ESADE Teaching Day – David Lefevre

I don't think that teaching methods are outdated you know I think I'm in front the fundamental principles are the same but we can use technology to change the the framework by which we teach in terms of a face-to-face class I think technology can make incremental improvements right across the learning experience which adds up to us of significant enhancements of what we do the Institutes of Education have some deep knowledge of how education works and how to deliver effective learning and I think if institutions that bring all that knowledge and combine that with technology then the result will be much more powerful so I think institutions have a significant role to play in this students want closer relationships with their with their teachers and actually teaching is much more interesting for teachers when they have those relationships with tutors but the economics of Education often means that we have you know one instructor to a large group of students and in that situation it's very difficult for those personal connections to be to be formed so one really great use of technology would be if we can put technology into that mix and enable greater closer relationships between teachers and students if we can achieve that then you know we'll have huge benefits for everybody empowering students in including students more in the in the learning process I think this is very valuable but I think the context in which that is happening is this a traditional approach where we have a lecturer teaching didactically to large groups of students as students sitting there while but rather passively and I think in reaction to that there's a movement towards empowering the students to take control of the learning which i think is a very positive thing but I think we need to recognize that students still want an expert to give them advice and mentorship they don't the students don't want to study between themselves in groups they want access to X experts and and and mentors both in the subject matter and in education you

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