel] Okay so dolls,
maybe dolls are important. – [Rebecca] It must be a clue. – Maybe something underneath this. – Oh! – Oh, is this heavy? Don't lift. – Okay.
– This is heavy. – It's really heavy
– Whoa, hold on. – Oh, another one. Okay, so how many do we have so far? – [Daniel] 3 dolls. – There's another one up there! On this side. – [Daniel] Do you see anything else? – Oh, we found one! – [Daniel] Oh, okay, great.
– Here's one! – Let use know where else we should look in this room for Barbie dolls. – [Daniel] Oh, a doll! You accidentally knocked this over. So we have to do something
with these dolls. – There has to be some sort of clue, I mean, they all have colored hair. – [Rebecca] That's true.
– [Daniel] Yeah. – Okay, oh look!
– [Matt] Oh! – This has a 3.
– [Daniel] Oh, a 3! Yeah I see that. – Are they on all of them? There's not, there's nothing on her arm. Do you see …
– [Matt] Oh, armpit. – [Together In Unison] Ohhh. – [Rebecca] So they're
in different places, so it's not on her arm but … Zamfam, did you see that?
– [Daniel] Ohhh, okay. – Okay, so what if we put these in order. So this is a 6, this one is a 5. – Oh, there's a 4! – A 4! 3 … so this must have a 2, oh, look! It's like on the side. Do you think if we just
like, put them in order? – [Daniel] Yeah, just
be like, lay em down? – Lay em down. Okay, Zamfam if you think that this is going to work, comment "Barbie" right now. – [Together In Unison] 3, 2, 1 – That scared me so much! If that scared you, let me
know if it scared you also. – [Daniel] This is so strange. – You know, maybe he's worried because this is where we're going
to putting the device so he wants to make sure people
can't just get the devices. – But he knows it's us. – [Daniel] So weird, I don't know, I guess we just keep moving on. – Yeah, well, we need to figure out where to put the devices because it's not safe with us, the quadrant is after us. – [Daniel] Okay, so
what are we looking at? – It just looks like
they're handles, like you know what I mean? – [Daniel] Oh!
– Ahhh. – [Daniel] Okay.
– Okay. What do you guys think we should do with these? We just pull them? Maybe we pull them all at the same time. – Okay, yes. – [Daniel] Yeah, you could try that. – Okay, I got 3, you got 3. – [Together In Unison] 3, 2, 1 … – No … Do you guys think it has
something to do with the Barbies? I mean, it activated with the Barbies, was there something we missed? I mean we saw the numbers but … – [Matt] I don't know. – [Daniel] Is it the
color of their clothes? – [Rebecca] Look, they also
have different color hair. – [Daniel] Oh, I see that,
this one has green … That one has white. – So they're a number order. Every color of their hair
matches a different string, look, blue and blue
– [Boys] Ohhhh. – So what if we have
to do it in the order, let's try doing it in the
order of this pulling it down. So like, if I do red, red was first. And then blue was second, right? – Yep. – So then yellow is third. – [Daniel] Let me get white. – Okay. – [Daniel] Got it. – Brown is fifth. So then green.
– [Daniel] Green. – Green's the last one. – [Daniel] Okay, 3, 2, 1 … It worked! – [Rebecca] Whoa, it spells something! – [Matt] Turn off your light. – [Daniel] Oh, black light, wow! What's it say? – [Matt] L … R … – [Rebecca] This isn't a
word, these are just letters. – [Daniel] L, R, A, E, S. – [Rebecca] What if it's word scrambled? Zamfam, do you know a 5 letter word that could be made up with those letters? So there's an L, there's an R, an A, an E, and an S. Sell … – [Daniel] Sailor. – No, there's no I. – S, A, R … – [Daniel] What about R … R-Row? – [Rebecca] Wait, wait! L, A, S. The game master's escape
room house had the laser room L, A, S, E, R. – [Matt] Also, we have the laser. – [Daniel] Yeah, that's a
part of the device, right? Okay, where could that go? – Could be like it's part of the room? – [Daniel] Maybe you have to point, point the light at something? – We didn't charge the battery. – [Daniel] Oh dang.
– Look! The locks, you guys. This is a 5 letter lock, remember Zamfam? In the beginning we saw
this, so what if it's just laser? L, A, S, Smash the thumbs up button right now if you think this is going to work and give us good luck
because we need to get these devices to a secure location. E and – What!
– R. It was right!
– Let's open it up. – Thumbs up your comment if
you guessed that was right. I mean, we still have 2 locks, Matt. So we got the first one down and are there any other clues that you
guys see in the room? Maybe something to like, lead us to a directional lock or something. Key code. – [Daniel] Oh, there's
a key pad right there. – Oh. It's like something's inside here. – Does it have like a … Target symbol?
– [Daniel] Target. – Maybe there's something that we … A target challenge? – [Daniel] Oh, target.
– Target? – Maybe it's this buoy?
– [Daniel] Yep. – You know? This looks like a target. – [Daniel] Oh yeah! – Look, Matt, this is a game. – Oh! – Like, you throw a dart. – We have to play darts. – [Daniel] Oh it's a board dart. – Wait, a bullseye!
– [Daniel] Bullseye. – What if it's the numbers on here. – We have to hit the right numbers? – Yeah, exactly! C'mon. – [Daniel] Okay, here, let me get … – I don't know, maybe we throw it and we'll see a number. – Oh that one's not coming out. – [Daniel] You can only play with 6 darts. And then there's, how many left? – [Matt] There's 3.
– [Daniel] There's 3 left. – Well at least they got a good score, they got a 9 and a 3. Then this one looks like
they tried to get 10 but they couldn't quite get … – [Matt] Pretty close to the
bullseye on that last one. – What if this is the code? The game master likes to
play games and have riddles, what if this looks like
just a normal dart board but it's actually a clue? Let's try it, let's try it. – Okay, 9 … 3, 10. – Yeah! – 9, 3, 1, 0
– Okay. – What if there's like $10,000 in here and whoever wins gets $10,000? – Or the game master's
having us do a 24 hour challenge in here to keep
us safe from the quadrant. – Here we go, so it is 9, 3, 1, 0. – [Rebecca] It's a game master box. – [Daniel] Ohhh. So there's another lock? – Another lock, so we
need to look for a key? – I haven't seen a key at all. We've looked everywhere. – Okay … Last clue was laser, right.
– Mhmm. – That was one of the devices we had, one of the mystery devices. – What if every clue in here
is leading back to a device? – Okay, do we have a key or something? – You know what, hold
on, we do have a key. Didn't you guys get a key, there was like that little lock box that was … – [Rebecca] At the lie detector test! – [Daniel] Right! We found
it next to the computer. – RZ Twin, it was near it. – There's so many devices. – Do you guys think this
key is going to work? – Oh! – I thought it wasn't going to work. – [Daniel] So everything is
leading back to the devices. – Okay, so maybe there's $10,000 in here because there's $10,000 … – [Daniel] What's that? – [Matt] A number. – [Daniel] 724? – This must be another
clue, is there a major code? – [Matt] There's got to be another major code somewhere here. – [Daniel] Do you see anything, Matt? – Just like a door with a handle but then there's a key part. – [Daniel] Oh.
– Think we need a key card. – [Daniel] Oh, maybe we
need a key card, okay. – Daniel, this, this is … If this is right, this is
the second lock for this, where we're supposed to put the device. 7, wow, 2, okay, if this works,
that means we're solving these clues really fast
with all our training. – [Matt] Yeah! Yes!
– [Daniel] Great. – We only have one lock left it's the directional one. – [Matt] Okay. – [Daniel] So, okay, so now
we gotta' look for what? There's probably another clue in here. – Something for a direction. – Maybe it's something to
do with this or the map, that's like the only two things … – [Rebecca] The map? Oh!
– [Daniel] Oh, the map. Did you guys see this? – [Rebecca] I didn't even see! It says … – [Daniel] Matt, look over here. – [Rebecca] It's on the map for paper so best map of restaurants: pizza, baguette, spaghetti, dim sum. Let's see, pizza – where … like, maybe it has something to do with … – Pizza, where's good pizza? – Pizza. – [Matt] New York.
Everybody knows New York. – [Rebecca] New York, okay. So New York and then a baguette. France!
– France. – [Rebecca] Pizza, we're saying New York because New York has like, the best pizza, right you guys? – Obviously. – Let us know your favorite kind of pizza, mine is … probably maybe pizza. – Oh, c'mon! – I love pizza! – It looks like this is the left. – [Daniel] So we start here. – Start forward. And then we go to New York, so that's that's left. Baguette – France so that
would be right, right? – [Daniel] Right, okay so we travel right. – And then spaghetti. Italy! I'm Italian. Spaghetti, a ton of
spaghetti, so that would be, where are we? – [Daniel] Down from France. – Oh yeah, we're at France so down. – [Daniel] Yeah. – So.
– Right here. – So left, right, down, and then dim sum. – [Daniel] Dim sum. – China. – China! Okay. – We went left, right, down, right. Left, down, right … – Okay, so let's try that. Do you guys think this is going to work? – On the directional lock.
– Yeah! – [Daniel] One step behind. – [Rebecca] Okay, so it
was, what was it, Matt? – Left. – [Rebecca] Then right. – Right. – Then down.
– [Matt] Down. – Right. – [Daniel] Yes, nice!
– Yes! Yes! – Okay, look we have all of them, we can get the devices. – [Daniel] Okay, open it up. – [Matt] We need the key
card though too, right? – [Rebecca] Whoa. – [Matt] What the hell? – [Daniel] There's nothing there. – [Rebecca] Okay.
– Maybe there's a key card in here somewhere. – [Daniel] Oh, they slide. – So you're right, Matt, maybe there is a key card. – I think that's what it is, it's a key card here. – Okay, look. – Wow.
– [Daniel] Nice. – [Matt] A puzzle. – And then we go up and then … Is that …
– [Matt] It's the game master! – Game master, is that you? Give me the devices. Okay so, we need to give the devices to the game master, he probably
just can't be in here. – You guys keep doing
that, I'm going to try figure out the key code there's that other puzzle over there. – [Daniel] Oh, you're right, okay. – You guys, is that the game master? – [Daniel] Or the gloves, I mean It's gotta be, right?
– Maybe he's there to be safe? – [Daniel] Yeah, he's gotta'
keep himself protected. – Okay.
– [Daniel] Okay. – Okay, we'll do, we'll
do the wires first. – [Daniel] Okay, wires, great. – Here's the wire, game
master, for the device. – [Daniel] Okay, let's
move to the next one. – [Daniel] It's that music. – Look Matt! Matt! – [Daniel] Matt, are you okay? Where's that coming from? It's coming from this laptop. – [Rebecca] Wait, but there's no device in the laptop. – [Daniel] How is it doing that? Rebecca, you gotta'
keep feeding the device. – Okay – [Daniel] Here, take the camera, I'm going to try figure this out. – [Rebecca] Okay, Daniel. We need to stop this because Matt's … Matt's just standing there. – Hang in there, Matt. Hold on. – [Rebecca] We're gonna'
stop the music, Matt. – [Daniel] Here.
– [Rebecca] Okay. – [Daniel] I'll help you out real quick, pull all these out. – [Rebecca] Let me grab more at once. – [Daniel] Yeah.
– [Rebecca] Okay. – Here we go. There's a few more
here, I'll keep working. – [Rebecca] More devices, here you go. Okay, no. – I could be close, I don't know, I think I might be pass
this but there's these different firewalls over here, I just … – [Rebecca] How did that … – [Daniel] I have no
idea how this happened. – This is, this makes no sense. This is the game master's
place, why would he do that? Here's one, okay. I have the laser and the lock. Here. – [Daniel] I think I'm almost past this. – Okay. Okay, so this is the last and final device to give to the game master
and we need to figure out how to stop the game. I don't know, Daniel,
use the help you've got. There you go. Okay, so we gave all the
devices to the game master. Podrick can't get it. – [Daniel] I think I've slowly getting it. – [Rebecca] Yeah?
– I shut it off. I just got … – [Rebecca] Yeah!
– Rebecca … – [Rebecca] What?
– [Daniel] Where'd Matt go? – [Rebecca] Matt! – [Daniel] Did he go through here? – [Rebecca] It's locked,
we need a key card. How did he get through? – Let me take this. – How did Matt get through here? – [Daniel] I know, I have no idea! I just heard the door shut. – Zamfam, did you see anything at all? – [Daniel] How do we find a key card? If Matt was looking
over here for it, right? – Yeah, oh! The game master! Game master!
– [Daniel] Game master. – [Rebecca] Thank you, thank you! So if the game master was
there, how did Matt get out? – [Daniel] Try it on the door. – Daniel, like a secret
meeting, a bunch of the Zamfam said that RZ Twin
said, "Mind control" when she was leaving with the … – [Daniel] That's what she yelled at me? – Yeah!
– [Daniel] Oh. – I think so! That's
what the Zamfam said so maybe Matt's under mind control right now, and maybe the quadrant's
doing something with him. – [Daniel] Okay we gotta' hurry. – Matt! Daniel. I don't think this is
the game master's place.

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