Equity and Diversity at the College of Education

Hi my name is Donald Easton Brooks I’m the Dean of the College of Education
here at the University of Nevada, Reno and one of the focuses that we have here
in the college is on equity and diversity. What equity and diversity
suggests is that we want to make sure that when you come to the college no
matter who you are you feel that this is a place in which you are getting your
needs taken care of and that you are able to be successful. When we think
about equity and diversity, what we want to think about is how do we reflect what
we now see as populations in the U.S. So do we have students in our college who
matches what we see in our environment and in the same sense are we able to
educate our students so they can go out and meet the demands of a diverse world.
We want to make sure that our students understand what fair and equitable
education is about, we want them to be able to engage with all diverse
populations and we want to enhance the diversity here in the College of
Education because we know by enhancing the diversity we are making a better
workplace for all those who go out into the field of education or counseling or other
areas that relate to those majors in the College of Education. So reason this is
important to the College of Education is because we want to reflect the
communities in which we see both locally, statewide and nationally.
What’s in our population expand both ethnically linguistically and all the
other different types of needs that we have in our community
and we want to make sure that we are producing candidates who can go out into
the field and work with those various populations. So by diversifying the field
we know that we’re producing candidates who can go out and respond to the
diversity that happens in our community and at the same time help our community
understand the needs of our diverse communities. So in the college we hope
that as you engage with us you understand the importance of diversity
equity and that you are getting an education that’s going to help you as
you move into the 21st century Because we have a strong focus on
diversity and equity in the College of Education as well as inclusion, we want
all of our students to feel that they are invited that their voice is heard so
if ever you feel marginalized or feel threatened or feel bullied in any kind of
in any way shape or form based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or even
linguistically including other things that might feel associated with you, please
feel free to come and see me. I will personally make sure that your needs are
being met because our goal is to help you to feel comfortable and
successful in the College of Education

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