Environment Education for Kids : Environmental Water Quality Education for Kids

Did you know about three-fourths of our precious
planet is covered by water, and much of it is not drinkable. Hi, I’m Debbie Noah, and
I’m here to help you teach your children about taking care of the water on our planet. All
water starts out clean, and our kids need to understand that from the melting snow or
the melting glaciers. All the water starts out clean, and then something happens, and
guess what, it’s what we’re putting into it. Things like fertilizers, pesticides, kitchen
products, shampoos, many of those things are polluting our water system. The kids also
need to know that just because we don’t live near the ocean doesn’t mean what we’re doing
is not affecting our ocean. Our streams, our lakes, our rivers and our oceans are becoming
polluted just because of what we are putting in it, and our kids need to understand that.
Fortunately, there’s lots of things that we can help and we can do. Young children can
do these things. One of them is looking for earth friendly products. Many companies are
getting on board, right now, and making earth-friendly cleaning products, earth-friendly detergents,
earth-friendly dishwasher soap, and cleaning, all kinds of cleaning products that are safe
for our environment and will not pollute our waters. So, a really good thing is to sit
down with your family, talk about things in your home that are earth friendly that will
help keep the waters clean. Using earth-friendly products, taking showers instead of baths,
not using fertilizers and insecticides on the lawn. All those things will keep our streams,
lakes, rivers, and oceans clean. We simply cannot live without water, and the kids need
to understand that. I’m Debbie Noah, and that’s how you teach your kids about keeping our
water clean.

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