Environment Education for Kids : Environmental Education Kids Clubs

Young children are not only willing but very
eager to do their part in saving our planet. They just need our help. Hi, I’m Debbie Noah
and I’m here to talk to you about getting your children involved in protecting the planet
through clubs and organizations. One of the best ways to teach kids about the environment,
not only is using yourself as a model and practicing what you preach at home, and teaching
them all the important things of what’s happening with our environment is getting them involved
in some clubs; environmental clubs. There are so many great ones around that kids can
join. You go on the Internet and just do a search for kids environmental clubs and you
will find a wealth of information from local clubs to national clubs, clubs that are focusing
on animals, clubs that are focusing on rain forest or just generic environmental clubs.
There’s a ton of them. There’s a lot of great books out there for young children on getting
them involved. “I helped Save the Earth”; great activities and experiments for kids
to do. “Fifty Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth.” This is one of my personal
favorites and “Projects For a Healthy Environment”; super good things for kids to do. They can
do them at home. They can do them at school. They can do them at church to help learn about
the importance of taking care of the; our planet. Also, if you don’t want to do one
of these, a lot of kids are very motivated to start their own clubs at school. At our
school, we have a recycling club. I know other schools, we’ve also done the adoption of animals.
They can start their own club at church. They can do it in the neighborhood. A lot of kids
would love to be able to be a leader. Not only is it teaching them leadership skills,
it’s teaching them responsibility. We are the important person in your child’s life
in cultivating that reverence for the environment. When we do that, we’re giving; empowering
our children. We are; hopefully, they’ll grow up to be responsible, caring, knowledgeable
adults, who will be custodians of our planet. I’m Debbie Noah, and those are some few ideas,
if you get your kids involved in clubs to protect our planet.

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