7 thoughts on “Eric Mazur shows interactive teaching”

  1. If the student has trouble with social anxiety disorder, will they gain anything from this method of teaching, or simply feel the burden of having to internally battle this problem, and learn nothing?  Thus making the class a waste of time.  I suspect most LD learners would want to watch a lecture, especially in this fashion, a few times, and think about it before trying to do problem solving.

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  3. Excellent. Great use of technology, peer learning, all that is good about learning. Learning is exciting for everyone!! The assumption that Harvard students care about learning more than students from a not so prestigious university is quite erroneous. It is equally erroneous to assume that students who are in a not so prestigious university won't care about learning as much as Harvard students. Professor Mazur makes learning exciting for all!!

  4. Active teaching, using educational technologies… excellent. I hope more teachers see this video to see how to engage the audience. I particularly like Mazur's article in Harvard Magazine about the death of the lecture.

  5. thanks for posting this, this presents a great teaching technique using tools and technologies, which engages students, makes them think, allowing them to come up with their own conclusions.

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