Environment Education for Kids : Environmental Plants & Animals Education for Kids

Every single week, twenty plants and animals
become extinct in this world. Hi, I’m Debbie Noah and I’m here to help you teach your children
about the importance of preserving and taking care of plants and animals on our earth. Young
children are very passionate about things like this, and this is one of the best ways
to get your kids excited about environmental issues and turning them into a young environmentalist
Talk to them about some vocabulary. What does endangered mean? It means they’re endangered
to becoming extinct. We still have them, but we need to help them. What does extinct mean?
It means they’re gone and they’ll never come back, and a good way to talk about that is
about the dinosaurs. Talk, you know, read some books about dinosaurs and talk about
how, wouldn’t it be great if we still had dinosaurs, on this earth, that we could enjoy
and look at if they didn’t eat us. But, that’s so they understand what extinct means. When
you’re talking about plants and animals, talk about the importance. What do they do for
our earth? Plants for instance, keep our air clean. Talk about how that works. They are;
provide a home and shelter for many animals and they make our earth beautiful. Plants
are very important. Planting a tree, again, we talked about, is something to help kids
appreciate the plants that we have on this earth. The plants are our food that we eat.
The plants are shelters for our animals. Very important. The other; a great way to get kids
excited. There’s multitudes of books about the environment and taking care of our earth.
See these are some of my favorites. “The Tree”, “The Giving Tree”, “What’s Inside a Forest”
so the kids understand how all that works. A great way to let kids, actually, have a
hand on preserving our animals on this earth, is there’s many adoption programs that kids
can adopt a whale or adopt a wolf or adopt a mustang. There are; visiting your local
zoos because the zoos have so many great programs that are helping preserve the wild life on
our earth and, of course, going to aquariums and, of course, going to your library and
reading books is one of the best ways. I’m Debbie Noah and that’s how you teach your
kids about taking care of the plants and animals on our earth.

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