Equal Education calls for Zukisa Faku to be removed

thank so much for tuning in to morning life now civil society group equal education or AE has written to Parliament raising concerns over zukie safar grew a former executive mayor of the buffalo such a municipality being the chairperson of the portfolio committee on basic education now the letter which was addressed to ANC chief whip image or Dina calls on the ANC caucus to initiate the necessary processes to remove Fargo because of fraud and corruption charges against her relating to the misuse of municipal funds and when morning live approached the ANC Chief Whip on the matter she responded that the party has given fargo until today to give an update on her appeal case non led to a month away to where from equal education the general secretary joins us now from the SA BCC Point studios non later thanks so much for speaking to us this morning and welcome to morning life thank you so much for having us I think it's an important conversation that we want to start here today and it's I think it's a general call that some society should be thinking about who is going to become the chairs of our various but for your committees because this is just one of the ways that were able to assume society as general communities and in our case the school community are able to to make sure that the legislature processes or channels that are in place for government to be able to do its work effectively and efficiently are seen to represent good standards of ethics and of compliance and so we're really worried and that's why we making this like this big call for the withdrawal of Asuka South Fargo as a chairperson of the profiler committee for education in particular and I mean I think the strange thing is that this is the sort of campaigner demand from equal education side has come over sort of various transitions first it was a call for the withdraw and this happened outside sonam on the 20th of June but we were harassed and chased off by police and asked not to try and interrupt the proceedings for the president but we wanted him to know exactly what we were thinking what did tell him what he said to know exactly what the call was and I mean no one's responded to us or spoken to us on this matter now what were was saying is that we have to write formally to people and may cause some media to say look can there's no civil society campaign in Madrid in rural tandem a decent hole the Ethics Committee in Parliament candidates uphold the Constitution can they hear up to learners and teachers that represents thousands all across South Africa say to them the chairperson of our portfolio committee cannot be someone that has said and been charged all of nine counts of fraud it cannot be someone that has ceased to be an MP in the past because of having misused public funds and resources someone has been convicted of these things as well rightfully enough served a sentence um and there's always space to discuss things around with restoration and redemption but what what we're saying is that that role in particular is crucial for us and how we're going to be able to use the space and build a capable state with regards to education in the provision of that basic service over the next couple of years something for us it's a it's a no brainer it should be such that that the person that holds a position holds the utmost integrity in the same sort of standard we hold ourselves as equal education or other members of civil society and I mean and that's why we really happy to be young we're hoping this is going to make a difference or impact some change somewhere inside Parliament so what has come out of your deliberations with the ANC Chief Whip aim image or Deena hurt so the entrace will put our feelers out and we don't have direct access to obey me is that she she hasn't received our letter and I don't understand why because it's been directly addressed to her and it's copied in attending ot say and the ethics committee of the ANC and I mean we deliberated a lot and we spoke to sort of I do not say friends of equal education that work in the parliamentary watch space and asked her what are the right channels you know and did I only research and trying to figure out who's the right person to send us later to sow the voices of these learners and teachers are sort of amplified and goes into the right ears so it's disappointing to know that she thinks so says that she hasn't gotten this yet I mean maybe that's something to worry about as well but we haven't got in a response and so as a social movement we have to think of various ways to be able to sort of push this message along and make sure that by the end of today because what we understood also was that the chance of the propeller committee would would be announced today and it's crucial and critical for us to be able to feel like we can use that channel and that space inside one of the very cool sort of stones of democracy of anything else if we aren't able to access Parliament through that committee and the DBE oh god I mean it's a story because we know that the DBE has needs such space to be able to to get oversight but also be accountable in some ways directly to members of civil society to schools and teachers and over that space I think is tarnished by the by her role as a chairperson then it's going to be a difficult it look difficult to go to for us to feel that we can engage and interact positively in that environment and I mostly worried that outside the cause the ends he has made through the president's own mouth around the type of cabinet that he wants to build they they walking right and talking left all right or rather walking would left and talking right yeah I'm trying to make sure that I save the perspective of the left here but anyways but the point is that you can't say one thing as the serrano posture but also do another in in the caliber and the capacity that you build into ministers that come into this portfolio committees so it we worried in general and what we were saying is equal education is that this time we won't be caught napping the issues that we represent immediate and emergent and they are serious and we need someone who's going to be capably be able to hold those things for us especially by keeping good oversight and being accountable for for for the Basic Education Department nationally none later what's your response to the assertion that people are innocent until proven guilty and the fact that she has still taken this matter on appeal needs to be concluded what's your response to that are you willing to accept that and wait until that appeal process is concluded it's unfortunate because one of the things that we sent to the DBE last week for example through our memorandum from that small action spoke about a 2016 deadline for norms of standards for school infrastructure it spoke to issues around buildings collapsing and killing learners and kids in it spoke about pit latrines that were killing learners and school staff and in the popo and water security for schools in Quezon and report point rural provinces those types of issues are emergent and they remediate and they necessary so we aren't able to wait for those processes to sort of roll out but we're saying in the moment is that it's not even a condition or circumstance over the smokeless fire she's been convicted of she served a 3-year sentence of service and house arrest and what we're saying is that because of those things could the agency think sort of deeply and clearly about not okay the deployment situation but rather building in a capable State for putting someone that is responsible and doesn't have this kind of background or tainted background in that position in particular it's one of the most crucial portfolios to hold in government and I think they should have taken it seriously so speaking of school infrastructure last week equal education you were outside Parliament as you'd indicated earlier that was during Sona demanding that the president holds Minister ng mo-chica in particular accountable for the state of school infrastructure in the country and apparently this didn't go down well it just just give us your perspective on this and of course how and why you want the minister to be held accountable look I mean there are two issues there the first is that the reason we were outside parliament in particulars because we wanted to speak to the president after he launched the safe initiative last year speaking about sanitation in particular so business came to the party is like I'm going to find money we're going to fix these issues we were like fantastic there's also a policy our law that's in place that says by 2016 we shouldn't have had this problem so so think about how you want the minister accountable but also had to be action this in a way that's going to have immediate results for learners in schools today but a couple of days before that the DBE had appealed a court judgment from July that had held made stronger this law for for school infrastructure so we had gotten to this breakfast to be like look you can't say one thing and then take us to court in another day and the president's chief of staff will be everyone that was around for that silent protest was that clock would reach out to you immediately and they hadn't so we wrote a letter to formally say look this was the reason we came out these are the issues can we please meet and deliberate and that just has never happened we've never gotten any responses so we were outside Parliament going look it's your second sauna for the year you've made this broad stretch promises some of which can't even be properly achieved so the kind of budgeting process is that the DB has in place already fine we can work through those things in various channels and spaces but can you at least engage learners when they come to you and we've got an arrest and sort of talks it away and part of what what worries us is that they're in cease again showing the sort of attitude of not wanting to be held accountable not it refused them to come to the streets to people because protesters like dirty word and felonious to be an arrest in particular confronts a constitutional court ruling last year on the right to protest of citizens in South Africa an equal education as part of that case speaking about the experience of learners in particular and the simultaneous nature of how we live indicate and victimized and harass children that take up these issues for themselves so I mean it was a it was a plethora of issues that took place that day and we are hoping that through being able to use these kinds of platforms were able to get the rest of the community society school community South Africa to rally behind the civil society in particular and in supporting our call for Lucas a Franco in particular to be withdrawn as an MP and as I think ahead of the portfolio committee for education but also for cinema poster to walk his talk for the ANC to walk they talk we can't still be at the mercy of kata deployment too much has gone wrong there are a number of other organizations that I've seen sort of talk about they worry about the ministers that are going to become hazel portfolio committees having been names that have popped up in the zonda Commission those are the things that I'm talking about those are red flags and we can't said either why those kind of things take place not on our business in any case and we're in the business of of trying to make sure that we get the best type of quality education today in in South Africa and I think you touch on an important point there because one of the questions is of course you have pointed out that you want zuki sifaka to be removed but there are others as you rightly say who also have these clouds hanging over their heads why aren't you necessarily calling for them to be removed as well if for no other reason than you know as a matter of consistency we are we're consistent to the matters around education if you look at the type of people that have endorsed our later for example and the members of civil society and I think we must give each other space to think deeply to interrogate what it means to call for these positions and then let people come to the fore in the various ways but I do think that this is a conversation that's happening inside civil society and I'm sure there'll be ways that we're going to to push on and press on and support each other so in making that this grand call and well the ANC to be publicly sort of susceptible to this kind of sort of relevant criticism for this kind of because I think it's absolutely legitimate and hope for the best the the the walk they took it's the first hundred days in office you know and they've promised all these grand things they must come to the people now and do what's right so last year you wrote as equal education and open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa inviting him to commit to a meeting with you to engage on some of these very critical issues and as you said you were at Sona last week because I would receive you haven't had the opportunity to have audience with the president so what are you going to do now given the latest issue that you've raised around the Giza Farkle if you are not heard if Parliament does not take heed of your concerns and your calls what's your next step I mean I gave us an identity you know so we're are a social movement we're gonna have to see what kind of sort of platforms in areas like this one that I am using today to talk to talk to Parliament's to talk to the aims in particular and maybe even not be other kinds of groups of people that are inside Parliament to help us sort of think deeply about the role of a chairperson of this kind of committee and how the case of a committee isn't the right person to take up this role so I mean we'll see where membership need organizations when we talk to members learners across this country about what this means and what's coming to sort of our confidences information and we'll figure out what you do from there but at the moment where we've got a little bit copied in the speak of the National Assembly attending what you say to the email we had sent to tap in imagine either so we're hoping to know then rights directly to tell me more decency if anything can pick up from them but definitely we still have partly watch groups are thinking with us and helping us plot our way forward and just the follow me I mean there you can probably see these learners outside Parliament's at some point and and just to find a one speaking of tiny MIDI say the Speaker of Parliament they you said you said to later obviously to the ANC Chief Whip and you also copied in the speaker did you receive any correspondence from her office stating that they actually received your letter have received no we haven't I sometimes wonder if our name doesn't make it difficult to be able to open these emails because at this point it's looking bleep but no we haven't and That's not me gonna keep trying well we're gonna have to leave it there thank you so much nan later for speaking to us and that of course non-letter my debate to be equal education general secretary talking to us about the request for the removal of Sookie sifaka now Sookie's afar coup as the former mayor of the Buffalo City municipality and they want her removed as the nominee or the elect for a portfolio committee on basic ek oak education and they saying this is because she is a convicted fraudster and there is of course an appeal pending but they said this doesn't matter she's a convicted fraudster all the same and therefore she should not be placed in such a position of great importance where she is expected to shoulder great responsibility and they are saying that this shouldn't be peculiar just to the portfolio of Education but looking at other former ministers who've also been implicated in a charges of corruption and perhaps all of those people should be removed and talking about perhaps civil society needing to gather more momentum around these issues and actually go out and lobby so that people who do have questionable records do not head-up portfolio committees so that is the situation there regarding equal education and they call for the removal of zubi sifaka

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