27 thoughts on “Episode 1.1: Introduction to Critical Thinking (revised)”

  1. My critical thinking instructor is difficult to understand, for me at least. They tend to go on numerous different tangents and not stay consistent in conveying the substance of their lessons without unnecessarily distracting me with their mannerisms. Your videos are by far so much simpler, clearer and more concise and I feel more confident now about passing my mid-term exam. Thank you for posting and creating these videos.

  2. I critically evaluate that the narrator is fuck off annoying. Script is good though. Concise and very well structured. Thanks and fuck off

  3. I think the video is representing incoherent information. I hear many hint about critical thinking, but it is not going through coherently.

  4. I love this series. I have watched many of them repeatedly. I believe critical thinking may be one of the most important skills, we as individuals.

  5. If everyone in America watched this video maybe the people in this country would actually form opinions of their own instead of being a drove of brainwashed sheep.

  6. Good Video. I intend creating a critical thinking tutorial blog and i find the videos here informative and useful. May i have your permission to include some of these videos as additional sources to the content of my tutorial blog. Thank you. Please i will be waiting for your reply.

  7. I used critical thinking to determine that in Columbus' time, the warning was about ships sailing WEST, not east…

  8. Thank you so much for these critical thinking videos. I discovered these last year, and I've been presenting them to my 7th and 8th grade classes ever since. These videos are an invaluable resource for this English teacher. Your work is having a tremendous impact.

  9. I am looking around for guidance of critical thinking, and i have found this series of yours. They are very interesting, I am going to watch carefully, thank you very much!

  10. OMG- I just had to watch these videos with my twin 6th graders & I want to kill myself.  This is not for middle school kids – these are for high school & college aged students.  I think my sons' teacher is insane!

  11. Man … you just have the best Critical Thinking course of YT! I'm looking for this kind of videos for days and I'm asking myself why this is not translated for another languages!!! This transform people like transformed me, this really should run the world

  12. I really really hate to be that guy but umm, people in Columbus' time did not think the Earth was flat and you would fall off, they knew the Earth was a sphere they just didn't know how big it was…That is what Columbus set off to find out because he thought the Earth was a significantly smaller then it really is.
    That's why we called Native American's "Indians" because Columbus thought he had found a short cut to India and that America was just an undiscovered part of India…People have known the Earth is spherical since Aristotle proposed and proved the idea…sorry I just had to say that

  13. This is an excellent video and is really helping me with my two classes. Both classes require me to write a position statement and supply evidence.  

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