25 thoughts on “Epic Rugby Skills – 2017”

  1. Yeah if you could not use a shitty beat track that blows out my fucking ears every 25 seconds on loop that'd be cool. Would be a dope video if not for the shitty ear rape track that you put on loop for the entire thing.

  2. https://www.facebook.com/Rugbylivestreamingfreeonline/

  3. Mi sueños son jugar en la selección argentina de rugby (los pumas) y el otro aparecer en un video como este

  4. FOOTBALL AND RUGBY Sou Brasileiro sempre amei o Futebol, agora também amo o Rugby … gosto de esportes assim, com contato físico(não luta, mas ombro com ombro) é foda dms

  5. and you get Americans wearing full Armour like they about to go jumping of a cliff, but its still pretty cool though

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