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I’m about one in 26 people in the US will be diagnosed with epilepsy and about 50% of those people will have seizures and here to talk about what’s happening with epilepsy and really the medical advancements I have a dr. gray wall with the Mayo Clinic a neurosurgeon and we’re going to talk a little bit later about an event night it’s a Health Forum where people can learn about it so welcome River City live thanks mark I really appreciate you having us well we appreciate having you and your expertise and we were talking a little bit about the numbers and I feel like it’s more prevalent than people think yeah absolutely so you know right now there’s about 3 million people in the u.s. I currently have epilepsy and every year 150,000 people get diagnosed with this disease so kind of what you were talking about that one in 26 so if you think of like a normal classroom one kid in every classroom is gonna go on in their life to develop epilepsy and what exactly is it we hear it all the time sure but I don’t know if we have an understanding of what’s happening sure so epilepsy is when you have two or more unprovoked seizures over the course of your lifetime and when we say unprovoked that means they can’t be because of a recent head injury or an illness they kind of come out of the blue so not from a stressor or an injury and what somebody do if they see somebody having a seizure sure so I think the most important thing is to actually make sure you don’t restrain them so if somebody’s having what we call a tonic-clonic seizure where they’re shaking and they’re falling to the floor what you want to do is you want to have them position to their side so that’s really important to help that they don’t swallow their Swit and kind of choke on their spit and try to just let the seizure get itself out most of these seizures end on their own and then how long do they last because I guess that’s part of thing how do you diagnose how do you know if you are seeing something like oh that’s a seizure sure they can be actually really brief a few seconds up to as long as five minutes so they vary but the thing that’s important is each person the seizure they have is a sear type behavior so it happens the same way every time and then when you talk about epilepsy what are some of the misperceptions with it because I feel like again anything with the brain it’s so hard to diagnose and figure out what’s happening sure so I think you know one of the biggest things is that people can’t work with epilepsy or that people can’t drive without websi and that’s true to a certain extent but the whole goal is that with treatment if we can get you free from your seizures we can get you back to work and back to driving and living a normal life and let’s quickly talk about treatment because there’s been a lot of advances when it comes to that sure absolutely I you know one of the things I want to talk about is a technique at Mayo Clinic called laser ablation and basically what that is it’s a minimally invasive technique where we take a laser fiber that’s about as thick as a pencil led and we use an MRI scanner to know exactly where we are and we oblate a piece of tissue the tissue we think is causing the seizures now tonight let’s talk about that forum so we have all the details with it again it’s from 6 to 8 o’clock at the Mayo Clinic this is totally open for people to come in and learn all about it absolutely our goal with this is we’re gonna have some patients come they’re going to share their inspiring stories these are patients that have inspired us to continue work harder and harder also we want to bring it bring the community together and build bridges and showcase some new techniques and new medicines that we have available at the Mayo Clinic and I’m sure a lot of families will have questions so we’re gonna have on the screen all the information so again it’s tonight from 6 to 8 and then it’s at the candidate building at the kane’ auditorium there is the address there we will link everything to our website reverse a2 live TV com to learn more go to Mayo Clinic org it’s a great resource a lot of different things that you could learn there dr. gray well I know you’re busy man thank you for your time we appreciate it thank you very she ate it thank you and right now we’re gonna send it over to Eden

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