Eps. 3 Primewater, Ghosts of Saltmarsh Dungeons and Dragons

we fought them in the air on land and under the waves but it wasn't enough brave or banded together United and hope and allied in goal but it wasn't enough the Black Tide brought with it an evil of terrible power darkness sank into the hearts of us all for we knew as above in the skies we lost so on land with lose and our only hope was below it was Nintendo bosses unknown to us when at work and in those dark days it found purchase wherever it touched for our best wasn't to know and yet a single light burns in the dark night beaten off hello and welcome to today's episode of the ghosts of saltmarsh call of that clock-in I didn't put my jacket on so it's fine I don't need a jacket GM just imagine me wearing a jacket you're all players you should know how to do that no one's gonna hold it against you if you went and got you no I'm not gonna I'm not gonna put ask muttering tell us if people have requested him to get his jacket right I'm ignoring it just a week strawpoll should I wear a jacket or not yes or take more off that's even worse right let's get on with it my name is guy of course and I'm joined by some amazingly wonderful players around the table very quickly we've got micro cast of in all the way from Australia how you doing Michael yeah hey yeah I'm doing great I'm so pumped so keen for today – yes absolutely from Sweden we got Jenny that's all I got today right you're the Sigourney Care Sigourney Weaver character got you okay captain plane captain salt Marc from the UK we got Mary from Germany guten abend I'm Marie from our competitive our German YouTube channel about all this role-playing stuff when I'm playing in DoD Amelia and I'm going to talk to you about the unturned oh yes indeed and then finally we've got Janet from the UK hello Janet hello hello I'm Janet I'm playing locouna and I'm also the director of well anvil and I'm very excited I had a lot of coffee again today quite nicely into our sponsors sponsor love our three sponsors for today well for the show anyway we have got dungeon fog calm tension fog we'll be providing all the maps that you see in today's show we have world anvil will dangle calm which is providing all the background story gathering as well as the character backgrounds and character histories I'm not sure of our modders in the chat today but there are links you can go and find out all about their characters on heroes which is a kind of a face book for adventurers that's powered by wield anvil and then fantasy grounds fancy grounds is our virtual tabletop of choice all the dice rolls all of the maps all of the action will be happening in fantasy grounds so those are our three sponsors and of course two Dungeons & Dragons who are paying for the whole show so we love you a lot right I'm not sure there's much more to go on except for one last thing there is a treasure hunt currently going on mama Sardu has buried her treasure somewhere in the azure sea and you can go and find that by going to WWE and and going and going to go and look for treasure now what you do is you create an NPC that NPC may or may not feature in one of these shows it's something that could quite possibly happen and yeah you can try and follow the clues now if you look down there down there we're all about wonderful sponsors logos are you will see that there is a kind of phrase that comes up every now and again I'm not going to wait for it because Murphy's Law says it's gonna be at the end of the cycle so that phrase there it is hopeless leads south so so far two Clues have been given out in the previous two episodes there are twelve clues in total and if you follow those clues around the map you should find where malice or Dukes treasure is now that treasure chest is growing as we get more and more sponsors on board we've got nerd Archy we've got Dungeons and Dragons swirled anvil dungeon fog fantasy grounds they're all committing stuff into this amazing giveaway for the lucky pirate who manages to find the buried treasure so if you haven't joined yet fear not you can find those clues on the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel or on my own channel how to be a great Jim those videos are coming out as well so you can have a look at that great stuff are we ready to roleplay cast your minds back remembrance of the world disappear as we step back into the ghosts of salt marsh and to that wonderful wonderful place where the ocean is gently washing away the screen because I brought up in the home screen so there we go the oceans are washing away in the background as we find ourselves in salt marsh Victor Luna and Jack Z you are all at the dive known as the empty net where you have just given crime a nightmare of an experience by returning from the dead miry indigo is currently in the forest just on top of South Marsh you have just seen the net and flick you are about to become the dead because you were arrested by guards for loitering with intent to loiter and that's the one charge that they're gonna throw against you so let's pick up our tail on the seas with indigo you were on the hill overlooking the town what do you do I have been talking with the other druid the other keep off the balance who showed me the whole problem and now I'm taking the bone of the scapula that he handed me that it's kind of a true seeing artifact now a chest shown me what is happening down in the bay with a black aura that is reaching out and also forming around the statues and I put the scapula away and I said now I'm gonna brush off the trees or he goes drew it so of course she's very nature connected to nature bone but not with a nature under she's not very happy about all those trees looming over her so she just gets up and starts to leave because she's talked to the no I think it was he no where was he – he's a halfling it's haffley excuse me um and he goes probably bad at realizing what kind of species and or gender people have so she just stands up looks down at him they have discussed this he said he's a coward and doesn't want to do anything so she was basically fine I will see to this I need to find people I think I am probably not enough on my own this looks bad and this looks big so I believe you here and I will take care of things there's like nod and a puff of smoke as the druid has started to smoke their pipe oh let's hope you go ah you are happy with the outcome of this oh yeah my growth grade so you sort out the undead in the ocean yes I was in the best mayor growth growth live in peace peace please this place earth and as I love to say to the town's folk may you were now you'd be like a tree in winter and leave get it they go away in winter I look at the trees sorry yeah I'm watching you it must be very different to be under water I would imagine yeah there's no trees for one thing i i i am leaving i I am sorry I'm confused by all of this but the important thing is then we have to fight the dead though they called it the black tunnel and you can rest assured the moment they make it on land I'll be right there with you Shalini ready to go but until then it is my domain I know I'm non-leaf and walked back from path I came in he goes of course not wearing shoes so she's probably picking her way very carefully back into town trying not to step into anything that's either gross and all will bite her right you are absolutely where are you heading I remember that Lihua and Victor talked about that we should meet up at a place that's called the empty net or something similar at least something empty so she's going to look around and ask around so the first person she sees that doesn't seem too busy she's going to kind of wave in front of the face and say excuse me could you explain to me the path I have to walk to get to the place that is empty no an empty thing an empty thing that is a place a barrel no Annette it is a net and empty into place I'm gonna come back to you on that one yes Victor salt jag Z and Laguna what are you doing you are in the tavern if you record yes Victor's looking around for those drinks that are gone because someone ate and someone ate them yes could I could I have a another drink please I'm not sure where the first one went Victor you can have whatever you like I hate to say it but that's the reich's means it's like your last drink exactly is your plan of action yeah I mean we're talking well what do we drink first right he pours you mmm he pours you a very strong drink all right yeah absolutely sure why not the minutes good money off the Rabanne I suppose Jags he's going to well he's not gonna ask for a drink just yet hearing about Victor's story between cribben him and and themselves is there a window or a viewpoint into the street from from from this floor I have shared the map with you but yes there are windows everywhere well Jack Z is gonna make his way windows everywhere cuz I forgot to put them in on the map prison of some kind there's there are windows all around them it's an ambush no all right I'm gonna move I'm gonna move to the doorway and and just sort of take a casual glance out onto the streets at this point mostly because Jack Z remembers that when we pulled into port we obviously were being towed by the very very large first-rate vessel and while they were relatively unnoticed there were still some rather sordid comments about his beloved ship when he pulled into dock which means that they were probably noticed to a degree knowing that obviously the captain is in fact quite severely wanted he just wants to make sure that we're not cornering ourselves at this point as you pop your head out of the window get the perception check if you please sorry I kind of in my own head played that I popped my head out just as a small child is walking past 1616 look outside it is painfully obvious that there are two very burly looking humans that have education enough to say the third or fourth finger and no further than that they are standing leaning nonchalantly watching the tavern with intent and when you open the door you look at them they look at you you look back at each other and then they suddenly pretend to look at the seagulls but there's about a four second delay in terms of the visual processor and the brain happening so yes jag Joel go back in and look at the the captain and Luna not wanting to stress out the captain much more than than he currently is he leans over to Luna mid drink I'm intent she's intentionally waiting for Otis that I have the drink to her lips we got a problem two blokes out the front seem to have their eye fixed on this place looking at it but more than I would a nice big juicy steak I reckon we got trouble Brewin and it's gonna be here more quick than we'd like I'm recommendation if we don't want these good folks to get caught up in it we need to make sure that they understand that we aren't on good terms with them if you follow my meaning first mate so we're thinking plan number three yeah yeah the victor number three numbers why we'll get through this I know but look everyone knows being Creber close it's not gonna work all jazzy jazzy we'll go over to Maury was it Maureen I feel like maurices in the kitchen busy prepping food frantically cool I'll apologize first and foremost before pulling out my very large heavyset rostered anchor give me an initiative check please yep no initiative initiative initiative I'm not blind I'm not blind oh yeah I got a 5 mm you kind of reach for your anchor before your hand even gets to closing around the anchor more eanes at your throat she has a cleaver just underneath your first Gill and her other hand is holding this rather large silver fork at your lower possibly reproductive organs which we won't think about jack see you're fucked yeah she looks at you move you to the right right spot here there there was a table in between the two of you I'm just gonna reveal this to you guys quickly on the map yep okay oh my screaming just look like a disappeared yes there was she was standing here and now she's standing here ain't nothing personal but there's trouble and this is the only thing I can do wait go run away look Jax what are you doing in there I'm at the risk of having my throat slit I'm going to try and use athletics to try and get a hand onto the knife that I write against Jack Z's throat and try to hip throw her onto the table with all the food and prep what do you see dude I don't know I thought it was natural 20 I like that that's what you get she does not get a natural 20 you quickly grab twist and Chuck she gives the barest grunt of a sound as you slam her onto the table and I'm going to basically slide her across it just trying to make as much noise as possible with with this there is a tremendous amount of noise as pots pans there's she's not saying a word by the way she is busy sort of fighting with your your grapple Viktor you and Lihue narai hearing this from outside there's a little doorway it's slightly open crib hears it he looks at you what is your fish I saw to the to the door I am very differently just a rush over and just slam up in the door right you rush you slam open the door jesse has got maureen by her bodice and her corset I suppose and is busy dragging her across her own kitchen counter there's food and bits and pieces all over the place I just very sort of deliberately take one of my my nasty rusted boarding access and I had welded in my hand and I go jagged jaw let her go right now Luna what he doing and I go behind Victor because my job is to stop Victor going supernova so I run behind Victor right I put first of all I put my hand on his shoulder and I say Jagger jaw this is not helping and it's not super polite either just saying I'll come back to you poor old fake you have been taken by the rough of your neck towards this very imposing structure you were there not a few moments ago as a matter of fact having a look at the statue outside of it it's the large City Hall that you're being taken to I'm gonna give you a map shortly as you are making your way there you yeah you can see that there's a large crowd of people that have started to gather around the statue itself there looks to be some kind of ceremony starting to happen you can see that individual that you had a few words with standing looking very important in front of the statue as if they're about to reveal the the plaque that was behind that curtain if you recall that's what you can see as the guards are busy dragging you dragging you forward what's going on oi not enough nothing from you thank you very much you're under arrest I'm gonna the I'm gonna share this map with you now so you can you can have a look at that and we'll go from there so you being led up towards these very large steps but on your left you notice that large tank that had that giant octopus in it so that is that is just to your left hand side the right hand side of course is where the statue is busy being unveiled and there's a large crowd that has gathered around that type of thing but you seem to be marched being marched by this one-god up towards the main doors of this very large Town Hall yes so what's the guard wearing the guard is wearing chainmail and an IQ of about six he wears this because that's his face when you're asking a question he stops walking because there's too many things going on so they can answer and then once he's answered then you carry on walk that's a sign of flic stretching his mental muscles as he's about to destroy this poor innocent young guard who's done nothing other than his job you stop yeah do you know who Victor salt is first role was a one know right so he starts pushing you forward again cuz there's no more conversation can I get can I roll in sight to see how thick the glasses and the tank now you can't yes you can it's not an insight check you need to give me an investigative check to be please we haven't reached peak peak slick yet no things on fire yet oh just give her a moment um this does look to be my 8 with insight sorry yes investigate if you please it was back say better slightly better the model kept this large tank the the creature in the tank it does not look like a happy under this it looks angry it looks frustrated you completely understand why this creature does not belong in a tank that's barely big enough for it to actually fit and yeah the glass looks to be particularly thick the thing that you notice is that the glass is not at all maintained so this is kind of scummy slime formed on the inside of it simply because obviously they didn't clean out the tank very often you do notice now that you're looking at the tank that there are quite a lot of skulls human skulls and other bones and bits and pieces send that there is a walkway leading up to the top of the tank and then a rather ominous gangplank leading out over mr. God who's the guard you stop yeah you know I'm gonna be sentenced to death yeah do I died by octopus yeah I don't think that work and will it always has a promise I'm friends with octopuses look and very as I do that I want to cast a spell on the tank on the tank okay well actually I'm gonna fire at the tank with ice shard all right you're going to fire the tank with ancient of chaos absolute agent of chaos you have advantage on your initiative check Oh cuz the guard is standing right there next to you and he is looking at you although admittedly he's still trying to process why the execution worth advantage you get 11 the guard has all of the options of getting a 10 so he sees you moving and his brain starts to process stuff but then he has to respond verbally because that's what he's been told to do so that delays him ever so slightly you can fire off whatever you so choose you do notice coming up the hill from the docks rather large contingent of the first rates Navy man coming towards us pink convocation of people at the statute from is that is there anybody I recognize him that contingent yes it looks like that Admiral fellows at the front and then that sky me slimy one that tried to kill you is just behind it okay I don't cast a spell then okay as I'm about to cast and look and turn to the Admiral and say but God looks down at you you're not oppressed yes yet you're under arrest no I'm being oppressed miss Admiral the guard is looking around there's some the crowd is kind of looking back at you at the guard you can see the Admiral is busy pulling as his tunic straight as he's walking up this hill towards his procession he sees you he sort of turns and whispers to the smarmy one who breaks rank with the rest of the military and does a double skip walk up towards where you are the guard is like no come on inside you let's go you resist in the rest you can't have another God boil it might help the smarmy one comes sideling up oh it's you I'm being arrested finally not for anything actually wrong I haven't done anything wrong I just got not he looks God he tried to break on to His Majesty's ship earlier on and pilfer from the Admirals quarters tell that to the judge when you hand a move the God starts to drag you up the steps are you going to resist you don't have to make an insight check to see that the smarmy one is smiling as you're being dragged back with indigo you are coming down that you are standing next to this farmer who is very confused as to as to your your questions it might also have been a nest yes for birds but the name only it's a house where you drink do you do you get anything of what I'm saying is this the right language he leans on his hurts a farmer who's been standing in this field and he looks at you you won't they go somewhere where he is an empty it is empty and it's got a net a nest I think it was a nest a place to breed not literally the name no not yet no yeah I'm stealing your honey oh all right I didn't know you didn't you look older all right you want to go to some places empties it's a nest right you've got to be talking about the Internet let me tell you what I'll take you there myself just if the missus ever are so I was showing you how to get there not that I was going there to get the yes that is what we are doing right oh really is that what we're doing yeah all right I'll show you come on let's go it's not too far it's just down the valley we probably want to avoid the ceremony let's go I'll the tops are busy showing off some new statue or other I'd be building it for months now anyway but doing something with the statue they should not know where they are it's like a big town thing they're busy revealing the clock and all that nonsense today there's a very bad idea well it's not very nice statue I mean they could have at least done a new one rather than just copy the old yeah going to bring Dumon death down on this town oh yeah okay probably yeah that's usually what they big weeks do you know no never listen to us no no no no they do this often is this a parent charge obviously why don't you do anything against it what I can present rebellion now you see it's the organizational structure inherit within the system then the system is wrong oh yes it is it's very wrong but you know some things you just can't change I think changes yeah like you getting a little bit older so let's go on down to the empty nest oh yeah well let's no let's not try and and go around the statue thing that they're doing might be worth risking a glance well alright if you say so he sort of buries his hole in the dirt sits on his hands and sort of wipes them off a little bit that just moves the mud around so you're sort of wipes it on his jacket if I only had a bit ash lying around I could wash my hands all right doesn't matter yeah that's Carrie says oh wow moody he says and he sticks his arm out so you can put your arm through his indicate looks at his elbow no all right independent woman I respect that I respect that I respect that sometimes miss my wife wasn't so much of an independent it's okay it's fine let's go what is wrong is that you are missing any austra sorry the missing ball the third part of your partnership any Astra the third partnership oh I like this yeah come from my dear blues a little bit weird no I can get you sir I'm starting to get the feeling that this is one of these situations where you humans say things that you do not really mean oh no I definitely mean it I'll be happy to be in a partnership with you yeah but I'm not in any austra it makes no sense you already have a woman let me go into town what nice is your shouts at me all the time spends one day probably may confess dresses he starts to lead you down the path grumbling about his marital life and the trials and tribulations that go there with as you're getting closer and closer to the center of town you start to hear there's quite a hubbub quite a noise of people chatting and talking and there's some dogs barking in the background there could be some screaming happening in the background yes yes you start to make your way in there back to the three of you inside the very very serious situation Jackie Joe what are you doing your captain has shouted at you I feel as though I have misunderstood the plan but I as Jagga jaw um I'm committed to it and oh jeez would you even do I think at this point he would say in a very loud voice loud enough that maybe the the street outside would be able to hear you're right captain this place isn't worth our time and we should destroy as much as we can for the lack of it Lohia bounds over to Jagger jaw and she puts a hand on a shoulder and she says look little sharp up but her down she's fragile and I am attempting to persuade him with the strength my charisma come a little sharp up your training you trying to calm him down Janet I'm trying to calm him down and get him to put down the fragile flesh creature that shotgun sounds that's true actually Maureen does look yeah but um Jackie just sort of leans in forward it doesn't actually take much because jagged or says in a very calm fashion first mate those guys out the front are gonna think that these two here are helping us out if they think they're helping us out this place is probably gonna get attacked and burnt all we're just in a pub buying drinks yeah with someone who knows and I sort of pointed the captain I'm trying to kind of keep this I'll try to hide the secret from the captain but more trying to not offend the captain's pride by by saying that you know stressed out stressed out captain I'm trying to be considerate in in a shockwave by eating things yeah the captain should be completely confused at what Jax is doing but you know he thought he yeah that's what he says to Laguna as he sort of leans in your AMA class is not 18 you get silver Hemnes twice by Hawk to the kidneys Marian is lying there and she goes wah wah with this fork twice until you take five points of damage I'll sort of pull out the fork instead of I won't then whether I won't have any repercussions to it I'll sort of continue the conversation with the table oh no no no sorry I'm not I'm not holding her once I sort of slid her across I kind of I'll let her go like I won't keep hanging underwear at this point yeah yeah sorry I did I'd say to make that I was on the intern sir you know the whole bar slide thing they do like when you slide someone across something it was there's more to that that kind of that kind of back end it got you salt what are you doing with all this going on just staring in absolute confusion cribbing over what the hell is he doing I dunno guy yeah I know Marian in her kitchen I know I know I'm gonna just take my axe and I'm gonna just point it at jagged you're gonna go I apologize right now or I'm not going to be able to save you John or apologize jagad your will at this point sort of look at looking up and sort of he kind of stands really tall like jagged jaw by nature is a slouching kind of character very lazy for the most part this point he stands erect and he says I'm gonna cool my head captain and he'll look at he'll look at Maureen and sort of hand back than the fork he'll sort of look like he's being super aggressive but actually whisper to Maureen I'm really sorry I will pay for all this food I'm so so sorry and I'll and at this point I will sort of brush past Laguna sort of when you get there as you say I'm really really really really sorry oh she got an actual 20 okay I need you to give me a straight saving throat please oh good lord why I did I did to be fair okay you know what I'm gonna use my inspiration on this just get this I don't what is that all right here we go so straight just a strength saving through yeah okay here we go whoa dirty 20 so it's not as bad as you're leaning over saying I'm really sorry about this she looks up to you there's a brief smile that flashes across her very red face and suddenly her legs wrap around your neck and she backflips over the side of the table bringing you with her she was gonna piledrive you into the stones behind the table however because of your resistance strength all that ends up happening is she just drags you over the kitchen table and the two of you land in this mess on the other side of the table as you third down next to she looks at you and she says apology accepted sure yep yep I deserved that all right I'll be I'll be good now is this as the stopped whatever this is I'm sorry about this Maureen I have no idea what he's doing Luna what is going on just please someone tell me what's going on I think Jackie Jo just slightly misinterpreted the whole talk fight run away I think he remembered a different plan three and that's cool and it's not his fault but you know I think that we should really be moving away from here now because of reasons all right Oh all right so this is so that okay I don't even wanna I'm not gonna even gonna try I'm not even gonna try look can I say what I had in plan had planned for this I mean I'm the captain right captain can I just tell you what I'm just going to do Victor's getting super salty the who knows quite used to this for dense fur does it look like she's listening intently because my plan was also to leave and we could have done that a little faster if you hadn't started to tacking Maureen I'm terribly sorry Maureen in her kitchen hand gets raised above the table sort of thumb thumbs up thank you I'll make it up to you somehow I don't know it's fine we'll add it to your tab thank you look I'm going to go and I'm going to go talk to mr. prime water you must face Falls because look CREB you know him not as well as I do but you know him the what do you think would make him in a better mood that I come to talk to him either he has to come get me what the sang men prefer for the person he's going to hang hang himself fall for him to do it it's it's really salty I mean six of one half a dozen of the other I mean the fact that you wrestle this favorite shot to death on the beach before you left I mean what what more could you do to insult the man so well walking in would say to me I definitely did what on the beach yeah everybody knows the story once you insult the victor you then killed a shark got on your boat and sailed off into the sunset when you there guys victor incentive that's why then Gillan's in Pirates after you defined you so that he could put a bounty on bread I left because I didn't want to kill any more people all right you don't want to kill any more people al-fatiha snake I've heard no long time clay I don't wanna kill I it yeah I'm tired and I don't want to kill people anymore more like seriously like if I ever yes what like they're not as in what do you knock them unconscious I surprised well yes if I have to look I'm still gonna defend myself as someone comes at me but thank me while he was chained up in this real deal don't what I almost bloody died cramped you know how Isis oldest I don't want to do this anymore look I'm gonna do a medic well he might make sure that you don't even listen you thought should actually go and I'm thinking maybe now it's not such a good idea if you were to stay yeah this is looking at Jags II in a tangle with Maureen look we'll find somewhere I'll still find a way to talk to the chef and see if he can come work it for a while could use every every copper we can have right now but look I'll go talk to him I'll try to smooth it out so I don't know what I'll do if I survive I'll find some waiter I don't know okay if you need a place to lay low there's always that old place up on the hill that no one goes to me more I don't mention place up there that was owned by that crazy men wasn't that place haunted well sure but I mean what's your alternate if you're gonna go to sleep out on the moor I mean it's nice I'll speak to Maureen and see I'm sorry Maureen I'm sorry look we're going Jags we're going right now all right I put my hand down to help Jags up I'm sorry Craig this is not how I wanted to see you again Jackson sort of get to his feet and sort of dust himself off he won't help Marina not because he's not being polite but because he sort of respects how strong she is that he feels like helping her up would be an insult to her jag zeal will walk out very promptly first a little embarrassed mind you as he as he does so he's gonna also check on the two men that were watching the sure thing the side of the building okay you step outside the two men are still watching the building watching the doorway they see you and again there's that slight delays and then look up at the seagulls pretending not to have seen you there's a commotion happening in town you can hear it from here it sounds like a band has started up but it's definitely involves bagpipes and possibly a tuber and unfortunately the two of them because both of them you need to sort of fill up with air first before sound comes out unfortunately the two players are not in rhythm in terms of the embouchure so there's a certain amount of tuber ahead of bagpipe delay that's happening it's it's an interesting melody to be sure just not particularly one that anyone apart from cats might perhaps it's quite like to hear the brakes just what happened in someone's Blowfish stomping in the middle of town I know I know I'm perfect headaches just what I need it as well so as those two guys sort of looking towards him jacks he's gonna try and pretend like he's a lot more injured than he is like holding the fork stab wound and stuff like that right right because I imagine that those two guys were close enough to have heard the commotion in the kitchen oh yes oh yes no absolutely without a shadow of a doubt they certainly were so you're heading out looking slightly injured yep Luna you're not going to siegerland by yourself why not Luna come on you know what I've told you about him yes and you know what I've told you about me this isn't about that I'm not saying that you're not dangerous enough for this I'm saying I don't want you on his map if you're not already on it if this thing is at the entrance jag Z's gonna sort of like cough and guide Lunas gaze towards the two people watching ah right not the time for the mushy stuff Victor I dragged you for three days yes I know leaking I know I know I'm not gonna throw that away all right is there any way I can convince you not to follow me well you can tell me not follow you you know how good I am at following orders oh yeah great I'm gonna just walk up to these two gentlemen no a seagull hi what's your name Dan I'd am I'm Victor yeah we kind of know that don't we does he want to talk to me or are you here to kill me no got that far up the ranks mr. Perron what we're not we're just here to see what you're doing my where is he he's mentioning me all right do you want to walk me there or should I go alone I mean you're gonna follow me other way I mean yeah you want to go ahead tell him I'm coming maybe he doesn't kill you how about one of you runs ahead and the other one can follow they look at each other there is some serious braining going on now hang on them if we do that then we're splitting up and then you can if I wanted you dead you dead already I look at dagger and then I look at them and I'm like yeah besides you know I think I think they're busy pushing over each other I think I should go no no no harsh death delayed eCos is you no no I could eat mmm we'll go venom that you're here go tell it both of them legged off down towards the cacophony that I leaned over and Pat jazzy on back and as I do that by deploy lay on hands there's a there's a very small and stressed prayer that's like Oh God elisee um uh help please yes yes yes with the healing thing you know the thing yep I think you know the thing that we did before that it works with the thing right so yeah please and I'm holding my my holy symbol which is a pedal of smooth pebbles and a very awkward sputter of aquamarine light comes out my fingers and Jaggi games v it was nice very very and so as we move from the empty nest across town we come across a rather unfortunate little Seybold being dragged inside the town hall so you are taken inside by the guard are you resisting you get to the top of the door the smarmy one the captain is still watching me as you're being dragged away the rest of the regiment of the Kings Navy have all gathered around the crowd that's busy sort of watching as Anders saw Moroz standing next to the statue this great carving of my great great great great grandfather don't get a sandwich don't no one pays any attention to the screaming little Siebold as you are dragged inside this rail now look yeah you there's no need to be difficult oh really why because he just makes it hard for me to get you to walk down that passageway didn't it oh well I'll be nice if you're nice all right on to me right now he's not he's standing next to you the front door is open I'm just gonna throw pinkie in his face you came to throw pinkie in his face all right you you you you are gonna throw pinkie in his face make your attack with pinky role for pinky it's a ranged attack so it's basically just enough dexterity modifier have you got ranged yeah absolutely yeah I'll just bring my crossbow and then yeah eight even with the guard standing there looking at you you trying to so you're trying to sort of surreptitiously throw pinky aren't you no I'm just going yes unfortunately pinkies like we've done this before and then a shock man nearly ate me so you kind of go yeah and pinky is still wrapped around your hand desperately holding on for all it's worth as he does not want to get thrown at all at the guard you know I came oh you brought your own execubots okay right let's let's thank you let's go okay well as a matter of fact you – then our person who's in here is Sam well it just says a little bit inebriated and that's why they're in here right okay yes you down this long corridor I'm gonna shit I have shared the map with you how long have you been a guard does it pay well you know money you take bribes I'll get paid so yes you step into this large it looks like you stepping into this large courtroom as you're asking him do you want to bribe anybody here there is they're very quiet sound of someone sleeping however coming from the central lectern at the top of the stairs leading up onto a ramp it's probably the magistrate his majesty is he okay what's his name who's that oh that's a magistrate gets you to a single door all right yeah he pulls this large set of keys off of his his belt and opens up the door all right which one would you like he says he points to two fairly small cells on either side it doesn't really matter which 22 pretty much the same thing reckon they'd probably get take this one one in front of me right you are here again unlocks the door or he fumbles with the keys for he unlocks the door he lets you in he then sits down on the chair before he does that leave it in the padlock so yes you can give me a slice of handshake oh yeah I did forget him in the lock I'm not very good God am i he says he takes the keys thank you he sits down oh he then closes the bars and then locks them there you go your journey across town is fairly uneventful as you are making your way towards the empty nest you come around the corner and there is without a shadow of doubt a very large commotion happening someone is obviously very important is busy standing talking about whatever it might be addressing the crowd standing in front of that large statue that you saw hmm Uniqua stops then I get out the scapula looks good at the statue the statue is wreathed in this black energy which now that you're closer it's not smoked it isn't it looks like tendrils of water waves almost sort of washing over the statue but there's a faint trail that's seep it as it gets up into the sky and there's trail arcs over the city towards a point on a hill to the north where it seems to to link up with something happening over there and then there's another arc that reaches out into the ocean itself deep outand to the airship Bay towards bannon's channel where it then touches down into the water almost like a black rainbow stretching between these and of course when we got the directive from the crown to build the statue of course the sole Maul stepped in and paid for it to be filmed after all the connections with our ancestors is very important is what the principal individual is saying he's quite charismatic he's quite young looks like a bit of an idiot as he's presiding next to this little plaque that's got a curtain in front Emiko steps forward and us at a point she's she's trying to be nice she knows humans don't like to be talked over sure lots of them gathered here draws breath and then she asks very politely so did you also put the black magic on the statue now what's this one else give it inside check if you please sure I'm actually not better than 16 that is pretty good like it let me just roll here very quickly yeah you are good but he seems to be better Sanders doesn't even bat an eyelid I'm sorry was there a question from the crowd I know from me he said it looks everything oh I see now right any other questions before I reveal the block he says and you sense that someone's approaching you through the crowd they're moving quite quickly rather elderly elderly gentleman dressed and rather fine coattails is making his way rather pointedly towards you turn around and look at him rather pointedly he stops short and gives you a very slight bow you had a question about mr. soll more statue finally yes I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have perhaps this is not the right platform within which to us looks down platform the ceremony has still quite some time to go care to join many I have the private suites in the Town Hall he says indicating the large building directly behind it so you do not want to talk about the blackmagic here out in the open I'm not entirely short of what you're referring but I will be happy to answer any questions you might have just not here we don't want to interrupt the ceremonies I don't need you happy I just need you honest if you're going to show mr. open with you but not here fine towards the door and I will follow you yes he heads up the stairs of the Town Hall the doors ready ajar after you my dear and there some rules for who goes first the older person forgive me for the pretty one you are quite right in your a cetacean you are by father the far more beautiful one than I am without a doubt and you are an aquatic else and that's always difficult to tell I forget you are not completely privy with our customs this is your first time in the first time I actually stepped foot on the land it is quite an occasion we should definitely find some time to celebrate it isn't often that we get such a beauty amongst us from the depths of the ocean are trying to hold me no I am NOT trying to caught you simply stating a fact you quite simply outstrip anyone who you will find in the Sun flashes days I'm afraid I will just take your words as they are given system me going first time with I understand this is not your custom below the waves I myself have not unfortunately had much experience under the ocean I would be very interested one day perhaps to visit your section but he leads you into the hall and takes you through a little side door into this base I he takes you into the side board room of the hall where he offers you a seat now you had some questions just discussed that at length I think so no one else would know about your ideas coming from the statute I wouldn't say that it's very obvious so I guess anyone who looks at it with the right kind of eyes does see it and you believe you have the right kind of eyelids I do captain salt you are slowly making your way across town I assume yep jag Z Luna are you following along were you going off Lunas following its grinning and whistling jag Z will not follow he sort of knowing that Lunas with the captain things are more or less in hand jag Z will turn to the captain and say if it's all the same to you captain there's still lots of work to be done before the ship's ready to sail plus call me crazy but I don't really like the idea of Flik floating about with no one keeping check on him no just true just a lot I'll meet you back at the the second chance this evening if either one of us don't come back why don't we put in to go in charge right I captain I'll relay that to the men right I mean she's fairly level-headed don't we're coming back all right we that's the big chance we don't and if we don't just get her fixed up and some cargo and get out of here no captain for what it's worth about what happened back there I look I know you're going through something and far be it for me to even pretend like I understand half the stuff that you land folk talk about but you know kind of like Maureen I really don't want to see anything bad happening that whole stunts in there I should have trusted you a bit more it's worth I'm sorry Joe I have no idea what you were trying to do in there I genuinely have no idea just a bit of say to the went wrong it so cool everyone's fine no one stabbed to the floor Kenny Moll were you trying to make it look like we were enemies like like they didn't like us for some reason and then they wouldn't get dragged into this I'm gonna go fix the ship jaga doesn't do my embarrassment jag Azul walks away from embarrassment he's damn it that was a it wasn't a bad idea Lynn it it wasn't that idea just you know so Jackie was going to make his way towards the merchant aisle district I'm gonna try and head towards the carpenter's guild to go and visit an old friend not a problem that's thing you're going up there Luna and Captain salt are you walking along the beach road to get to prime water's mansion or you're taking the main road Victor whichever's faster all right okay take the main road towards Galan's estate it's not a problem you hear this some more talking and shouting from it looks like the Town Hall really where this gathering of people but you make your way without any problems whatsoever towards gilens estate as you get closer you see this large structure that you are all too familiar with you know that gellan prime waters mentioned down here is one of the prime spots and salt water there's a reason for it he has an underground system of caves that leads to the the docks where most of the slaves that you were responsible for helping acquire are led into his property as illegal cargo is led in through some caves they sit in a rather unique position directly underneath the float house that he had constructed specifically to hide their existence but yes that is that is where you are heading Flik you doing anything whilst incarcerated in the prison of doom Flik will be studying the cell unfortunately it's rather well made in the so far as it's just all stone that's been concreted together with some rather old and rusty bars what kind of hinges do the bars have well it's a very simple wrought iron drop down the hinge into a hoop at the top and the same at the bottom if you were strong enough you could possibly lift this grate this whole bar system out of that I can loop situation back it looks like it's pretty strong and is the guard still oh yeah he's sitting on the chair he's sort of staring blankly at you the drive you want to give me money so I'll let you go you like money right well that derails his chain of moral thought yes well I'll give you some money I fuck so wait let me think about this it takes is one boot off looks down at his feet it's counting all right excellent ok well well you've got to get me out of here so open the door and we'll go out and then we'll give you some I'll give you my money right hang on a moment oh no you don't you Trixie little scene thing I'm not stupid no I'm not gonna let you out before you give me the money oh do you want the money first yeah okay here you go I pull out a gold piece and throw in a gold piece right he puts it in his pocket oh he then unlocks the great you never told me your name why I like you want my name yeah another intelligence well I never been to salt marsh before it'll be nice to have a friend you won't be my friend yeah you're nice to me I'm nice to you okay I pour the way my name's Aled oh nice to meet you my name is flick a junk that was right you wanna take it and we will take his hand I'm gonna lead him out of the chamber he's still trying to work out this entire idea of who's doing what and your name of flick you get to the main chamber with the magistrate not a problem or whatsoever there's still a comfortable dozing sound happening from the coming from the lectern itself you then start to make your way into the passageway solo your parents named you after a jump it's a long story yes yes they did you get into the principal main hallway you can see the exit to this prison of yours just just a few dozen feet away my name me because when I was born a Kimes out on the mum and my dad says not a lad so that's what the priest wrote down yeah does get bit confusing sometimes when talking about others but it's okay I learned you metaphor you can yeah oh absolutely yeah yeah you get to halfway down the corridor when you hear the sound of indigo coming from a slightly ajar door to your right oh oh I can hear never one of my friends sure you ever look how many friends have you call not many oh I'm the same Doughboy yeah it's tough you know it's cause I'm very small he kneels down next to you I don't think you're very small you're and I'm gonna put my ear to the door alright you put your ear to the door a lad walks up behind you and sort of stands deep in thought indigo back to the table you have a device that allows you see the smoke that you claim is coming off of our statue it is not smoke it is like black water and I never said anything about a device you said you had to have the right eyes right now answer my questions or are you just going to ask questions of you that was not why do you insinuated one who went in here you are quite right my dear what would you like to know who put the black magic on the statue and why he rises moves over to the door the statue is a carving and an exact copy as a matter of effect of Commodore gank re he had a Nastase up on the hill where the original statue that this was made from exists the statue has commissioned by His Majesty the King on a special occasion the arrival of the first-rate ship that's the big human ship outside I do know about ships even your human ones yeah there you go so yes they arrived in time for the stack should be completed it was mr. solo who directed the construction of the statue of course making sure that it was an exact replica of one in the ground so the original one also is full of black magic I wouldn't know I don't have the right eyes as you so deaf then why did you think you could answer my questions well you do have me there I must admit are you a screamer if I have to I can be very loud sometimes on a ship it's necessary oh no wait are you threatening me not at all it was polite inquiry he says it was injected are you she gets closer threatening me no he says as he pulls out this very long black spine hey give me a nature check sure new 19 it looks as if it is the spine of a sea urchin which means that it might still contain the poison in it but because of the particular dark dark dark shade that the spine has you can see there's a very slight variation of purple running the length of the spine you suspect that this is known as a sleeper urchin the problem with it is that you step on it it poisons you you fall asleep and you then are consumed by the colony of sea urchins that are usually on the sea floor type of thing I not threatening you at all he says he does take the dart and he's about to stab you with it what do you do I cast thunder wave alright you cast under wave bow-chicka-bow-wow you've lost that thunder wave out at skerin he has to make it exertion saving throat of 13 flick I need you to make thirteen I'm sorry I roll twice sorry the first one is the correct one and what was the first one that's been hidden 15 so skerin easily dodges out of the wave you'll thunder wave missus yelp from across the other side of the door however now the door gets blasted out by this thunder wave how much damage does it do so does six points of damage alright the door bursts open in front of you flick and there's this sort of vibration that happens you take three points of damage as you get hit by the remains of this Thunder wave a lord kind of Wow indigo you see the two of them skulking around the open door scarran sees both of them instantly very very quickly the dark he's about to put it away he drops it on the floor and then stands on it and looks absolutely nervous I'm so glad that you're here alert this woman was trying to attack me I was not trying I'm very much succeeded in attacking you but only after you threatened me she confessed to attacking me oh yes I look at the guard he is the villain of the forest sword he says words without meaning them and smiles at me when he tries to poison me I tug on a lads he looks down at you she's my friend he looks like a bad man if you go smiles down at flick it says thank you little dragon salt you walk into the into gallons estate yep Bold As Brass just new in her house yes I'm in Victor's arm and she's been going bad and victorious Victor has sort of his usual pissed off work face on it sort of looks like he never left really but he is his arm is squeezing around Lunas arm quite tightly like he doesn't even notice that it means it likes you right you are so you start to make your way into mode as you get to the colored or the gallons sorry as you arrive I'm going to share this map with you very quickly as you arrive the door is opened grab is here and yeah they use the same token it sorry sadly it is very old-looking a thug you recognize him his name is rouge Bruce yeah it used to be two bruised lips and then he had a rather unfortunate fishing accident and then it just became an insults and isis crush was this actual name rouge our fair enough yeah anybody ever known him as rouge yeah that's fact we were expecting to see you captain so yesterday it has range from when your last year bit hard to show you the way if you prepare no I'll be fine do you want me to drop my weapons here or I don't think it makes much difference to be perfectly honest with you no I don't think so either as for you lady spud oh yeah you can wait in the lounge well I know you see what's gonna happen but but but I'm with Victor yeah that's great I'm very very happy for a married couple was always nice to say happy people but you're not married come on yeah he wishes I don't judge now you can wait in the lounge or you can wait here we're right outside but you're not going in with Victor to see Kevin are you sure because I'm really nice and I'm sure that gallon would like me and I'm I'm very friendly and I'm very polite and I'll be very quiet cuz I'm really good at being quiet mister promoter wants to see you have someone you we didn't someone you some Invicta okay I'm sorry I just but now just quite nice just redecorated it's all green and everything look if I need you you'll hear me all right look you scream like you're singing karaoke but I will come st. Claire yeah that's what I mean all right I'm just gonna walk past stop walking like man to the gallows like a man to the gallows okie Dokes you are heading in there Lihue no are you staying outside you staying in the hallway itself which is a double storey – fair or are you heading into the green lounge with this ancient old rule I'll go into the green lounge but I'll leave the door open and I am looking around to see what I can learn because Victor's told me some things but he's not the best at long-form storytelling right he's not the most divulge Ettore man so I'm looking to gain some conclusions of my own I'm looking around if there are any books or papers I will read them not that I think Ellen will be that careless but hey yeah you lived out of this really large hole the entire space has got this very strange green tinge to it the floor is made out of marble with a green vein running through the walls I've got a green stone it's obviously all been imported because the stone around Salt Marsh is slates and gray toned and and the like the lounge you have done is very short to the corridor the lounge itself is very green as a matter of fact as you are shown in it you can take a seat there but can I bring you some refreshments or something so many drinks uh yeah why is it so great mr. promotes a quad fancy screen really it was his wife's favorite color tell me about his wife story Chad ogea story he ashes you over to the sofa and he sits down at the sofa and sort of looks at you I sit on the other end of the sofa right well you see it all started when Victor salt was young Victor you walk into the chamber with gallon prime water yes Ellen is sitting on the corner of his desk you know his ploy you know his standard operations he he does this and you have seen him do this and you have been present whilst he has done this to so many people you know his routine as you walk in he's on the edge of the desk as you walk in Victor my dear sweet Victor how long has it been how are you my dear boy in about four years mr. prime water in four years hmm it feels like so much longer since the lights will be dissolved has shined upon the sofa all due respect mr. prime water can we cut this can we just not do this make just two of us you insult me I'm genuinely concerned for now you have returned from the deep all the rumors will now be put to rest about your death about a plant I sent you a letter O letter he says he goes over to his desk and opens a drawer and very carefully opens up this letter which you had sent him he sort of squints down in this mr. prime water I almost died on the beach I saw my end and it was dark I have done nothing it gets confusing yeah you basically just left yes yes my employ yes on your own yes and sent me a letter saying bye if I try doing it in person are you saying you wouldn't have cut my heels off to make me stay no I probably would have no one leaves my employ look I I saw no other way I couldn't keep doing this Oh your clients finally got the better of you I'm tired I understand I understand if you had simply said this to me before you left we could have made an arrangement you mean have me do other things the garden always needs tending cotton yes the flowers grow so much better when they're fed Bo middle yes well that's why I left I don't have a lot of years left mr. prime whatever nine wanted to do something else want to use the plural Jack see you are walking across the streets of saltmarsh heading towards the carpenter's guild yes that correct yeah you find that familiar building right on the edge of town towards the parts that no one kind of goes to anymore the old abandoned crabs shucking station at the far end of town I'll kind of enjoy the the smells of the the crab guts and the salts well it might be kind of repugnant for the most part too obviously the shock on this kind of smell is is just incredible it's awesome ah he'll place a hand firmly on the the large door to the carpenter's guild and sort of take a deep breath before pushing his way into the building itself as you do the salt smell is immediately replaced with this array of wooden aromas from the strong scent of tea to the almost supple aroma of well oiled oak it just washes over you as does the air being slightly filled with sawdust there's banging and hammering coming from different areas and moving around as a very small figure whom you recognize almost instantly the moment you walk in the figure says we're closed at the moment really cuz I came all the way here thinking you had a sale on half-price old bags the figure turns it's a halfling with graying hair she has sawdust everywhere is wearing this heavy apron looks at you fish sticks she says she just runs and launches herself towards you arms wide Jag's you'll sort of crouched down and go get it– nan and receive the hug and a big embrace how do you back well things get a bit strange don't they look I mean I've gotta be honest you-you-you catch that that bit of driftwood that rocked in behind the big big land folk vessel earlier on today yeah that's kind of what's kinda what's left in the second chair yeah that was you know we're missing a mass that's not your ship yeah yeah we got pretty bummed up on the way in funny story though it was actually that biggest ship you get across your snow oh I looked at the shit of that keel and there is definitely barnacles aboard that if you are looking after that ship Jaggi jaw I will be very very very unhappy look nanos trying okay look lying does more damage than what you've done oh that big big heavy ass land folks ship landed straight on us and we lucky to even make it in there you know tried me best it's a beautiful ship underneath all of the damage how did you snap the mast where you did it looks as if there must been dragged through the upper deck yeah not sure about that so yeah no I I I broke it look okay so to be fair she was gonna go anyway because I dire I'd it to the blister but there was a perfectly legitimate reason and that was because we were hit by a dwarf ship first before this big honking chunk of wood came crashing into us I mean they weren't firing at me they would just just fell out of the sky at me is what they did she critically looks you up and down look if not lucky hey night I can tell you've lost weight it's probably affecting your brain that's kind of true but you know ain't no cooking like you're cooking man but no one else to be almost moving and still cooked at the same time just the right amount of vegetables I might add to make sure that your teeth are nicely strong let me see your teeth yeah well um well you know cookies been looking after us pretty well but you know yeah probably the only thing the only thing scarier in the world then then is cooking to be you nan listen I've got a favor to ask the the old girls not looking too good I'm worrying about the extent of her damage I know looking after her she was brought in this morning well you know you were on brown waters footing the bill for a refurbishment prime order you mean that that dropped up peacock who's apparently chase phrasing you screenshot Karen who doesn't know how to talk properly about our most beneficial employer absolutely why don't I get you a nice carrot she says as she ashes you out of the main floor where all of the carpenters and work Smiths are busy preparing wood and the bike I'll I'll follow indigoid flick I realized that I left my trident on on board or ship the ship so I'm drawing my little dagger and walking towards the man who tried to poison me there's been a misunderstanding do you think so isn't that right mr. bad man he looks from you indigo to you flick and then back to you perhaps there has been a misunderstanding I was merely trying to show you something of the ocean that I have no idea what it does I assumed you would have knowledge of such thing since you are from below I immediately apologize if I have done anything to cause any kind of distress in your person inch my dear you know I put the dagger back among my people it is very very rude to show something like that a custom I shall add to my lexicon on how to deal with the aquatic elves you have no doubt in it reduce this to my person engine I am eternally grateful for the education might I invite you and York to dine with us this evening at the so Morris days I'm sure Anders would be delighted to hear all you have to say about this black vapor but you were talking about coming over our statures we can investigate naturally if the craftsmen who were responsible for building such as device should be brought to justice you will find that anders is particularly malleable when it comes to dishing out justice is it free thank you very much sure when I think we accept yes if the dragon says so I will be there okay thank you very much what time he boughs saltmarsh runs on the horn as they call this let's say 8:00 good come on you and I grab indicas and lad why don't you show our guests out of the hall oh no don't worry lad knows the way and I grabbed a lads hand as well you bet are you going along with this indicator yes see she looks very puzzled still trying to think about what happened and flick knows something she doesn't as you get to the front door of the hall the doors are pulled open by two very well dressed military men and the Admiral is standing directly in front of you he sort of looks at three of you looks down at you it is you again how delightful to see you yes you do you're looking magnificent thank you I guess he says and then he pulls on his tunic subconsciously buttons yes right quite you like he says looking at you indigo you must be the surgeon that saved my son's life I am awfully indebted to you for your services you should realize this yes lieutenant who was riding the Pegasus he claims that you will restored him to life that is mm no yes he's very good yes very good indeed she's very good with all that kind of Medicine stuff say thank you and yes we used to be right thank you that was completely completely puzzled like right yes of course the Admiral steps aside and his troops that are arrayed behind him all form this very neat line down which you two can walk very naturally commanding presence Flik oh yes comes naturally yes believe watches the three of you walk down this corridor of military men from the distance Flik you don't need to look you can feel the scowl coming from two figures now the captain that serves the Admiral as well as the gentleman that you liberated indigo from and then you here and how very nice yes very nice if we can all go into the hole there is refreshments that would be served in honor of my great-great grandfather's statue unveiling now if you just go in this way mr. wall start fumbling inside where the two the three of you heading an odd yeah a different job don't know what else is out there to be honest with you flick well the ocean oh shit you might like to be a part of no fan of the ocean ashtekar swim oh well if you change your mind there's a job for you you you can't swim when we used to jump off from shark fin bridge I uh I got the nickname actually sinker that makes sense but you live close to all the swatter and you never had the the neat to go swim we don't want to get wet indigo can you fly not yet no you see it's the same thing you spend all his time around the air you don't fly but I'm planning to miss the occasion demands this conversation happens says you're lucky away from the city hall back to you Luna yeah I'm listening wrapped to this story so what's the change it happens then you've caused things that to change a little bit between Gillen and Sol Sol Sol who's quite convoluted process yeah so he was a scorned lover no really school and I suppose just things changed so then his wife he met his wife very important lady from the capital very nice she was off Elvis she said it's the green she lied agree so she remembered the entire state and then what happened to her Oh Oh death there's a lot of that going around news happens is so water yeah you know my my ship surgeon she keeps saying that people are dying of death it's just I don't know what is I think it's a land thing very strange you normally die of underwater Wow all sorts of things you know Krakens sometimes you dive Krakens weight can happen I mean do you know anything about those no not really and I will hate you don't Krakens I can imagine you like tentacles growing out of your ears as I die the cracking is that one yeah it's a real cool you don't want to dial up with dive Krakens those are mouth thank you very much well Michaels not the fun way to go so what does Golan want with Viktor give me a persuasion check you have advantage always always Eve is very very unhappy when Victor left do you understand no one leaves mr. prime what was employee well known fact that was right but now he's back so what's the problem it's it's about prestige you don't run a giant underground illegal operation and just allow your employees to do what they like do you well you know it's it's good for people to be happy and you've got to make your employees happy right not sure you completely understand the idea of being a slave happiness is not ever part of the plan now what was too primal was got planned for for mr. Sol it's going to be spectacular that's all I can say really spectacular I don't believe you oh well just wait until it's night then what but you know already right yes so why don't you tell me and I'll tell you if it's spectacular all right I'll give you a hint okay 400 pounds of fire crystals it might be you know how expensive that stuffy's well it's not about what you've got it's about what you do with it well where he's gonna stick it it's certainly gonna be a lot to do wait check maybe inside the office of gallon prime water he is looking at your salt I will be very frank with you so I get much of dead useful yeah in the past if you don't want to die and be useful to me again I worked for you for over 30 years mr. prime water huh I thought maybe I'd and some retirement I don't know perhaps you have sold perhaps you have you see if you want to walk away from salt marsh you and your little crew little shit that you call the second chance I have one last little act for you this is a trifle for someone real talents really I'm listening I want you to have dinner that's all dinner at first we didn't know how we were going to do it you arrived to mrs. old quite fortuitous as a matter of day you're going to have dinner aboard that first red ship with the Admiral and then you're going to blow it up mr. salt with everyone on their toes soon if you have a chance to get off the ship Bali for you and then if I say no you remember the ballista that we used to keep above the main hall of course it's still there and I believe your companion in the green room is currently being entertained by rule look mr. promoter all respect I old feel I owe you a lot but if you touch any of my crew I swear to you no need to swear mr. solo we all know what your word is words I simply need you to blow up the first race now it's a simple answer and we'll be back next week when the adventures in gold goes some salt March continues thank you to all of you for watching thank you to all my players for being awesome and wonderful and to the OBS goblin who's been going through the different slides and things I think we managed to get through this one without a technical hitch touch wound he said thank you very much to our sponsors that's world anvil will then will calm go and have a look there you can find all of the heroes all the character sheets there have a look at that dungeon fragra for supplying us with all these awesomely beautiful maps and of course fantasy grounds for being our virtual tabletop of choice and for rolling all these cool roles Vincent we had some ones sure I had all the ones was fine I'm not bitter and yes thank you to my wonderful players for taking us on this amazing journey of Terra I certainly was on the edge of my seat gang okay now what now we're they gay are they going to do okay right it was absolutely wonderful I have had a blast I hope you have as well if you remember join that treasure hunt www.gamemob.com joined the treasure had to find mamasa Duke's treasures you can win some amazing giveaways on that if you are clever enough to and fiddle the clues that have been given out down below so you can that as well until next time from all of us I wish you good luck [Laughter] you

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  4. Really starting to like these players the longer the sessions are going along, nice roleplaying, group dynamic and fun characters. Feels like everyone is starting to come into their own. Guy is also a such an interesting and fun GM with lively and diverse NPC acting, really does keep things going along smoothly. The sound effects with images and maps help to immerse as a viewer as well. Great job everybody, look forward to keep watching and seeing where this goes! 🙂

  5. That farmer at 36:50 is very confused.

    The guard at 1:17:41 doesn’t quite understand what to do anymore it feels like 😂.

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