Eps. 6 Sea of Blood, Ghosts of Saltmarsh Dungeons and Dragons

we for them in the air on land and under the waves but it wasn't in awful brave or banded together United and hope and allied in goal but it wasn't enough the black tides brought with it an evil of terrible power darkness sank into the hearts of us all or we knew has evolved in the skies we lost so on land we'd lose and our only hope was below boss is unknown to us what at work and in those dark days it found purchase wherever it touched for our best wasn't to know and yet a single light burns in the dark night and it might be enough hello everybody and welcome to that ghosts of saltmarsh ah everybody is accounted for as here as presents I'm glad to see you all looking at fit and healthy and sexy let's start with mark flick how are you late today I'm good I'm very good flick is currently on one HP has been since the beginning of last game so I'm feeling good about today's session I think Flik is gonna have a wonderful time we're gonna be sunshine and roses and he's going to find loads of treasure and be very happy it's good to have dreams it's good to have dreams and goals and aspirations it's good time guys cling on to those indigo bigots hello yeah um hi my ring here is indigo and indigo right now is unconscious it may be dying so guy said I shouldn't create a new character just yet but I'm not sure you have a paladin with you but she did lay on hands already today we're out of heels I think so let's see what happens with a big spider I'm not worried about the spider I'm worried about Flik what is what else is he gonna do to you if you recall last time absolutely absolutely the Paladin without the heels right so um if you recall I healed Flik then somebody got all nice and the photos response was hey I just fixed that that was my 5 hit points as a level 1 Harden first before the haunted house no no we did not how many Hills do I have this many heels these are the number of heels I have left less heels than feet right exactly no that was a golden choke nevermind moving on whatever time she did get an amazing day so I have known Michael how how is Australia still on fire no it's good I mean honestly honestly we're doing better than the group is at the moment so I mean there's that no I'm I'm super keen I'm super excited for today I am you know I I think to myself sometimes you know I I build characters for particular purposes right so I thought you know I'll build a ship right someone who looks after the ship prepares for it you know keeps everything safe and suddenly it's gone it's wrecked it's it so I thought you know what I'm gonna make a survivalist someone who you know looks after the well-being and cares for the group make sure that we don't go into traps or we don't find ourselves ambushed you know little things like that to make sure that we don't find ourselves in too dire astray and yet here we are and and at least I'm okay I have for now I'm I'm not dead I'm dying points I think I'm fine I'm golden I will tell long will I tell the tale of my my ineptitudes in all the things that I set out to do speaking of ineptitudes captain salt how are you waving like that no that's fine I deserve that no that's fine hi I'm very warm but good I'm fine I'm looking forward to today I'm gonna have fun I've been waiting a week for this so I mean if the audience thinks that they have to wait long to find out what happens just imagine being the person who's player whose character is about to die stay alive and save the day save the day I did send you next to shark on a while back please don't send him away we wanted to launch we had to you know order in and that's right that's right that's right that's right you did send Gurgel gut up all right hope that the audio is good and clean and fresh and that the ghostly sounds in the background are not too loud the beginning of the show today wasn't exactly spectacular but hopefully we can move up right oh yes yes yes yes thank you for putting that before we start the show before we start sure okay I've got one minute to do this right firstly a massive shout out to our amazing sponsors who have made this entire show possible so that is world anvil well Danville calm where you can find all of the characters their BIOS some of the NPC BIOS the map with the pins in it it's just absolutely awesome hopefully moderators will share links to that dungeon frog dungeon frog calm all the maps you see are made in dungeon Frog some are made by myself some are made by till who's the actual owner of dungeon Frog he was so excited easily I want to help make maps and the maps are made by dungeon for an absolutely gorgeous maps and then fantasy grounds of course our virtual tabletop of choice that has been rolling and keeping track of all the scores and who's dying and who's not dying fantasy grounds putting on all of that together and of course dungeons and dragons for bringing the small so that is definitely something to look at now part of this is sharing with you guys and that means there is treasure to be found Mum and sir Duke has buried some treasure you'll notice down there every now and again between the logos of our sponsors is a cryptic clue head on over to our website www.africanelements.org my youtube channel above all those prizes you can have a look at that as well right enough of that almost done in under a minute that has go back to the haunted house the cryptic ruined building where we are going to start with initiative that initiative is on the swarm of spiders in the Attic where our intrepid heroes have journeyed so there we go that is how we are standing the swarm of insects the swarm of spiders sees a dapper young Flik busy destroying Indigo's life force as well as holding on to the Jade statue if you recall they also however see a very small little octopus moving around over that statue these spiders are going to make an attack against either you or please pay or Romeo d6 one two three it is they have disengaged from the armor that is busy eating them because it terrifies the hell out of them and they make an attack against Flik they hit with 14 oh no I know three points of damage Flik you are unconscious again over you there's your last save and it's a success Oh indigo one life success – death saves fantasy grounds automatically rolls I had a heartbeat skipping moment giant spider attack it's gonna attack either jag z or Laguna it's gonna go out – Jack C or Luna here's a d6 low it's Jags Jags it's up it detects you it's giant mandibles attacks jag Z its deals are whopping four points of damage and it's as it's black jaws sink into your flesh you feel this burning sensation please pass a centre Constitution savings it was the role one or asking me please to actually succeed if you please natural nice chalkiness poison off first boys on the spider first SME throat ten it's a success okay okay it's the life everyone life everyone well kinda I mean was mostly like just take me everyone is still alive dropped down into the basement where salt is busy facing off against Sanballat yes is absolutely obsessed with destroying you so he is going to disengage he's gonna step back five feet give or take to there and then he raises his hand you know I threw hey sure and this little blue sphere of energy forms in his hand which he then throws at you as magic missiles sails out slamming into into you dealing you that much damage for points I will not let you interrupt my operations here thank you very much mr. salt you will learn your place so much Thunder leopard don't have to do this what are you doing Victor Europe alright I am going to do what I did last time but hopefully I'll succeed this time I'm going to move in and I'm going to hit him very much please do so Oh God wait no I haven't gotten the thing shared so cut me myself but and I can't oh thank you thank you I'm not sure where that went but alright alright first attack long sword slash Oh No why all right I go excuse my bonus action to attack with my offhand right my hand axe that's not a hit sorry Karen I'm going to use the free action to pray and actually I'm going to I'm good sort of Victor gets to mutter under his breath of Prayer – oh gosh my mind is blank that's what happens the spider is all over Jag's e you've got Flik slumped down just being crawled all over by those little things his little octopuses all over him trying to fend off spiders it sort of catches his spider and eats it and backs away and another one very very briefly what are you doing great lavona shouts good pinky eat the crabs and she attempts to leap on the back of the giant spider look who now has previously joy Rhodes ridden an octopus but she's never joy ridden a giant land crab and she wants to know what's gonna happen plus she thinks it's gonna be distracting bad boy she yells straddle between its cephalothorax and its abdomen it doesn't know what's going on oh she's very great used at the moment save the first one not the last one there it it doesn't react immediately sort of skittering skittering around but it's no longer looking at Jags at all they're trying to figure out what's on its back unlike the octopus that you've written before this is not squishy and slightly you know baggy this is hard and hairy land crabs that are crunchy they are indeed are you in to do anything else you can make an attack of you I would like to make an attack I'm going to grab one of the heads with one hand yep it makes so I assume that that's a handhold and I'm going to slash at it with the Megalodon swords lovely so you are riding this giant spider slash in it I'm going for a CUDA growl although clearly I've not grappled it so I'm just going for the necklace I'm just happy wildly at the back people just a regular coolants that was the wrong dice I'm so sorry that was pre-emptive it's nice damage it hit McGee here I can't see the spider by the way so I can't roll sorry that's okay I will roll damage in there you should like roll your attack that's a hit yes do your damage mashing commence I see the speed still okay it's the map that I can't see oh sorry I thought you said you can't see it you can't see the whole speed and speed area the Miss insane of speed right let's do this now I've got to make sure it's at this point not me Oh for freaks sake sorry I'm you know again but you slam you Megaton bleh into the back of this thing great big chunks of carapace or rip free because of the jagged shape of the tooth and this green it core starts to ooze out of it what's going on jagged jaw does it look like the swarm is about to attack flick and lo who know from where they are it looks like this swarm is about to attack pinky pinky yeah so pinky's kind of holding the line there Jackie's gonna rally with Luna and says all right let's make it happen give me a giant crab and I'm gonna swing my anchor and try to I'm not gonna try and trip it but I'm basically gonna try and land a blow on one of the big meaty legs while it's kind of looking up and around suppose it do I get advantage oh oh oh so this is how it starts this is how it starts yeah yeah all right you completely vanish I don't one yeah yeah because the legs are all busy moving around with Luna riding cowboy style on the back you swing wildly but you also want to clip into into indigos body either so there's a bit of concern there so that's what happens there that's the end of the round swollen spiders the swarm of spiders are gonna attack pinky I don't have pinky's stats pinkey stats on hand current is he just a small octopus yeah well I think he's just an octopus so he has three hit points oh he's just an octopus he has its Rehab points do you have an armored clothes for me and it was not bring it up here it's fine twelve I'm a klutz twelve all right the spiders gonna make an attack against I'm a class of 12 there is their attack they hit Oh No okay there is a moment where it's just pencils fighting against this black swarm and then the tentacles all stiffen and then the whole thing fades from existence is the spider swarm piles down around itself and around indigo if there's nothing for you to roll here fantasy guys are gonna do it automatically as yes I'm ready I'm ready it's your second one I thought you were ready on your second I don't want you to die at fantasy grounds keeping track so dying second save you're still there I don't know I know it is the second there it is this he went out hanging and flick a second stay here okay okay right the giant spider is just going like a list ik with you on its back the Hoonah it is gonna try and get you off of that because they know there are very few animals that like like things on their backs so it is gonna try and wrestle you off would you please give me an opposed acrobatics or athletics check yes I will do that thing Monda Hoonah that was not all right her grace the spider levallois flick off of the back of this giant creature which immediately turns and looks at you that is its action for the round however flick another success okay okay success – successes you just need one more your step can it can have summer flicks luck between you you even Jegs you need some flicks like right down below Sanballat snarls at you why won't you die you old dog I knew you were tough before but I didn't get this don't have to do this I didn't mean to take over that's not why I'm here oh it's it can stop this right now you should have stopped it when you stole my bargain from the Hobgoblin he summons up another blue ball he takes another step back as he does so he fires off his second magic missile you four points of damage salt goes down goes down the last thing you hear salt as you drop to your knees you drop your two weapons you hear sandal it going boys bring me the shark chum we've got feeding there's your first death save and it's a one oh that's on salt it's a one on salt that's two failures okay now more than half the party is dying things are going so well we're back upstairs with this giant spider Luna did I mention I'm still praying by the way yes yes that's your last thoughts like Oh what are you doing this giant spider is there it's ready it's hungry it's bleeding it should be it's going to do more of that right now she says all right these simple words I am going to attack how powerful is the spider the spider is about five foot tall oh hi yeah I'm wondering about stabbing its fleshy underbelly if it has one and she's looking at you could easily roll underneath it and stab up thats what i'm gonna do alright that sounds stupid I'll do math right very enthusiastic the heard us cartwheels forward military style just got that Friday and she attempts to stab up into the belly of the beast the belly is as heavily armoured as the top and your blades thumps and bunks against its underside not penetrating donk a jagged jewel Lihue nur is lying underneath the spider it doesn't know where she is it doesn't have it has eight eyes but unfortunately there will upward-facing it has its back to you what are you doing thinking dumb things um okay it does it does no okay nervous I'm going to I'm gonna move over to to flick and indigo haha now what I'd like to do with Jagger jaw is I'd like to like basically with the anchor that I've got throw it into the air directly above me I want to turn it to go straight up and straight back down while it's hanging in the air I want to basically pick up both flick and indigo and as the anchor crashes into the rotten wood at my feet I want to basically get to the floor below with my weight Indigo's weight flicks weight and the anchor coming crashing down okay I like it I like it you throw the anchor up this this is going to require good grief this is an interesting all right so you throw this anchor high up into the air give me you don't give me a strength check if you please okay as you launch this thing up into the air alright here we go come on yeah there is this terrific crashing creaking sound as it punches through the slate roof up into the glorious evening you bend down you grab flick in one you grab indigo in the other and then this hand comes down you need to give me a dexterity saving throw oh well just say you threw it up and I did I did all the magics 37 is great the anchor slams into that rotten wood the wood was a really under huge amounts of pressure and in a burst of wood and mold and corpses the three of you disappeared down in a giant hole I'll be back all right now eggsy just roll me romi ad twitter if you please just a d12 don't roll it too without rolling Hey don't roll or two but but you see guy a wizard does not roll higher or lower than they need they roll precisely what they mean your agent like this one does not know what to do it there's no pinkie there's no there's just a hole where it used to be I'm strong here that's there's a big hole in the floor right there so the spider swarm retreats back into its little cocooned area are you ready indigo yeah I'm bracing myself a success it's two for two all right this is very rude it'd be okay right what I just did two for two Jain spider it's about – tequila Hoonah it bears down upon you with an angry nasira lying underneath it it doesn't like you at all it jumps down and hits no it deals seven points of damage okay Jigga Joe is the only one I save everyone just do it natural 20 think that's your three saves yeah here one spiders come out flicks mouth Victor I've never had so many death saves in a row this is just insane here we go and when t-that's – none of the GM who says fantasy grounds hates the characters oh wow I just said that out of that first one it just hates it to me you're not unconscious why did I think you were unconscious oh I did a system shock thing from I got um seven I got more than half my once but I'm not it said no result yes well you have their reactions for this round yes sorry so you're not dead you're not dying sorry I completely it is your turn what are you doing well my buddies have tactically retreated which is rolled through a whole new floor ruin elevator they made which is cool thank you how big is the spider and how big is the elevator the spider is about ten foot across the hole is around about five foot across so the spiders not going to go down the elevator unless they're like crabs and they can squeeze in two spaces can they do that you don't know about land crabs well the spiders body is hard where is not to piss as a soft that's true I I went yeah good alright I'm going to tie two clear treats which means I'm going to risk an attack of them oh no if I I'm going to use doesn't get my action stage nicely and then run the flick away basically gonna take a five foot step down the hole yeah I'm rolling I'm rolling all that way alright you launch yourself down into that hole oh there is nothing the spider can do as you slap down the floor below into the chaos the absolute chaos that is dial oh I will give you that map now let me just open it up here but in their face so lucky you more of your arm around your butt say other literally but barnacles I'm kinda just wondering if we if we went down one floor or multiple floors after the rock that's that's because I might make say Victor if we keep going unconscious party members dispel through that floor landed on this side of the house and if you recall it was incredibly unstable remember there was walking towards things so I'm gonna get you to roll a d20 for me you have to roll above ten otherwise that floor is giving in and that would be bad the floor okay sags like a wind mattress is this before or after Lorena and this is before then you need to give me a dexterity savings right away of Luna who just dove down very very very well as a result you take four points of damage magazine okay I've got one hit point does the does the floor still continue to Sag the floor holes because this it's just lose that's landed on an indigo as humans to the one side and flickers to the other I was living at land she's like hijack see ya how's the house the land kept going it's um it's up there still I think we should keep going down but maybe the traditional way flick you passed your silly throws so you're on one hit point am i conscious you are is indigo conscious no I'm gonna Scrabble over – indigo healing potion vials right weird thing innit I'm gonna you and comment and try and slide the sludge into her mouth yes traditions are a red rose water liquid this however when you turn it upside down there's a slight movement as gravity pulls on it and as you shake it it's like the last of the ketchup until eventually there's this great big blob and so it splashes over most of her mouth some of it gets into the mouth you swear you can see little bits of mold growing in but it's enough to cause her to swallow you may roll to d8 what 8 persons get better with age oh they do they ferment and either kill you oh yeah I quickly go on dressing please stop killing them boy salts we don't know what happens to you no I am going to just do this quickly but it's a taste of sadness in my mouth you okay I think so are you okay dragon yeah we are effectively out of combats please to give me perception chicks okay I'm gonna put down Luna and indigo I'm very bad at that perception checks please all four of you there we go flick you hear nothing except the sweet sweet sound of victory something oh oh there's a twenty indica between the two of you it sounds like there is a tremendous amount of scuffling banging there's a slamming sound then there's the sweat pouring of liquid sound and then a thump coming from down the staircase from you it's just like they're making you some celebratory tea don't worry about it it's fine it's fine it's what the two of you hearing they are more people in this house sounds like you stay here I'll go check it out no no I'm coming with you I'm fine I look at indigo and see her swaying indigo stay here that's an order I'm all right yeah I'm actually pretty good I think right now I have the most hit points out of all of us probably all right I see some people who got this map some people don't let me share it with you quickly offer to help but you can kind of see these incredibly brutally injured yeah Jackson is Jaxy stay here with Luke all right yes would you like gross potion once it's healed indigo you take it I'll throw it in my mouth and just crunch I put my hand in front of my face because often when this happens like small glass shards just like yes you can roll of course okay all right not bad I I'm I I can function without dying yes you can function that day all right so who is going downstairs who is staying upstairs I'm getting downstairs first lieutenant says the first place I'm going I'm going to take out my rope and if any of you are Star Wars fans I'm gonna take flick and I'm going to make myself a flick backpack hi I'm Ryan Raburn way so he's kind of like who's literally watching my back and I'll tell him quietly all right listen you can watch my back for the next let's say till we get out of here I will stop chasing you around the galley I have a question for you jack see okay like straddling your dorsal fin kind of I mean I yeah I imagine I imagine it's you know it's sort of like it's almost like almost like a comfy headrest as we leave the door flicks just gonna say get up stop for a moment and consider life choices I'll continue okay all right where are you heading to the Hoonah you have points everyone else seems to be following you wish I didn't have a problem with is the splashy googly mash noise coming from that has stopped and now it sounds like there is a terrific amount of ripping and banging and hissing coming from the long staircase directly in front of you in front this way directly in front of you yeah that way that one don't go in this way you're going that way yes all right coming with me it's true it's a tactical retreat people all right so should we retreat it is somewhere in this house we are retreating do you see this we are going the retreat way my do you understand what retreat means no no no as you get to this upper landing loo hunan that very wobbly staircase if you recall there is a hiss and a shout from down below in this the ground just below you in the main hall standing with a very eviscerated bloody corpse of a shark on next to him is this impressively large lizard folk resplendent and green scales he has the most amazing blue orange and yellow war paint across his entire lung scales snout in one hand he holds this long obsidian blade which has got very large teeth strapped to it making it even work more of an impactful weapon and he has feathers tastefully displayed about his head giving him this very noble crest he himself is covered in blood as well he looks up at you loo Hoonah and what do you do Oh leans forward and says this is the retreat way he looks at me I take one step back so here hey schoolboy come get me it's poised with my foot on the top step all right indigo what are you doing with this paladin backing up towards you I'm stepping out of the way in looking at her I'm used and absolutely used to live who know doing things I didn't understand but right now I'm with my eyes I'm begging her to tell me she's not going crazy that she has a plan and because usually that doesn't work because kind of we're not on the same wavelength I actually say please tell me you have a plan there was i coming in I'm gonna get the staircase to disappear Oh it my foot Oh fine I like a move I move back a little bit more all right click you are saddling sexy would I know what language lizard folks speak a shock on certainly will but I don't think you would know me okay I'm gonna say in common right that's what you're shouting out at this thing it's big head turns over because it stands about seven foot tall and this long purple tongue flicks and in flicks out and I just realized as a matter of fact you would know what his what his languages you have fanuc we're on the ship so yes what language they speak they speak language no they speak true chronic okay so could I switch that teacher conic instead the same thing sure I said it so we've got the Paladin trying to goad them into coming up the stairs and then we've got you down there sorry what did you say again just remind me oh hello how are you okay that's what you're shouting up to this individual Jack see now jag Z seeing the the dead body of the Chacon we had no idea there was a shock Anya he begins to mutter in a different language this is of course shocked on he's doing it softly and flick is the only one probably on hearing clearly jagged jaw is very rarely angry at anything and but when he does he starts to revert back to his more primal shock on miss I guess so you can hear flick Jags he's starting to cool like to an ekala what – muffin Tala da cunha teenie Muhammad Quarren bitterness real love breathing heavily like his whole muscles are starting to tense you can you can kind of feel that the the ropes getting tighter on you as his muscles are starting to swell wanna get up all right this lizard folk looks at the four of you it's to be able to read their expressions because they have even less facial muscles than the little sea cobbles so this tongue is still sort of tasting out then you hear hissing down below anybody who speaks to Connick will understand this anyone who does not does not understand it the hissing is we have found the entrance the figure looks at you lot and then says you should know your master is dealing with forces beyond his comprehension now stay where you are if you wish to live oh okay to make that noise and he walks underneath you oh can I do something no he said it in draconic yeah okay Oh nobody move help him uh as he walks underneath yeah Jag's he leaps clean over his anchor in hand he just brings it down and he says stuck on and swings as heavy as he can onto the head of this lizard folk all right at flick you don't have a choice you're going with him because you are riding this shark over the balcony make your attack jagged jaw you have advantage he wasn't expecting you to leap over the balcony and drop down 15 feet to attack him a natural 20 you slam your anchor into this individual do your damage do your worst 19 points of damage that's not bad you drop this individual on our heartbeat the anchor buries through the top of his skull under your weight his spine just snaps his hand drops that obsidian blade and he drops into a pile of very dead shoes in person in potentia and jagged joy you land unfortunately you take six points of damage as you land badly on the tiles and things flicky you're gonna take three points of damage which unconscious unless actually you weren't tied into the center was he tied or were you holding I was tied you take three points of damage flick as you are slammed into the tiles which once again puts you into your usual state assistance you're really the revolving door of death indigo what are you doing you've just watched Jags he launched himself off of this balcony down there was crunching sounds there was snapping sounds there was a possible what was the sound from flick and then silence in DK mata something in in see a lady and she hurries down the stairs that's to make it one – I'm kind of flanked arrows all right and then she stands before for Jessie and holds up a hand and says no student you do not want this you can see eggsy as he slammed into the whole thing you probably rolled onto your side that was really took all the damage yes so you're telling him be still no more Jagga draw has a couple of moments he sort of still breathing quite heavily caught all the adrenaline still in his body I'm going to do a self-imposed thing thank you pass you know he'll calm slow his breathing and a natural one double stubble folia oh no I can't handle this I'm going home I like to go victory snack no stabilize now oak tree snack alright Victor I will come to you shortly Luna runs downstairs she had some cockamamie plan which involves collapsing the stairs but apparently that wasn't happening today so fine she tried to protect occult um laguna runs down the stairs the first thing she does is takes out the knife from her belt and cuts flick off dagger teres hide a little body lays it on the floor like he's made of nothing um and she tries to stabilize him because he's just bleeding alright I'll give you that give me a medicine check a better one yeh apparently holding a Sebald in your hands and smacking it against the floor doesn't cause it and restart it just doesn't turn it off and on again I wanted don't die jagged jaw oh I feel really bad wait Henry Higgins I'm gonna I'm gonna try I really try to also do the medicine check thing I'm going to use all my like sort of wilderness survival tactics Gibbons being a sea Ranger I'm hoping that I know a little bit more about kobold Anatomy that would be nice not okay not tennis enough was it yeah to stabilize and you're just enough I know just busy does not roll higher or lower our I thought you were gonna say that you threw up some of the potion that would be absolutely terrifying unfortunately stepping out from that room where the captain the Lord as a matter of fact oh it's about to go for very large lizard man step forward and these four very large lizard folk step forward all wielding the same black obsidian weaponry and look at the four of the first one that steps forward he raises his blade very very calmly and then pauses for just a second he says they start to move around to encircle you what are you doing indigo indigo turns up and wishes she had the ability to people that Lihue Nahas but she has to improvise and hope that maybe she's going to back half he was not slain it was justice for he had killed one of his blood but for blood he we meet not spill any more blood but the Chacon is now sated advantage okay okay come here character and advantage Louis you Asian there we go seventy max is pretty good they seem to lower their weapons slightly as they listen to you their eyes look at you their tongues moving in and out tasting the air they continue to circle just a little bit around you forming or closing off I should say the space just in case anyone is thinking of moving or running stepping out from the kitchen beyond we're on the wrong map here but I'm not going to change it just yet we OB s operators busy shaking is another screwed stepping out from around the one is this very proud looking lizard folk lots of bones hang off of his shoulders and he has a skull of it looks like a crocodile on top of his own which is just accentuates the the length of his snout his paint is not that of brilliant war painting things it's more ghost-like he looks at the lot of you and then he looks down at UNO and you can see his eyes are a little bit cloudy and he looks at you loo hoon and he says um what did you say sorry Rehana Alona goldfishes for a moment she's like almost almost Rehana just one generation away my mind is thinking back to the last time I was here not two times ago when I was here because the last time didn't go so well um do I remember that you have most of your travels never encountered listen folk at all okay so she looks this man up and down and she's like how do you know my mom that is your mother's name you are sprouting it's a really funny story and I cannot wait to share it with you I'm Laguna she puts a hand out to shake ass and he looks at your hand and he looks at jagged you're covered and lizard-men blood at the corpse back to you at the little sea balls at indigo you were corrects in your blood for blood if the Lord was slain an honorable combat position there is no retribution warranted no it's not in furiously I completely agree it was so honorable and you know what it was an honorable death he fought bravely the whole thing was worthy of a freaking song was amazing Yukiko is very very she's she's just happy that LaHood is doing this be sure because she couldn't call this on a room anyway if she can't lie like like that see same she just sensed it hmmmm are you part of the scum oh definitely I am anti scum you see the scum I am on the other team I I wash the scum off I am NOT Pro scum then what brings you here um actually the scum kind of wants to kill us which I'm not super enjoying scum has some really bad ideas we're trying to assuage the ideas of the scum basically everything the scum is for we are totally on the other side I cannot I cannot express enough how much we are anti scum all right in which case then you may enjoy witnessing the end of this scum as you so call them definitely but I do have to say but my friend used to be scum adjacent all right you had a change of heart and he is a completely different here oh and he prays to hell though he's got a whole thing going it's beautiful it's so beautiful I cannot tell you how beautiful it is but he used to be scum adjacent and if you look at him in the wrong light he can look like scum so I just need to be sure that you do not damage my friends who is now super good but still coming so there's a pattern ER of scum across him just slightly it's a tiny pet we're working on it we're now working on it and you know what how about be praised analyse it be praised he's gonna get race it's gonna be it's gonna be beautiful it's gonna be so beautiful but right now just a little bit scummy so don't kill my friends cuz he's awesome this is what I'm saying Oh persuasion at some points in da leans over to to Jesse did you get any of that not a bloody word oh good I think she switched languages while they're buying it used car salesmen school of rhetoric of course you do look you're you're a smart man we're smart people we're clearly on the same side we just we just want to be on the same team we want things to be great do you want things to be great because I want things to be great I said we don't want things to be great let's go make things great as long as it's not a human starts to lead you towards the kitchen and the stairs down well is the human a problem I really support ability the victor is currently it's shot Chum so you know no real issue that they are the ones well look I know how easy it is to mix humans up and yes sometimes they do look the same but you know they all they are all different you can't just say humans all right it's you know we're past that time now we don't have to do that anymore you know humans started the black tide old one it was summoned to our waters by them with the dangerous indigo you know who summoned the Black Tide wait let's do you know Williams the tide called to the edges that is all we know we are trying to find out more about it and to stop it but that is why I am here at least I look at the rest of the party and there is one human on our side so not all of them wish wish to bring the hunger from the deep and to bring the black tie to all the Seas she sounds awesome we definitely want to talk to her she sounds amazing I I cannot wait please please take us to your queen so we can have a great a great chat with her tell her about all of the things and you know what we will make the world great together it's gonna be amazing I I did not follow what she said but we will happily talk to your queen yes you are then ushered because he sort of lazily waves a hand to follow lizard fallen behind you as we're following yes I come to you now flickers Michael oh sorry I let go because I feel like six likes been unconscious unconscious you are unconscious but you're not dying anymore you were stabilized yes okay all right you were led down the stairs of this massive structure and into this very strange basement where if you recall there were lots of bottles of wine and the like and you are taken down even further past definitely a secret door of some kind and you are then eventually led to this cave system and the cave system takes you and a roundabout where you can see there are several very dead looking individuals that have no no no chance of being resurrected there's blood everywhere there are lizard folks standing all heavily heavily armored and you are eventually brought to the mouth of this cave the sea is gently washing on the outside and what is most visible I suppose you could say or what is most striking is just outside of this cave mouth is this magnificent absolutely magnificent lizard folk war canoe and it is resplendent it looks like this massive carved sea serpent brilliant colors adorn it and yes it it is it is a thing of beauty to behold basically just just just off of the cave mouth in the front of the cave mouth is two figures one you recognize as salt bound on his knees his mouth next to him is another scrawny human also bound and gagged he has this big gash across the side of his head and then there are several other thugs in the background which I suppose I can head in if you really like but yes there is this collection and they're all human the Shaymin lizard man steps around them but do you remember my friend the one that I said was scholar Jason cuz that's my friend and he's not scum he's just slightly scum looking so he's totally not scum and we should we should we should just untie him right now should we do that I think that's a great idea isn't that a great idea you will slay the first to be destroyed as a mark of integrity okay he looks at you Laguna sure but I'm not gonna kill my friend cuz as we have already established on your it's not a smart man you will remember this he is only scum adjacent he is not scum and we don't kill sky adjacent people because what is that that's bad and what are you you're awesome so you wouldn't want me to do that would you we've moved on to motivational speaker here mr. Asian check against [Applause] let's see what the dice says you continue this tirade of words I finally know why in some systems this is called fast talk oh okay his tongue bursts in bursts out he looks from you he looks back to Victor he is not convinced prove your worth rictus victor sort of looks up he looks really bad and just sort of blinks and sort of tries to focus on lunasa oh I thought that was you thank you alive today one or I will slay them all Victor says sorry I look mean it says very cheerfully hi Victor I have to kill somebody how about that one and an order to assemble that he's a really nasty one right yeah he almost killed me right now treacherous to the last salt oh you have no idea assemble it you've no idea what I'm capable of do you think that I love you very much sorry what um I I pull out my blade am I nailed it out I say my own children no you don't I could oh no you can't at least he'd take this soul and I slot as you slice into him he drops over dead God removes his token is anyone gonna remove the token oh just a party alignment executing Honorables a murderous sociopath is not technically evil act as it all right so the Hoonah you have dispatched sand Belletti gurgles and bleeds out on the sand in the front of you the shaman's steps forward I see my mom does that breakfast Soviets rescue the rest he says and the other lizard folk move in and take out the last of the two thugs I've already possessively put my arms around Victor alright oh one is mine out out out out really hurt right there alright alright thank you hi I'm back let's see you again you will now journey with us to see our queen cool that sounds amazing we will gladly come with you um first few lizard folks start to just swim out towards their canoe they great big powerful tails propelling them quite quickly through the water the shame looks at does it swim he says looking at Victor slightly aquatic Lee challenged I'm gonna put them in the boat push the boat is filled with crates you're not entirely sure what's in those crates look I just I just gotta get out of this chainmail and I can swim I'm all right look you really need to take notice of the barrels and crates that are around here they contain about 400 pounds of something oh very nice always yes maybe they shouldn't be around here if everyone else is leaving let's um yeah what's in the crates human says the little Shaymin who has obviously overheard this conversation something that can take out and hunger from the deep hopefully my crystals no misfire crystals would your Queen like them I bet she would love them really good for trade they shall be brought with us he indicates to two of his warriors who basically look at you salt look at a position on the little boat and it looks as if they're going to push the boat out with all of the crates that have been loaded up onto the boat and I'd scramblin – but don't crash that boat thank you it's like okay you see a light here's some yeah he's sleeping he's fine he's totally fine don't worry about him just concentrate on yourself you're like I'm fine I'm just fine we all fine I think we're all fine all right good it is not terribly terribly difficult to swim out to this massive massive it is an impressive structure over 90 foot in length with all sticking out on either side that looks like great big spines stabbing into the water this large card serpent seems to ride the waves with a determination and an aggressiveness if you like that belies its speed because once you are aboard the very basic accommodation there's a leather roof which provides shade to a degree from from the Sun this starts to the the whole canoe once everyone is loaded aboard kind of placed down the Charmin passes by flick is it sleeping he had a little bit of a tough day um I I don't know if you can help him flick you are imbued with healing as the shaman's hand passes are you restoring you one hit point bringing you to one hit point allowing you to be awake on one hit point again Laguna gives the show I don't feel so good but she gives it to him anyway hmm it made it flick it's been a tough day oh it's been a tough tough tough week make it look at you in one piece visit folk is that why they're all friends now Laguna did that thing with her mouth words and now we're apparently taking explosives to the lizard Queen that's about as far as I've gotten Oh yep well I've got things are doing salt marsh really days rest we're gonna meet the Queen guys she's like famous she's the queen there is a tremendous suddenly starts up and the oars on the ship start to pump backwards and forwards and the the walkin who just starts to slide through the waves almost bouncing over the tops of the crests of this white of the white foam of the water that's splashing against the coasts that along the length of saltmarsh it is at that point that perhaps some of you might realize that this is a journey that is going to take a week as the capital of the lizard folk is and quote ox deep within the Okawa swamps which are far far to the north and so the canoe surges forward unless any of you are going to try and abandon ship mid-journey no we don't want to do we don't want to be in salt marsh with explosives we want to be away from salt marsh with explosives right you are the ship starts to make its way north for those of you not accustomed to consuming lizard folk meals dinners and breakfasts are a challenge great big chunks of raw flesh dumped down in front of you it isn't fish it looks like carcasses of Buffalo and similar swamp-dwelling beasts it's pretty much all there is I see flicka's diving into that there we go and so our journey takes us far far north and you all have for the very first time a long wait wait wait wait wait this flick have more than one hit point yes I'm gonna keep giving them to you particles you need some water boats oh yeah that is indeed the ship is going to make its way slowly along the coastline and on day two of the journey someone can roll a d8 for me if you please just a random d8 I'm just removing monsters like six it is stormy but not yet raining the waters have turned that dark dark gray which for most of you would be a non-event you'll be looking up at it from underneath the water and underneath would be fairly calm just darker than usual but up here the wind whips around and that ship struggles and the headway is not as great as it could be there are great big froths of white on top of each of the waves and the temperature starts to drop rather uncomfortable there is a wall from the front of the ship a sighting of some kind Shaymin limps to the front looks ahead and just sort of shakes and is fairly miserable are any of you going to have a look yes yes absolutely all right as you Klauber to the front the entire vessel has slowed down and you can see half of the oars have been retracted into the ship itself and the few oars are being used very tentatively there are just floating bodies in the water carcasses it looks like whales dolphins sharks just as far as you can see in front of you just this red tide of dead animals every now and again one of them twitches is something from underneath as busy chewing on it you can even see here and there the distended bloated corpses of aquatic elves merfolk and what you thought was a shark is actually a shock just all bobbing and floating as this war canoes slowly pushes its way through these bodies the stench starts to get worse as you get deeper into this floating graveyard Luna from where we are can we see first of all this is a pulling and it's like the sea has died and I'm living as dying inside but also can we see any symptoms of what they've died of apart from death which I know is very common around these parts a quick glance at some of the corpses there's the usual sea damage that's fairly familiar with it looks like they have suffered from deep slashing wounds some of them you can see great big very clean cuts through the bodies a definite definite unnatural death not mauled by the usual predators of the ocean but its killed by blade or harpoon or this was something attacked these on mass as you are surrounded by these things they weren't doing anything else looking at these the words being made from my manufactured weapon could jagged or use any kind of check to try and identify any sort of unique types of weapon injuries like for example Laguna has a serrated Megalodon sword you know the shark on have unique weapons the seals would as well could I sort of narrow it down to maybe like it was a XX army or something or not a problem that's what you're trying to do salt I think salt is aware that humans are not very welcome on these ships he's keeping a very low profile and it's just sort of wherever we've been sort of assigned to stay on the ship he just kind of sits there leaned against the railing keeps very quiet into himself I think he would have like explained what happened to everyone in that mansion but after that I think he's been very quiet he just stays there stays down flick-flick would have been following the shame around – if you had anything valuable on him for the entire journey so I'm gonna be next to the Shaymin as he's looking over these corpses so I'm gonna be sort of just like peering over there uh if she doesn't see anyone who is alive that she can help she's just praying Carlin is doing I will say to the shame in though I will say well kill them all Cindy go in Diego move slowly up to probe the ship who looks out of this and starts it's it's somewhere in between muttering I'm just a keening sound and she's probably speaking Elvis if anyone understand that he's going yeah so Himani mean yeah ignores the rests around her just completely grief-stricken by what she sees all right Jagger Joe would you please give me an investigate check flick you can do the same thing investigate Jagger Joe yeah you're postmortem death flick every now and again the Shaymin has got all sorts of bones hanging from his his extremities and from his arms and his torso and he doesn't seem to mind you following him and when you ask him the question he turns and he looks at you and then he looks at salt we speaking into Connick yes he is oh yeah they're pretty bad so why the daughter her diplomat seeks to protect this one is settling well yeah yeah well he's not too bad and be snails hmm but he's alright I don't really like lot of humans but he's alright neither do we so do you have a plan for what because we had a plan what plan well we were going to use all those explosive fire crystals you know the ones you've got on board nice long boat a boat that you have we were going to use them to blow everything up so we weren't going to blow up the horrible creepy statue the horrible creepy house and the horrible creepy what statue oh I thought you would have known there's a very creepy horrible statue in Salt Marsh we're gonna blow it up why well one second I'll be right back I'm gonna run over to indigo and ask to get the thing pila oh yes little dragon you take it oh thank you I'll give you back I'm gonna run back I'm gonna give it to the same thing here look at you find this you'll have to ask her puts his big green scaly hand on your face and pushes you aside in his eagerness to get to indigo okay good sure this is yours he says holding up the scapula – you know I've been loaned it from her from a keeper for growth the Druids that make sense are you aware of what this is it is Adler it allows me to the truth see the things as they really are it is sand more he holds up one of the bones which you didn't you failed to sort of notice flick and it is a second scapula it is part of a contract that is why we were insult mush we knew it to be somewhere on the coast and somewhere within the town we were uncertain as to its whereabouts well now this is yours and we are no thieves do I have your permission if you tell me what you are going to use it for these combine together to make a powerful device solve insight into the minds of those that would deceive us go ahead use it as it was meant to be used he takes your scapula and he takes his scapula and he's not quick the two of them together and as the two pieces of bone touch there's this brilliant flare of light lunar you hear this is it a change in the wind is it a soft hand upon your cheek of reassurance because when you open your eyes is no one around you who could possibly have done it but it definitely feels as if someone gave you a very very very comforting touch as soon as the flare is finished there's two scapular apparatus if you like his complete he holds it up to his face as a reverse mask and looks out over the water and immediately recoils for your use he says holding this out to you indigo she posed as she takes it and then pulls it up to her face give me a Constitution saving attraction please oh I'm really better then she says rolling a natural 20 I need some luck you do need some mine if you look through and for the briefest of moments you are absolutely horrified by what you see and a lesser person would have been completely overwhelmed by it but you see a corpse of a merfolk in front of you and there is without a doubt a human busy standing in front of this merfolk the merfolk appears to be in Chains on a wooden surface and the human is just stabbing the merfolk repeatedly with a sphere then as you sort of look elsewhere there is a wail and again there appeared to be boats around this whale with humans with harpoons busy stabbing harpoons into this whale it can't escape you can see there's a rope tied around its tail to a bigger ship as these humans are just stabbing into this poor creature as it's dying you can hear its death song as it's calling out to the rest of the pod for safety for help for any kind of relief from this this incredible pain and as you look around you just seeing how each and every single one of these creatures died give me a perception check however please whatever it is it's just too horrific there is just it and and the sound starts to build as this wall of screaming merfolk and Chacon being just slaughtered whales dolphins on mass it just becomes too overwhelming after a while and you have to take the mask remember you take the mask away stop the echoes of death still linger before eventually fading into the oceans background this is how they did it they sacrificed them all of them hundreds of lives and they drained them and I think this is how they called it up from the deep in Deacon Farris known it turns to him I did not see him among the murderers I see something she uses a different crime for salt yes Luna Laguna meanwhile has just had a bit of a flashback well this has been going on and she runs to the Shaymin right and puts her hand heavily on his shoulder and said what did you do the light what did you do what was it I have simply fused together the components as provided by and he indicates indigo oh um indigo but what what components what was it I need to I I have to know how people call it the Kenta are an object of sacred value long since forgotten it allows for one to see beyond the veil of death but but sacred sacred to whom most of our peoples on the azure sea you will have story and solve it but Alesi it it's from Alesi right its origins are unknown to me Leah you will have to speak to the Queen it was she who dispatched us to find the components in the first place nothing is rubbing her wrists okay can I hold it he looks at you indigo you still haven't what it shows is terrible I I have to hold it hold it but you should think if you really want to do look through it hand it over very carefully I take it like it's the holiest thing in the world just does it feel like anything it's quite light but you do notice it has inscriptions all over it indigo wasn't able to decipher them but you can certainly give me a religion check my hands are shaking but I I try and see what it says the religious symbols honor to appear to be from several different gods certainly Alisha is present as is Tam das a few of the older more obscure gods sighs there Rowan is there this is a very old relic um do I know what kind of species it the scapular is from the scapula's give me a give me a nature check yes did that thing you're not sure that the scapula's as your you're holding them in you're sort of shaking you drop it a little bit flick is standing right next to the Shaymin and they kind of look like flick size gathers can't hear you if you're talking that's because I had my hands between my face hall and the microphone sorry sorry gotta have them over there this is a sacred object this is holy I put it up to my face prostitution saving throws you are bombarded with these horrific images of slaughter and death hey sorry I booked let's try that again you're okay very shaken as you see this whole thing and folding in front of you again just humans slaughtering killing maiming destroying give me a perception check low who knows definitely still shaking things up me eyes as you are looking at this horror unfolding in front of you that's performance let me try again I'm sorry then-named next to each other you are scrutinizing these individuals there's something familiar about one of them is wearing a Tabard and there's a symbol on that Tabard you vaguely recall seeing it but when did you see it it was when you were walking from the empty nest back towards the the towards Galan's estate it wasn't gallons individuals who were wearing that tabards that it was someone else who was walking past you some arrogance individual that's all you recall it was definitely someone heading towards the center of town they that you saw that sigil on their chest it looks like two anchors crossed in front of each other with is it a dragon and circling them some kind of scaled lizards of some sort but that's what you recall seeing in the street outside of gallons estate laverna hounds the very sacred objects to indigo had knees buckle and she pulls to the deck of the ship and she draws out on the ship the shape of this thing and she says this I I saw it in salt marsh what is it jack see what are you doing while all this is going on seeing the very intense scene between the indigo Laguna and the shaman he takes stock of the death that's in the water and the fact that they're very very sure that the humans are responsible for this Jag's he's gonna move over and simply sit very quietly next to Victor he's just gonna sort of use his imposing mass to sort of not sort of scare off any of the lizard folk that try to get nearby but just sort of make sure that no one tries to do anything while people's eyes are turned away gotcha as you take a seat you notice that of the rowers and there are 30 of them 15 have stopped because they don't need all of the oars and the water a few of them have been eyeing salt and when you sit down next to salt they look at you they look at back at salt and then most of them shrug and just look back to the Shaymin and the the mess that's happening up front salt what are you doing salt was sort of sitting just head down donek sneeze but he looks up as Jack Joe comes down a sort of know what set him you're right how about you took put that on I think you put up a Friday if these people want me dead then no armor is gonna help me well that's what you got us vocabulary all of us look I know I've been through this before but if it's a case of them really really wanted to eat me you have my permission to just let them I'm not feeling particularly valuable after that whole part in the case look captain I'm not one person to beat around the bush but I will tell you without a shred of doubt in my soul I am NOT going to let anyone else eat you sexy if I die and you got my body round I would want you to be the one to evening not him on the arm jazzy knobs you a good person Jagger Joe I mean do a good officer and you're a good kid Jagga Joe tries to not show emotions which isn't hard for a person with no lips not a foreshock flick do I notice the the rowers looking at the captain it's not difficult to spot them absolutely where are the gnomish fire Christie's currently they are running the entire length of this know hundred ninety five sorry the flip okay go over and sit on top of one of the barrels sure no one pays you any attention what sort of it okay okay attention how hard are they to open the barrels well you need a hammer and a chisel to pop in underneath to the lid and flick it out but not not terribly dig upon any small holes no no the Gypsy said this is how he died this is an action this flea circus at this point I'm going to just very slowly start to try and Jimmy it open just very just just pay me no mind that's what flicks doing give me a stealth check our roguish okay that's it nobody notices kobold has jackin is busy running open the barrel whilst singing hey Macarena nobody notices you because they either looking at salt or they looking at this this drawing that Lu Hoonah has made out of I just sketched it it's not a real drawing I sketched it with my hands I was like this this thing arrow arrow a circle I'm supposed to be having like a weeping face so I need you to give me give me a performance check the Hoonah and and indigo you can give me an insight check please to attend to interpret this dawn showing us simple using interpretive dance it's not going well karaoke is your thing performing arts through body as your body is not your tool it looks like this it's just like pointing weirdly on the deck basically and so big it look it looks like a very sad mermaid it's got arrows in it okay it's got like a circle around mommy with ours in it I I don't understand why don't you understand me the scaled hand reaches out with this lump of black coal I don't like this thank you another performance check now I have no it's okay budged you're drawing a circle with two crossed arrows is that what you're doing yeah yeah yeah yeah it's not whatsoever indicate the moment that that is completed you realize you've seen that symbol before it was on the breast pocket of a certain gentleman who reached into his coat to retrieve a small merchants quilt oh I should have killed him you recognize that symbol I have met someone in this dwelling called salt marsh he tried to poison me a human a human and then he had for the Odessa to lie about trying to poison me like I would not recognize the sleeping she says something in elvish and then she tries to but this by the spiny wanderer underneath yes he acts again back its salt and then he looks at you indigo are you sure but I saw a human with this one is no less duplicitous than the rest of their race yes I am sure if anything Essen is a little bit too open a little bit too honest about the model and thoughts insight essence head Laguna takes the charcoal and says that one is my friend and that one worships and I draw out the sign for how though on the deck one of the one of the signs for how low the splashing it's sign for hell though much splashing the lizard is they've got yes we shall see how Queen shall decide let us pass through this dark space is return it is not the first tide of death we have seen nor should it be the last time sure no it shall be the last we'll make sure off it flick there's this faint green glow from this collection of very very bright crystals how big are they they seem to vary in size from about that big some of them are a bit bigger but they would fit in your hand quite nicely you know try and find the smallest one you realize that they they kind of jelly like as you as you touch them perfect they still crystalline in shape but they definitely as you pick it up it's like holding a water balloon yeah sure so during my long rest I would have cast fine familiar and pinky would have come back to life so I'm gonna as returns my fears on be October I am I want you to keep this safe and swallow it because we may need it later hopefully you're okay with this I can talk to pinky telepathically so I am actually talking to pinky pinky for whatever reason it's little cephalopod brain has an attachment to you and so it's little beep opens good boy I'm gonna quietly close the barrel of the lid all right so I'm gonna need you to make a decision saving throw because I just Winkies mouth clamped down on the crystal it exploiters Noah did not last long flick tad last look give me a dicksterity saving flick and he's also on the barrels isn't he just just just yeah it's not a huge explosion no it's just this is Harvey's it's gonna change by the squishing is its content mainly by the little octopus yes there is this and you're left holding half a crystal you take three points of burn damage on your fingers there ain't no pinky one tentacle an Agnes will return next week adventures from the circus the ghosts of salt marsh thank you for watching thank you to all my wonderful place for playing we had some ups and downs there oh my goodness please let's not go through those discs I mean throws again I can't take it crew of the second chance sail north towards quilt acts to go and meet the queen of Blizzard poke good news players your characters get to level up before you celebrates your characters get to level up to level three level – go straight to three air you have accomplished much and have not had much opportunity Sampson oh no Table three will go through that after the show for those are watching the show I want to say thank you all for being part of the stream a couple of shoutouts firstly to my players thank you for being wonderful and awesome and making us laugh all the way through or me to figure out what to do and to all of you for watching participating to our wonderful sponsors will Dan who will then welcome find all the characters there some I think I don't know if all of you are updating your character journals and things but you can see character thoughts and things as they go along so you can have a look at that that's a twirl Danville you can also check out dungeon fog they may had all these wonderful maps like the map there that you can also find on our website for the treasure hunt and that's www.trinitycode.us/tc and everything in between from tour bus until next week unless you're gonna watch us in below decks straight after the show on twon channel twitch.tv for /great GM I wish you all the happiest of gaming and may you have fair seas you

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  1. I really enjoy these vids its just a shame they are so short. On average i like the 4hour vids rpg'rs do.

  2. L'hunna got away without having to make a deception check in the middle of her rambling when she stated that there had been "honorable combat". Additionally, unless Salt made a third successful death save (off camera it would seem), then he would, by reason, been dead upon discovery. I ponder whether these "omissions" were made due to the stream being sponsored…

    (This sponsorship and "modular script" may also be the reason why the characters bumped from levels 1 to 3 with having done next to nothing via combat successes…)

  3. I wasnt even playing and i think i have PTSD from this episode. Poor Flick and his battle with life…

  4. Wow, this was really intense, I had tons of fun! And Pinky… I've never thought octopodes could be so adorable <3

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