Environment Education for Kids : Environmental Conservation Education for Kids

With rising energy costs and fuel costs, teaching
our kids about conservation is not a choice, it’s a must. Hi, I’m Debbie Noah, and I’m
here to help you teach your children about conservation. First of all, young children
are not going to have a clue on what that word conservation means. So, you need to talk
about conserving things, being practical, what; not wasting things, keeping things in
order. But, conservation goes beyond not wasting things. It’s the preservation and protection
of natural environments and natural resources. So, conserving fuel, conserving oil, conserving
coal; that’s an important one. Conserving our plants and animals on our earth is very
important. Conserving air and water and soil, things like keeping them pure and clean, how
do we do that? There’s lots of ways that young children can do that. Teaching them to conserve
water, teaching them to take a shower instead of a bath; saves a ton of water, not running
the dish washer unless it’s half full. Put your young child in charge of that; making
sure that the dishwasher is completely full, turning your faucets off when you’re standing
there brushing your teeth, will save a ton of water and don’t flush the toiler unless
you absolutely have to. Ways to conserve electricity, and in this day and age, you really need to
talk to young kids about how much this is costing mom and dad. Talk to them about the
electric bill and how the air conditioner makes; if we have the air conditioner too
low it makes it so expensive Talk to them about the importance of turning off the light
when you leave a room, turning the TV off. Another way to save energy in your home, is
using CFL light bulbs. They save a ton of energy. Using the reusable grocery bags that
all the grocery stores are doing instead of the plastic bags. Get yourself about eight
or ten of them, and you can have all your groceries packed in them. Using reusable products
instead of throwaways; like washing the plastic plates instead of using throwaways. Other
ways of conserving; talking conserving fuel; car pooling, riding a bike, walking. All those
things are ways that young children can help conserve our natural environments and our
natural resources. I’m Debbie Noah, and that’s how you teach your kids about conservation.

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