20 thoughts on “Erykah Badu – Master Teacher”

  1. I hate it when this happens…

  2. Woke meant something when she did this song….sadly even the concept of being woke is mainstream and meaningless now….smh.

  3. People have to wake on their own..it may be trending now..but that's because our ppl are able to get the truth of our history and it's still very little obtainable history.. stop being a stay woke snobb

  4. This is one of the dopest songs Erykah even made… And she's GAM on the track

    "Even when the preacher tell you some lies & cheatin on your momma…" Did she spill the tea on Beckwith??

  5. Now I can see clearly. She understood where generational curses came from, hence a song like Twinkle. So, she decides to not only take out the seed of difference from within one generation into the next of her people. She did the duty of our people, to take anything ugly that happened to us including in the spiritual realm & revert it back to its origin of frequency. She's a piscean soul artist, a lot like Jhene.

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