EPISD Education Minute

EPISD SCHOOL YEAR NOW UNDERWAY… AND THE DISTRICT WANTS PARENTS TO KNOW.. THERE ARE LOTS OF WAYS TO STAY INFORMED ABOUT YOUR CHILD. “its really important that we have that opportunity to have real time ways to communicate with parents.” natassia: THE DISTRICT…PROVIDIN G THE PARENT PORTAL THERE YOU CAN ENTER YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION… AND SIGN UP TO GET ALERTS FROM THE DISTRICT. “if you want us to do that by phone call by text or by email you just have to check the box that allows us to do that.” natassia; THERE’S ALSO AN APP YOU CAN DOWNLOAD… PICK THE SCHOOL YOUR CHILD ATTENDS AND STAY UP TO DATE WITH EVENTS OR OTHER SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. MOST IMPORTANTLY… THE SCHOOL PROVIDES NOTIFICATIONS DURING EMERGENCIES… “the district we will send mass notifications to the entire district, to make you aware that something is happening nearby, if the school is on

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